A Little Extra (A Transformation Story)

A Little Extra (A Transformation Story)

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I began to anticipate what the transformation would feel like. Dan mentioned the effects would be gradual at first and begin to speed up. I wondered how long growing would take? Should I wear something stretchy or transform in the nude? As incredible as it sounded to watch my body inflate in a full length mirror, I wanted to feel clothes stretch to contain my girth. My stomach beginning to spill over my pants was almost too much.

That brought another thought to my mind. Although I was slender, I had tones muscles. What type of fat would I put on? Was I going to be soft and blubbery or hard and round? I was honestly hoping for soft and blubbery, but we would have to wait and find out.

It had been an hour since I had taken the potent concoction Dan had produced. I trusted his knowledge and guidance. He was honest about the dangers and side effects. He warned that this may be irreversible, but I didn’t care. I had to know what it was like to be fat. Gaining weight on my own was futile. I could produce a small gut but nothing more. My legs and arms remained skinny and toned. My face angular and thin. I was lucky to have Dan. I trusted him.

I had almost forgotten about drinking the enhancer when I got up to use the restroom. Something felt different. The t shirt and basketball shorts I was wearing seemed to fall differently. Excitement rushed over me as I walked to the scale. I could already tell my thighs were slightly bigger when I stepped on the scale and waited for the numbers to register.

185. I had gained 10 pounds in the last hour.

Or was it the last five minutes? I honestly couldn’t tell when the transformation had started. My mind was whizzing trying to remember if I had felt myself change when the numbers on the scale updated.

187. It was happening.

I didn’t know what to do. Should I stand? Lay down? Sit? Start eating? I wanted to do all of it at once. I pressed my hands to my stomach and tried to see if I could feel it changing. Nothing yet.

192. I was now 22 pounds heavier than I was an hour ago. I could feel it speeding up. My toes started to tingle. Dan mentioned I would gain the weight in sections, most likely starting with my hips, thighs, and backside. His theory proved correct as I could start to feel my legs grow heavier. I walked to the mirror and turned to the side. I couldn’t believe how round I was already becoming. Pounds of fat had started to fill my thighs and calves. I spread my legs at shoulder length and felt my ass. Two large, blubbery mounds of fat jiggled. It didn’t sag, just became larger and rounder. All this happened while my hips and upper torso remained relatively intact. My thighs were becoming extremely pronounced but what really fascinated me was my butt. It was almost changing shape and filling up the basketball shorts, stretching them tighter and tighter. I was glad I wore clothes. It felt amazing.

The warmth started to move up my back. My strong lats began to shrink. Dan assured me my muscles would remain intact, but would shrink in order to make room for the adipose tissue. My back softened and dimples started to form right above my inflating ass and thighs. As my back softened, I felt my hands begin to tingle and change in the same fashion as my toes, becoming pudgy and thick. My wrists, forearms and arms began to thicken more quickly to keep up with my bottom half which was giving me a gigantic hourglass figure. The XXL basketball shorts and tank top I had bought for the occasion were containing me nicely, holding up my giant ass and giving it an amazing shape. Just for fun, I jumped up and down and felt my body jiggle.

When I began to think it would never happen, my chest began to tingle. I became very quiet and noticed that I could actually hear myself filling up with fat. It sounded like a water balloon being filled up, only instead of the balloon it was my body. I was literally inflating. I was still listening when my chest began to morph. My areolas widened along with my nipples which I wasn’t expecting. I realized why when each of my pectorals filled with bouncy, jiggly fat. I held one in each hand and felt them grow larger and larger. Along with this my stomach began to distend. Dan had mentioned this would take the longest, however, it seemed like it was all happening very quickly. I placed my pudgy hands on my stomach and felt it become softer and softer. My abs were shrinking and being replaced by pounds and pounds of soft, jiggly fat. I felt full, almost like I was being pumped full of warm cake batter. The growth continued and I lost my balance and fell to the ground with a giant thump. Having been tired from the growing I decided to lay there until it tapered off.

My stomach continued to gurgle and expand. It was starting to become too large for me to hold. I pulled myself up and couldn’t believe what I saw. My thighs and butt were enormous, stretching the basketball shorts. The tank top had ridden up and was cradling my soft breasts. My back was soft. My arms were still thickening but still looked strong. My face was very round but not overly fat. My belly, however, was becoming too large. I began to panic and decided to call Dan. I had an anecdote, but didn’t want to take it unless absolutely necessary. Before I called, I stepped on the scale. 356. In about thirty minutes I had gained 186 pounds of soft fat.

Dan picked up the phone.

“Dan, I’ve gained a little under 200 pounds and I’m still growing. Does that sound normal?”

I leaned against the counter and felt my thighs rub together as they continued to slowly thicken along with my rear.

“That sounds about right, but if you don’t stop in the next hour or so, I’d take the anecdote.”

Disappointed but understanding, I hung up the phone and decided to weigh myself again. 378. In three minutes I had gained 22 pounds. Curious as to where the weight was going I waddled to the mirror. My arms were pushed out by my massive muffin tops and my whole chest giggled along with my ass when I walked. The feeling of the tight stretchy material containing my massive body gave me an incredible erection. Reaching down I could feel my penis encased by mounds of fat. I was prepared for this and found it erotic. When I reached the mirror, I began to panic.

I was visibly growing larger. Not only larger, but taller. I was about six inches taller than I was an hour before. The shorts I was wearing now sat about two inches above my knees. I couldn’t believe it. Now that I was a bit taller, my stomach was more proportional the rest of my body. I was a beautiful, tall, fat man. What I had always wanted.

Concerned about the height increase, I called Dan again.

“I was afraid of this,” was the first thing he said.

“What do you mean?” I asked, growing concerned. I also noticed my voice had changed, becoming deeper.

“What I gave you contained trace elements of growth hormone. This was to ensure your frame could support all the new adipose tissue.”

“How would trace elements affect anything?”

“There was a chance they could be amplified in your system the same way the fat is being rapidly multiplied. I think you should take the anecdote and we can start over.”

I hung up and turned around. The refrigerator seemed smaller. Everything seemed smaller. I started to make my way to the scale and noticed I was moving very slow. My entire body jiggling while the clothes stretched tighter and tighter to contain me. They weren’t going to last much longer.

I stepped on the scale and gasped.


I had bought a professional scale for the occasion rated to weigh up to 500 pounds. How had I gained over a 100 pounds in such a short amount of time? I looked in the mirror. I was becoming gigantic. My legs were gigantic trunks leading up to my massive waist. My belly looked huge but strong and sat below two basketball sized breasts. I turned to the side to examine my butt which looked like two beach balls. Large, round and very jiggly. My back was beginning to arch dramatically as my frame struggled to support my huge stomach. However, the most dramatic different was my increasing height. I estimated I was now pushing 7 feet tall. It was time for the anecdote.

I waddled to the refrigerator to find the bright blue liquid that would shrink me down to 5’8’, 170 pounds. It wasn’t where I had left it. As I looked again, I heard the door open. I looked over and saw Dan.

“You’re beautiful. Bigger than I ever expected.”

I was confused.

“Dan, where’s the anecdote?” I swore I could start feel the growing speed up again. I was almost too large to stand in my little kitchen.

“You’re not getting an anecdote. I never made it.”

“Never made it?!? I have to go to work tomorrow!”

“You’re not going anywhere fat boy.”

I was panicking. Dan had tricked me and I was starting to burst out of my clothes. With one giant rip, the basketball shorts flew off, exposing two enormous tree trunk thighs and an ass the size of a small car. I blushed as I noticed my erection that was still throbbing.

“Good, you haven’t cum yet.”

My shirt was finished, falling off in shreds and exposing my now naked, inflating, obese body. My hands instinctively kept feeling my stomach. I began to back away.

Dan was transfixed on his creation. He moved towards me and in one quick movement removed his shirt. His body was tight and tan. The result of hard training at the gym. He was gorgeous.

“Dan, I want to go back to the way I was.”

“There’s no going back now, and you’ve still got a long way to go.”

Before I could even ask what he meant, I doubled over and felt something painful and electric race through my huge body.”

“Oooof” was all I could mutter before I felt my entire body inflate faster and faster. I collapsed on the floor in a jumping jack position as I grew into more of a giant ball. I felt like Violet the blueberry girl as the fat began to encase my arms. I was afraid but amazed at how huge I was getting. It was literally as if I were being pumped full of warm, giggly fat. I wanted more.

I had been distracted by growing and hadn’t even noticed that Dan was now naked beside me, feeling my body. His erection stood there throbbing. He was almost drooling over my body. We met eyes, and he started kissing me as the growing started to slow.

“Make love to me” were the only words I could murmer as he caressed my soft, fat lips with his tongue. He had climbed on my body and was kissing me deeply as he massaged my huge tits. The sensations were unlike any I had ever felt. At over 700 pounds it was all I could do to lay there and let him take me. I was now his slave.

He worked his way down with his tongue to my nipples and started teasing me gently. They had grown very large and he took full advantage, running his tongue over them and biting. With every bite I groaned in pleasure. I could feel his enormous cock sinking into my fat as he moved down my body and made his way to my dick, buried in layers of soft fat and throbbing for attention. I tried to sit up.

“You stay down and relax fat boy, you’re gonna need it after this.”

I had no idea what he was talking about until he came back in the room with the biggest dildo I had ever seen. He saw the panic in my eyes.

“Trust me big guy, you can handle this now. Everything on you has grown.”

I waited in ecstasy as he lubed up the dildo and ran his tongue over the tip of my dick. His mouth came down and took me inside as I groaned in pleasure. It took everything I had not to cum but I didn’t want the pleasure to end. He looked so small against my enormous body which turned me on even more. I had closed my eyes to enjoy the blow job when he slide the dildo inside of me.

It was the most intense pleasure I had ever felt and I came instantly and heavily inside Dan’s mouth. He drank it moaning. It almost felt like multiple orgasms as my fat chest heaved. I almost blacked out and knew my heart was working double time to supply blood to my gigantic body. When I started to catch my breath, Dan climbed on top of me and with a hint of evil in his eye said, “My turn.”

He sat on me for several minutes lubing his dick and moaning. I wanted to help but was too fat to lift my arms. I jigged my fat which turned him on even more. The dildo inside me was keeping my erection stiff even though I had just cum. I wasn’t sure what Dan had in mind until he started fingering my belly button which had become very deep. When he looked back up, I knew what he had in mind.

Dan fucked my belly button until he came violently. I could feel him filling it up as he moaned in pleasure. He had created his ultimate dream and was taking full advantage. When he was done, he kissed me softly and told me not to worry, that he would change me back.

Before he left, he poured a sour tasting mixture into my mouth and I swallowed. After one last kiss, he left and I quickly fell asleep. I dreamed of my transformation, the hot sex with Dan, and how I was going to live my life as a 700 pound man. When I awoke in the same place, I had shrunken back down to my normal size. Rather, I still had a little bit of giggle in my gut and my ass looked a little bigger. On the counter was a note.

“I left you with a little extra. Until next time. -Dan”