A feeder's guide to the gluttonous man

A feeder's guide to the gluttonous man

Published by Sweetevilfeeder · 2011-08-17T17:33:45+0000

Michael and Steven, your normal everyday gay couple who loved every aspect about each other. Michael was a cook, loved to make food and experiment, and more so loved to eat it as well. Steven was a nerd and worked on his projects a fair bit. Building a computer here, playing his MMORPGs there, and just overall being the nerd he is. Now recently, Michael was fascinated by the idea of someone getting fatter against his will, and thought it’d be hot to try this on Steven. Now normally, when the two are intimate, its them on each other, doing everything that feels good to get off and then, collapsing into each other and falling asleep. Michael hatched a plan the next day. He would try to fatten up his horribly anorexic boyfriend through a series of subversive ways.

One night, Michael cooked a huge meal for them both. Michael isn’t big either, maybe like, 170 lbs, with an average build, and a hint of softness on his torso, but hardly enough to call him chubby. When Steven arrived home, he ran up to him, hugged and kissed him, and told him that dinner is ready. Michael went all out, steak, potatoes, steamed veggies, penne pasta with alfredo and a tall Miller in a pint glass ready for him to consume. Steven went for it, loving the set up and the food choices, and devoured most of it. When he was done, Michael coaxed him into the bedroom and began kissing his bloated torso, which sent Steven into blissful hypnosis. He laid back, full and paralyzed and just let Michael have at it. Finally with Steven at full attention and his boner straining his boxier briefs, Michael pulled down his briefs and his mouth went crazy on his boy’s cock. Tracing his tongue all over and up and down and around, just worshipping the thick and leaky meat. Then he stopped suddenly. “Why’d you stop? I’M SO CLOSE!” yelled Steven. “Cause lover, I have something I want from you in return before I give you that amazing ending you so want.” Michael said relaxed and with a smile. “Ok ok, anything, just don’t leave me like this!” Steven said in a half-panicked voice. Michael reached down and grabbed a box of donuts. “See these donuts? You need to eat them, and for each one you eat, I’ll get you that much closer. When I’m satisfied with how many you’ve eaten, I’ll drain your cock like you’ve never felt before.” Steven’s look was dumbfounded. He wasn’t sure what to think about this turn of events, but, his meat, still throbbing hard and leaky took over his rational mind and reluctantly, he caved. He laid back, and Michael gave him donut after donut, and while he ate, he carefully worked his shaft over, making sure to keep him on edge, throbbing, and leaking pre in spades. Finally, after about eight donuts or so, Michael was satisfied with is lover’s eating, and grabbed the base of his shaft, and went down on it, sucking with ferocity. His lover’s reaction was legendary as he moaned loudly and arched his back in uncontrollable pleasure, till he finally erupted so hard that it actually caused Michael to gag. Steven, now bloated and drained, both figuratively and literally, collapsed back in the bed, Michael stripping and cuddling next to him, fell asleep fast.

The next morning, Michael brought Steven breakfast in bed, and it was a breakfast all right. A huge stack of pancakes, eggs, breakfast meat, and OJ. “Whats all this?” Steven said in surprise. “Just a hearty breakfast for the man I love to spoil.” Michael said in a non-shallot way. “Thanks man. I haven’t eaten this good in a while. “ And with that, Michael set the try down in front of his lover, and just snuggled while Steven ate his breakfast. During the meal, Michael was sneakily rubbing on Steven continuously. He’d massage his lover’s sholders, then move to his chest, then sneak down to his boxers and tease a bit, then back up. He kept this up for the whole meal, until Steven finally conceded defeat. Laying back on the bed, exhausted and full, Michael crawled up onto him, and kissed his chest, and started going down his body, stopping at his belly and worshipping it for a bit. He kept working his way down, kissing his lovers hip bones, then finally, stopping at his already hard cock, and started up his cock-worship again. Now Steven, for all his nerdiness is also a hedonist. He loves the pleasures of the world; food, sex, pleasure of all kinds, and so, this kind of treatment is something that really appeals to him. If Michael wants to pleasure him, he doesn’t care and just lets it happen. Again, Michael expertly worships his meat till he’s on the edge of erupting in one of the most intense orgasms he’s felt in a while, only to have to snatched away when Michael stops. “DUDE! Oh my GOD why do you do that!” yelled a frustrated Steven. “You didn’t finish your breakfast sir.” Pointing at the unfinished plate of food set aside. “But I’m full man, I can’t eat anymore.” Steven whined. “You didn’t finish your breakfast that I slaved over, and so I can’t finish your cock. Its only fair, right?” Steven had to think about this. I mean, this is true what he said. He did slave over a very good breakfast for him, and then proceeded to pleasure him afterword. So, in this logical set of reasoning, Steven conceded the point to Michael and grabbed for the plate to devour the rest of the pancakes that he left. There was a good four pancakes remaining. And one after another, he stuffed them into his mouth, while Michael, smug at his victory once again, took his lover’s cock and blew him so intensely that Steven nearly passed out from the pleasure of it all. Finally, Michael went down on Steven’s cock so expertly that the cum shot out of his shaft and splashed Steven on the chest. The load was huge, and messy, but, boy was Steven in bliss about it. He nearly passed out again from the intensity of it. I was like that first time you ever masturbated, and figured out the joy and pleasure of your first orgasm. That was what this felt like to Steven.

The weeks passed and went, and Michael had kept up this routine of extorting excessive gluttony out of his partner in exchange for his love of orgasms. And it finally started to show on his lover’s waist. Steven had begun to outgrow his 28 jeans and graduated to a size 34 and had gained from 150 to 180 in only 10 weeks. Steven, being what he was, had no idea how to articulate the shock of it, but, he honestly didn’t care either, because he had gotten more action than he ever did thin. It also had an unintended side effect.

The couple was out and about at the local mall and they were perousing the shops. Finally, they came up to the food court, when the smells had filled their noses and they agreed it was time for lunch. They heaved their bags up to the table and they ordered some food. Steven, of course, ordered more, as the excessive food has also expanded his appetite. When they took their food and sat down, Steven began to eat and ate fast. But suddenly he got this look in his eye and looked at his lover. “We need to go now!” Steven said urgently. “Why?” “Just trust me, we need to go!” And with that, Steven grabbed the food the bags, and held them oddly in front of him, as they barreled out of the mall for the car. Steven drove, pulled out fast, and headed to the Motel next to the mall. “What are we doing here?” Said Michael with a confused look. “Trust me, you’ll see.” said an even more urgent Steven. With that, he checked in, got his key, headed to his room, pulled his lover in, and laid him back in bed. “I want you so much right now, and its your fault.” “How is it my fault?” said a confused Michael. “Look!” And with that, Steven was kneeled over his partner in bed with a throbbing hard boner sticking out of his boxerbriefs. “Wohh, where’d that come from.” “Lunch at the mall.” And with that, Steven kissed his lover intensely. Michael reached for the 30 lbs of flab that had grown on Steven over the last few weeks and fondled it, squishing and worshipping it. The two stripped their pants off, their shirts off, and Steven made out with his man for a while before grabbing the food out of the bags, and started eating while above his partner. He ate his lunch, then Michael’s lunch till he was gorged. At that point, he went down on his lover, sitting on his cock and having Michael do him over and over till he finally collapsed from exhaustion on the bed. Michael, still in shock about what happened, took the other end, and gave his chubbing up lover the most intense blowjob of his life, draining his cock not one, not two, but, three times in a row till the two were just a giggling mess of lethargy.

After that, things went as you would expect. Steven embraced his inner-glutton and proceeded to eat excessively for the months. The weight piled on fast, as each meal was met with a blowjob, and each evening, with the hottest sex either had had ever. Sometimes Michael did Steven in the shower, under the hot water, pinned to the wall. Sometimes in bed, with Steven tied up and forcefed while his lover teased his shaft for hours. And other times it was just cuddling in bed being fed snacks during a good movie. Steven blossomed from 180 to 250 in under 6 months, and had grown into a size 40 pants and XXL Shirts. Michael, not being immune to the love of food either, had grown from his 170 frame, into a stocky 225 and had a nice pudge on him as well. Suffice to say, that the two had no idea when it would stop, or if it would. But we’ll see ;)