A Padder's Dream Becomes Real

A Padder's Dream Becomes Real

Published by Feedee4you · 2010-09-09T17:25:09+0000

I was living an active normal life to the outside world, working, playing softball, golf, bowling, a public figure in many ways and slowly growing older and still single. Inside however I was a “FAT MAN” secretly desiring a massive hanging belly with love handles resembling truck tires and huge feminine breasts.

I had been practicing the fetish of bloating for years, drinking water till I was ready to pop, then with my stretch to bursting belly I would slowly eat and eat taking advantage of my stretched condition to hold so much food in place of the water. Then I would have orgasms beyond belief.

Then I started to pad as the bloating and stuffing still left me feeling skinny. I soon started to go out in public padded. My face hidden under a hooded sweatshirt, wearing dark glasses I would go out into my city neighborhood, and I’d go to fast food restaurants and gorge. People would look at this huge belly guy packing away hamburgers and shakes. I would eat as much as i could possibly hold, my dick hard under my fake belly.

Then I was discovered!

I was in a McDonalds gorging on 6 quarter pounders stoned when I notice this guy staring at me eating. He keep looking away or above me when I turned my head in his direction, my sun glasses masking my eyes. I began to eat faster and got turned on as I put on a show for him. When I had finished the last pounder I was so stuffed but I found myself hungrily and sexually aroused by his constant stares. I slowly got up making sure my fake belly pushed into the table. I let out a low grown caused by the task of standing up I was so stuffed. I got back into the line to place another order I was so excited by his stares at me eating. Then it happened. He got right up and walked through the other line and then right towards me looking straight at me. He cut through the line and brushed right up against my fake belly and he let out a chuckle! I knew I was discovered! Freaking out I turned around and started to walk to the far exit where I had come in and the fastest way back to my house. As I stepped outside I felt a tap on my shoulder followed by his a hand on the base of my back gently.

“Excuse me fat boy, I see your a padder”. He said

I was so embarrassed and yet very aroused that I had been caught but I never thought about a man finding out my secret only a sexy huge busted women!

I stubbled as I turned around and he grabbed my sides to straighten me up, my padding in his firm hands.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you” he lied. He wanted to see my reaction to being discovered. “I..I ... don’t understand what you mean”. I answered. I knew I was never going to get out of this without being embarrassed beyond belief.

“What do you want with me I need to get home? “ I asked.

“I just wanted to say you look hot and I am a fan of padders like yourself. You did eat 6 quarter pounders in there too didn’t you?”, he continued. I didn’t know what to say but I didn’t break away either. My desire to be fed and fattened was now such a strong desire I was open to try anything to satisfy my growing fetish.

“OK, I admit it I love to pad and go out as a fat guy and I’ll even admit that I think about getting fatter.” I couldn’t believe how easy it was to admit it since I was now “discovered”. My fantasy came out so fast but it was easy to say this to him as it was obvious he understood my fetish.

“Great!”, he responded. “We share the same fetish except I’m your opposite. I’m a feeder and encourager. My name is Tim what’s yours? He asked me. I sputtered out Mickey then I said. “A feeder! Fuck a feeder. Holy shit. Really.” I was a nervous wreck . “ I never meet a real feeder before male or female”. I added.

Tim then suggested we walk down the street to the ice cream shop on the corner. My favorite stop when I was out being a fat man. He commented what a great padder I was and that he had been watching me a few times. I realized then I always went out after 9PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays every week now for months. I had a routine and he had discovered it it seemed. Tim had stumbled upon my movements I latter learned two months earlier and had been following me on my nightly walks and eating binges. Also, to my shock he had learned my unpadded identity and even where I was working. He had walked past me a few dozen times, head down never making eye contact, eating in the same fast food restaurants, sitting as far away as he could from me, even a few times ordering food right after me in a line. I had no clue he was watching me.

So we sat in the ice cream store and talked as he bought for me cone after cone after cone. I told him everything. It was so hot to be able to confess my fetish to someone who was totally turned on by it. Even with him being a man and not my sexual preference I found his desire to feed me an unbelievable turn on. It didn’t take long for me to be the most stuffed of my life as I finished the 6th double cone. My dick was stone hard too. He explain to me the feeding was the sexual attraction for him that was what he desired. So I decided to agree to meet him at McDonalds in two days with me all padded for him. I waddled home from the ice cream store so stuffed I felt I may not make it and as soon as I got to bed I was on my back and cumming like never before thinking of him feeding me as I rubbed my huge swollen belly.

We’d met at McDonalds for 6 quarter pounders to start, then off for pizza, a large with extra cheese and 5 double scoops of ice cream. I never felt so totally stuffed after each time we met, it was so hot. My belly would be stretched to bursting time after time followed by nights in bed alone cumming multiple times.

Tonight Tim was even more ecstatic in how I felt if that was possible. He had put another record amount of food in me. I was softly moaning as I waddled closer to my house with his help as I couldn’t make it home alone for the first time. My breathing was so labored it was so hard for me to even expand to hold in air I was just so stuffed. My cock was as hard as it’s ever been and I was just so turned on by the feeling I had in my belly. All I wanted to do was to get into bed and lay on my back and undo all my padding and just let my belly relax and cum over and over.

Finally, in my house, I was in my recliner with it all the way back my padded body hiding my bloated belly . Tim was now in my home for the first time as I needed help up my flight of stairs. As he looked around he said to me, “Nice place. I’ll see what is in the fridge.” He went into the kitchen and I pulled out my belly and love handle padding and let my belly show as I pulled up my belly bra that I use to pad with. It was the biggest I had ever seen it and I had added twenty pounds since I was discovered by Tim. I was now up to 250 on my 5’9” frame, the heaviest ever by 15 pounds in my up and down fetish of gaining. It was the first time Tim could see what was under the padding and I was turned on to have him see it this big. I started to put my hands on it and feel it’s roundness I knew Tim was watching. I must have had 10 pounds of food in it.

Tim returned with a cold 6 pack and something else in his other hand that he put down behind me on the book case. “You look great fat boy with that belly so round and full. I love helping you blow up and gain.” Then he pulled out this little bottle from his packet opened it and told me to breath deep as he placed it under my nose. Suddenly a sexual rush came over my body like I never felt before my cock hardened and my belly filled with a sexual energy for more food, more then I had ever had before.
Tim told me to open my mouth and he reached for the book shelf and put a funnel in my mouth, popped open the first bottle of beer and started to pour it into the funnel. I drank like a man who had been a desert for days. Swallowing as fast as I could my belly never had a chance to protest that it was too full already. As soon as I had finish off the bottle Tim took the funnel out of my mouth and opened the small bottle again and told me to inhale. This time I needed no encouragement I love the intense sexual rush it gave me and an out of control desire to get fuller then ever.
As soon as the second hit filled my nose the sexual rush came over me again and filled my brain with a sexual desire that traveled straight to my now bottomless belly giving me a desire to be fatter than ever. Tim then placed the funnel back and poured the second bottle of beer into it, I open my throat as wide as I could and just let it flow into me. In 30 seconds the funnel was empty. This time Tim didn't waste anytime and opened the third bottle and started pouring in me. I struggled to swallow and catch my breath at the same time but he wouldn't stopped pouring till the bottle was empty. I was now so bloated I thought I would burst. Tim told me to take another inhale from the bottle. I greedily took it. Waves of sexual pleasure came over my engorged belly and it was unbelievable! The pain of being so stretched was replaced with a sexual rush of pleasure in the feeling of intense fullness and a desiree to drink even more beer. My hands were all over my belly and Tim’s were now too. Four hands working my belly I was so turned on then I removed mine and just laid there so high feeling him work my bursting belly, I was so turned on by his touch. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore and I came in my pants from the combination of total repletion, the poppers and his hands on my belly.

Well, I no longer pad as it’s not necessary, it took Tim only 5 months to get me to 350 and I was bigger then I looked padded finally. So now we go out and he feeds me every night till I am about to explode then he drives me back to his place where he funnels me till I explode in total repletion over and over again. I also knew I wanted to be fat and desired to be feed but I if I knew the sexual rush of it was this good I would have started a decade earlier. So now Tim funnels a fat man who weighs over 600 pounds and is a total slave to a feeder.