Bloated Cowboy

Bloated Cowboy

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“Lone Star,” I said to the bartender, then selected a particular stool and sat down. The exact location of the seat chosen was crucial to achieving the evening’s goal. This large, wood-frame restaurant was a great spot for belly sightings. “The Texas Steakhouse” was the name of the place and it had several unique characteristics that helped to draw in the big-bellied customers. The signature special featured an 84-ounce steak, served at no charge to those that could eat the entire meal in less than one hour. The restaurant was located along a major interstate outside of Fort Worth, so it was convenient for truckers, construction workers and cowboys that worked nearby or passed through this part of the state. Billboards were strategically placed up and down the highway to entice the biggest, hungriest men to stop and fill up. A long wooden bar was located at the end of the large open dining hall, providing an ideal place to “sightsee”. Over the months, I was treated to several very impressive specimens; big bellied cowboys, overweight truckers and huge gutted construction workers. I sat back and begun to survey this evening’s crowd.

“Thanks,” I replied to the bartender when he placed the bottle on the counter. I took a swig of the cool beverage and looked around the room.

Of course I had selected a seat with a clear view into the dining area. The place was moderately crowded and there were already a couple of big boys worth watching. Then I noticed a large figure entering the eating area. He had on a black cowboy hat and a denim button down shirt. The sleeves were rolled up to show off bulging biceps and the shirt was somewhat loose fitting in spite of the large round belly protruding noticeably over the faded jeans. He looked to be in his early to mid thirties with a handsome face accented by a reddish blond goatee and long hair. I focused back on his shirt; it took a lot of material to cover his powerful chest and rounded belly without straining at the buttons. I guessed that he had just bought the shirt to provide room for what hopefully was a growing gut.

Fortunately, he sat down at a table that allowed for a good view. I wasn’t close enough to hear what he said to the waiter, but I had a guess. A grin crossed my face as he appeared to order without looking at the menu. Either he was a regular and therefore I would see more of him; or he already had made up his mind to try the special, the giant steak dinner.

I slowly drank my beer and watched the pre-season Dallas Cowboys game on one of the televisions over the bar. I kept looking back over at my boy sitting at the table. He was eating a lot of bread, smothering each slice with a big portion of honey butter. I kept hoping I would see that huge steak placed down in front of the burly guy.

Then I noticed out of the corner of my eye, a waiter carrying the signature meal. He seemed to be headed towards my target. YES! The oversized plate was put down in front of the cowboy. The waiter looked at his watch, said something to the big man and then turned away. The clock was now running; one hour to finish the meal and it would be free!

I had never seen a guy eat so much in such a short period of time. The cowboy quickly got into a steady rhythm of eating a big bite of steak, followed by a potato chunk and a piece of bread. Surely he would focus just on the meat to get that out of the way and then tackle the side dishes later if he had room, but he knew. He knew there would be no problem in finishing the king sized meal even with all the trimmings.

My big man leaned back in his chair and patted his larger belly. He looked at the table top, now covered by empty platters and dishes. The cowboy had managed to eat the whole steak, several heavily topped baked potatoes, and numerous baskets of Texas toast in addition to drinking at least six large beers. I checked my watch.

“Dammmnnn,” I thought to myself, “He took less than forty-five minutes to finish everything.” I watched him continue to slowly rub his bloated stomach. “Awesome!”

The waiter appeared and was surprised that the big cowboy had already finished his meal. The other servers were called over and the headwaiter announced to the restaurant that not only had the special been successfully eaten in less than an hour, but also a new record had been set of forty-three minutes. The crowd in the restaurant applauded and so did a few of us in the bar.

After the group of servers dispersed, the bloated cowboy motioned his waiter back. The waiter did a double take at what the big man had to say, but quickly moved away. A few moments later, the waiter returned with a tall piece of pie and set it down on the table.

I couldn’t believe the reaction of the cowboy. He was clearly having some difficulty leaning over towards the table, but he shoveled in the pie like he hadn’t eaten in days. Soon after finishing, he again said something to his waiter. Another slice of the homemade dessert appeared at the big guy’s table.

After three huge pieces of pie, the cowboy appeared to have his fill. Now was the moment I had waited for. The stuffed cowboy stood up. His giant shirt definitely wasn’t loose anymore. The big guy’s belly bowed out in a nice half sphere stretching the shirt to a perfect close fit. The buttons were just beginning to show signs of straining since there had been some extra room at the start. The shirt now looked to be a custom design, exactly following every curve and bulge. It was as if he knew how much his belly was going to grow and he had worn the correct clothing to accommodate it.

I was now standing by the edge of the bar, pretending to watch the football game, while mostly keeping my eyes on the stuffed stud. My heart started pounding when I noticed he was walking in my direction.

The big cowboy was now standing right next to me! He was trying to lean over the bar to get the bartender’s attention. I had a great view of his amazing profile. His biceps and belly looked even bigger and more spherical up close. I turned back towards the television to not appear quite so interested in the guy.

“Hey, man, what’s up?” the big cowboy asked. I turned to see he was speaking to me!

“Nothing much man, just hangin’ out, catchin’ some of the game,” I replied, trying to seem casual even with that gorgeous bloated belly within arm’s reach.

“Yeah, me too. I think the ‘Boys can make it all the way this year,” he said, “I can’t wait for the regular season to start.”

He finally got the bartender’s attention and ordered a large draft beer. We continued to talk about the Cowboys and watch more of the game as we stood next to the bar. The big guy introduced himself as Luke. While nearly continuously chugging beers, he told me that he ran a ranch out in the western part of Texas, but came to Fort Worth a lot on business. I was amazed at the amount of beer he was able to hold, given what he had just eaten.

As we were talking, another big man walked up. He was wearing a T-shirt stretched over a very muscular build with a definite gut, but one not nearly as big as Luke’s. As he walked up, he began to stick his arm out as though he wanted to shake hands with Luke. However, he kept moving his hand forward, and then placed it on the top of the cowboy’s bloated belly.

“Shit, Luke,” the man exclaimed, as he patted the stuffed gut, “What the hell happened to your stomach? Looks like someone shoved a beach ball in there.”

Luke just grinned. “Yeah, I’ve put on some weight. Just living the good life, I suppose.”

“Well, take it easy on the beer man, okay? That fucker looks like it’s gonna pop if you put anything else in it.”

With that the muscular man walked away. Luke turned to me with a sheepish grin on his face.

“That guy and I used to work on the ranch together. We were both in good shape back then. But once I became the foreman a few years back, I didn’t have to work as hard and could afford to eat whatever I wanted.”

Luke looked down and put his hand on the bulging belly. “And my belly’s blown up like a damn balloon. It’s like there’s a air hose stuck into my belly button turned up all the way.”

“Hey, that’s no big deal,” I commented, “A guy like you should have a gut. Makes you look tougher. I’ll bet your hired hands don’t mess with you now.”

“Hey, you’re right about that,” Luke looked back up at me, “I didn’t expect to get this big this quick, but I really don’t mind too much having a beer belly. And there’s nothing better than watching some football and drinking beer!"

Now here was my opening. I decided to take a chance.

“Say, it’s just about half-time now; you wanna go over to my place, watch the rest of the game and have a few brews? I’m just around the corner and I got plenty of cold beer waiting.”

“Sure, sounds good. Let’s go.” Luke replied.

While I was cheering and celebrating on the inside, I just smiled slightly on the outside.

“Okay, you can follow me over there. It’ll just take a few minutes.”

We reached my house and I turned into the driveway. Luke pulled up behind me and stepped out of his black Ford F-150 pick-up. It was an impressive sight walking towards the front door. His body was a series of bulges and spheres from his pectoral muscles and biceps to his belly and then his thighs. The cowboy hat and boots made him even appear larger, just adding more to his physical presence.

After entering the living room, I picked up the remote control and turned on the television. After quickly switching the set to the football game that we had been watching, I tossed the remote back on the coffee table. I gestured to Luke towards a very comfortable large sofa. He plopped his big body down right in the middle.

“What’ll you have to drink, Luke?” I asked while walking into the kitchen. I opened the door to the refrigerator and raised my voice. “We got Lone Star, Sierra Nevada and some Guinness...” Luke interrupted with, “Hey, some Guinness sounds good.” “Comin’ up!” I replied.

I brought out the beer to Luke and handed him the bottle. In moments, about one-third of the oversized can was empty and Luke was leaning back with a big smile on his face. We talked a little more while watching the game, but only a few minutes had passed when Luke was ready for another. “I’ll get it,” I said, and went into the kitchen.

Okay, I thought to myself. Everything is going well. Now it’s time to take another chance. My guess was that the extra beers would give Luke the munchies. I usually kept some food around the house in case I had a special visitor, but this time the cupboard was not well stocked. I decided to order pizza from my regular place around the corner.

After completing this task, I brought Luke another beer. We continued to talk and watch the game while Luke drank several more beers. Then the doorbell rang at the entrance off the kitchen.

I met the pizza delivery boy at the pre-arranged spot. The young man was very cute and appeared to be about nineteen years old. He was very muscular for his age and usually wore a tight T-shirt to show off his bulging pecs and biceps. Tonight was no exception.

I invited the buff boy in.

“Hey Tommy,” I thought I remembered his name and confirmed it by reading the button angled oddly on his over-developed chest. “Great timing; that was quick.”

Tommy smiled and handed me the three deep-dish pizzas. This was more than enough for Luke and would leave plenty of leftovers for tomorrow.

“You must be feeding a crowd tonight,” Tommy exclaimed while taking my payment, “Isn’t this a little more than usual.”

“Nah, just a big hungry friend of mine. He can really put away the chow.”

Tommy seemed to raise his eyebrows with a look of interest after he heard this. Even though Tommy’s arms were defined, his midsection was thick and had a bulge to it. Not a huge gut by any means, but rounder and more protruding than normal for such a young guy. Could he be interested in growing bellies too? Probably not, I thought. Must just be my imagination.

The delivery boy left. After removing the cardboard from around two of the pizzas, I placed them in the oven on very low heat. I kept the remaining one in my hand still in the box.

“Hey, I got a treat,” I exclaimed as I walked into the living room carrying the pizza. “A little snack for you - it’s been a while since you ate anything.”

Luke put a hand on the side of his round gut. “You know, I may look really full, but I am kinda hungry again,” he said with a grin.

JACKPOT! Exactly what I was hoping to hear. I placed the box on the coffee table and opened the lid.

“Dig in! There’s plenty!”

“Aren’t you havin’ any?” Luke asked.

“No, I ate already. Go ahead, help yourself.”

Luke took a big slice and brought it up to his mouth. In a matter of seconds, the entire slice was gone. Luke had a smile on his face with a piece of cheese hanging from his lip. What an awesome sight!

It took very little time for Luke to practically inhale the entire thick pizza. He leaned back on the couch and looked at the empty box, then at his gut. The big guy’s poor shirt did not look like a custom fit anymore. The buttons were stretched to their limit, with little ovals of bare belly showing through. The seams at the sides were straining to hold the growing stomach, now becoming even more impressively round.

I jumped up from the couch and went into the kitchen. I grabbed the second pizza from the oven, placed it on a trey and brought it out to Luke. The big guy didn’t have a chance to think about whether he was still hungry or not.

This time I placed the pizza on the sofa next to him, figuring the reach to the table was getting more difficult. I then sat down on the other side. Luke moaned softly and placed a hand on top of his bulging belly.

“Ooofff, I’m gettin’ big... real big,” Luke noted, “But I’m still a little hungry.”

“Then go for it man!” I encouraged, “There’s tons left. Let me get you some more beer.”

With that I rushed to the door in the hallway and down the stairs to the recreation room in the basement. It was time to stop this one can of beer at a time nonsense and get the growing man a real serving of beer. I had a full keg of Bass Ale in the basement, perfectly chilled with several empty containers waiting to be used. A large pitcher was quickly filled and I went up the stairs as fast as I could without spilling the precious gut fuel.

When I entered the living room, I noticed that Luke had started on the second pizza. Only one slice was missing so far, but it wouldn’t be long before the whole pie was inside that great big stomach of his. I handed Luke the pitcher of beer.

“All right, you can get down to some serious eatin’ now that you have enough to wash it down with!”

Luke smiled and took the pitcher. After drinking a huge slug, he went back to the pizza and picked up another slice. I sat down on the other side and watched in glorious profile, the big rounded belly continuing to swell.

POW! As Luke was chewing the last bites of a large slice of pizza, one of the buttons burst off his shirt and flew across the room. A much larger sliver of slightly hairy tanned skin was exposed from the now very round ball belly. Luke looked down at the growing gut with a look of surprise.

“Damn!” Luke exclaimed, “Looks like I had a blowout!” He then looked over at me. “Sorry, man, I guess I got carried away. I’m eating way too much. Sometimes I just don’t know when to stop.”

“Hey, you don’t need to apologize,” I said, one of the greatest understatements ever, “I don’t mind your gut bustin’ out of your shirt ... It was a cool trick!”

“Well, here it goes again!” Luke said with a grin and took another big bite.

I stared at the big guy as he continued to eat slice after slice, and watched each button fly off the poor shirt one after the other. With the last slice alone in the box, only one button remained. This one was under his huge pecs, but above the now extreme roundness of his belly sphere. The button in this location was going to be hard to break open because his belly would need to grow up as well as out. Certainly possible, but it might take some time.

Luke finished the final piece of the second pie. He moaned softly and put his hand on top of the impressively bloated ball.

“Oofff,” he mumbled, “I’m really gettin’ stuffed.”

I stood up and smiled. “But you still have one more button to go,” I commented and pointed to the valley between his muscular pectorals and now very rounded belly. ‘You can’t stop now.”

Without waiting for a response, I went into the kitchen and brought out the final pizza. I placed it on the sofa next to the big cowboy, and then sat down on the other side of him.

“I don’t know... if I can eat... much more,” Luke stammered, looking back and forth between his very swollen belly and the large thick pizza. Then he managed a big grin. “But... I... can... try!”

I continued to shuttle beer from the basement keg up to the big cowboy on the sofa. Luke definitely ate slower this time, but still slice after slice disappeared as his belly grew rounder. Not only was his belly growing out but it was moving upwards as well. The crevasse between his chest muscles and belly ball was deepening, placing tremendous stress on that one remaining button. He had eaten nearly half of the third pizza when...

PHHUFFFTTF! The last button has broken off. The sound was muffled coming from deep within the valley, but it was obvious what had occurred when his shirt instantly spread further apart.

I reached over and gently patted the top of his belly. “Nice job,” I observed, “you’ve put a hurtin’ on that shirt. Very impressive!”

Luke smiled weakly and grabbed another slice of pizza. “I think... I can still... finish... this off.”

“You can do it! I know you can.”

Luke did indeed eat the rest of the third pizza. He seemed pleased but also appeared uncomfortable. He rubbed the bowed out sides of his belly with both hands and leaned back.

“Dammmmnn,” he started to say, “I’m... so... fuckin’ stuffed... I can... hardly... breath”

I watched the hugely bloated cowboy continue to slowly pat the giant belly. I couldn’t believe how much the enormous stomach now held since I first watched him sit down at the restaurant.

Luke took his hands off his gut and leaned forward slightly. He appeared to be trying to get up. “Hey, little... help... here..,” he requested, “I want... to see... what I”

If it wasn’t for the regular weight training I had done over the years or Luke would never have been moved off that couch. It took all of my strength to get him in a full standing position. The big cowboy leaned forward then back. He took off the remains of the busted open shirt and let it fall to the floor.

Luke was an amazing site. A giant tan ball with a line of reddish hair that curved down from his navel to somewhere below now centered his impressively muscular build. He tried to take a step towards the mirror in the hallway, but had to steady himself.

“Not... used... to this kind... of weight,” Luke stated with a slight grimace that then turned into a little grin. He leaned back a little further, which exaggerated the ballooned belly even more. “I need... to get my balance.”

Luke became a little steadier and slowly walked into the hallway, and promptly turned his head toward the wall while keeping his body facing forward. His eyes bulged out when he saw the amazing profile that he now possessed.

“HOLY SHIT!” Luke exclaimed, and placed his right hand on top of his hugely bloated gut. He slowly ran his hand out the impressive shelf and down the curve of the perfect spherical belly. “I look like you stuffed a barrel into my stomach! I’m about to give birth to twins!”

At first I was a little nervous that he was upset over his super inflated condition. But the widening grin on his face the whole time he was staring at his reflection told me that he wasn’t angry at all.

He turned back to me and looked down at his gut. “I can’t believe I’m so huge! I’ve never been this big before... not even close. Hey, you got a tape measure? Let’s see how big this fucker is!”

Well, a handsome cowboy with a giant round belly doesn’t need to ask me this twice! “Sure, let me get it. We’ll see just how much you’ve blown up!”

I quickly retrieved a tape measure from a desk drawer and rushed back to the hallway. I bent down directly in front of the pizza and steak bloated mound.

“I can’t believe your jeans are still holding. What’s the deal, man? You got some special steel belted Levi’s?”

“Nah, the jeans gave way after the first pizza. I just let my belt out to it’s last notch and fastened it. These old leather belts are pretty strong and the buckles are too.”

“They must be; considering what they are holding back,” I said with a smile, then patted the bottom curve of the round belly.

I extended the tape around the perfectly round ball. When I announced the number as “fifty-seven and one half," Luke did a double take.

“That can’t be! A fifty-seven inch belly with only thirty-six inch jeans! I’m a fuckin’ freak!

“Well, you’re not too close to fittin’ into thirty-six inch jeans, pal; that belt is givin’ you a lot of extra bloat room. But it’s a great look though; huge round belly that sticks way the hell out over your waist... perfect for your build!”

A slight smile on Luke’s face told me that he agreed.

I stood up and placed the tape measure on the table. Then I extended my arm and stuck my finger in his belly button. “You’ve got the most incredible gut I’ve ever seen. Are you sure you’ve have enough to eat?”

He let out a huge belch then placed his hand on top of his gut. “Oooo.., don’t say “eat”... again. This thing... couldn’t hold one more bite.”

I figured this would be a good time to distract him with something and let the phenomenal amount of food settle.

“Hey, how about some darts? I have a set in the “rec” room downstairs.”

“Sounds good,” Luke answered, as he continued to pat his extra stuffed gut, “If I can get this fuckin’ beach ball through the door!”

Luke and I walked down the stairs and into the basement. We were standing in a large room that ran the whole width of the house at this point. This “rec room” had a few windows and a sliding glass door that opened onto a patio along one wall, with the other three walls mostly light colored wood paneling. There was a dartboard at one end of the room, a bar with a built in keg near the middle and an open area at the far side. The open area was the place for my new pool table, still on order. We walked around the bar and towards the dart throwing area.

“Hey, what’s this?” Luke pointed to a wooden box a the end of the bar, “You smoke cigars?”

“Yeah, every now and then,” I replied, “I just got a box here of Conquistadors; they’re my favorites. Want one? They’re supposed to be best on a full stomach!”

“Sure, I’ll try one,” Luke replied, then patted the top of his bloated belly, “ A stomach don’t get no fuller than this!”

We each took a cigar and I passed the lighter first to Luke then took it myself. After Luke lit the big brown cigar, he took several deep puffs.

“This is a good one,” Luke commented, while looking at the burning cigar in his hand, “I’ll have to get me some of these.”

I walked up to the dartboard and picked up two sets of darts from an adjacent shelf. I let Luke pick the set of his choice and we determined what type of game to play. Luke and I both agreed to a few “warm-up” throws.

Luke stood in position and tossed a dart at the board. The dart landed exactly in the middle of the “double twenties”. Luke smiled and bragged that he could do it again. A second throw confirmed his skills.

I was standing off to the side watching him throw. “Hey, you big cheater,” I challenged, “No wonder you’re so good!”

“What are you talking about?” Luke asked with a puzzled look on his face.

“You’re way over the line,” I noted, pointing to the white tape on the carpeting, “You need to step back some... you can just about reach the damn board!”

Luke laughed. “Hell, I’m not trying to cheat,” he claimed with a grin, “I can’t see nothin’ past this huge gut! I can’t even see the fuckin’ floor much less the line!”

A big smile broke across my face when I realized that Luke was right. Not only could he not see over the front of his incredibly protruding belly, but even his sides were so rounded out that leaning one way or the other did not improve his line of vision. I volunteered to help him out. I positioned the blimped-up cowboy so that his boots were just in back of the line.

We threw a few more times then chose our game. Fortunately, we both were about equal in skill, so the game was close. After nearly an hour of playing, Luke remarked that he wanted a beer. I was surprised that his hugely stuffed gut was ready for more so quickly, but I hurriedly went to fulfill his request. I handed the cold beverage in a frosted glass to the swollen cowboy, and he walked up to the board to remove the darts of his last throw.

Luke pulled the darts out and turned sideways, allowing me a perfect profile view of his giant round belly. He brought the big glass to his mouth and chugged the amber liquid. It didn’t take too long before the mug was empty and he placed the cigar back in his mouth.

As Luke paused in place, I took a dart in my hand and pretended to aim at his very protruding stomach.

“Hey, you think I could hit your big gut from here?” I asked.

“Shit, that’s not fair,” Luke stated, and patted the top of his very pregnant looking belly, “My gut’s bigger ‘round than the damn dart board... it’s too easy a shot!”

I glanced at the dart board then back at the oversized gut. Luke was right! His belly was about as big as the board itself and similarly shaped.

“And besides,” Luke added as he turned to face me, hand still on top of the huge gut, “This thing’s so blown up, a dart hit would pop it like a cheap toy balloon, spewing pizza and beer all over the room!”

I laughed at Luke’s comment and kept an eye on his giant belly as he slowly moved out of the way for my turn at the board.

We continued to play for a few more minutes when I heard the doorbell ring. With a puzzled look on my face, I turned to Luke and let him know I would be right back. Who would dare interrupt this fabulous night with my super stuffed cowboy?

When I reached the main floor, I realized that the sound was coming from the side kitchen door and not the front entrance. This surprised me even more. I walked through the kitchen and glanced through the small window. Is that who I think it is? A smile began to cross my lips. I opened the door and confirmed my guess.

“Hey man what are you doing back here?” I asked.

The stranger was Tommy, the delivery boy. He had a big grin on his face and carried a tall stack of pizza boxes.

“I had a few leftovers after my deliveries tonight, and I thought your big cowboy might be able to help get rid of ‘em.” Tommy explained.

“He’s pretty stuffed already, but I think we might be able to get another pizza in his gut,” I said with a wink. “Let’s give it a try!”

Tommy put all but one of the boxes down in the kitchen. He kept the last pizza in his hand as we both walked into the living room. Luke was standing at the other end of the room, slowing moving towards us from the door that led to the basement.

“Hey, what’s going on?” Luke asked, as he took a puff from his cigar.

“Tommy here,” I began to answer, gesturing towards the buff young man, “Was afraid that you were getting a little hungry again and that we might have run out of pizza.”

Luke put his cigar back in his mouth and placed a hand on either side of his impressively rounded gut. “Shit, I’m still pretty stuffed; but you know I can always hold another slice or two,” he replied.

Luke then walked over to the sofa and plopped his big bloated body right down in the middle. Tommy sat down on Luke’s right side and handed the well-fed cowboy a slice of pizza. Luke handed me his cigar and I placed it in an ashtray on the table behind the sofa. As Luke took a big bite of the thick cheese pizza, I realized he would need some more beer to keep him eating. I went down to the basement and filled another pitcher of the amber liquid and brought it back upstairs. Luke had already finished the first slice and was starting on the second. I sat down on the sofa to Luke’s left side and kept the pitcher in my lap, within easy reach of big Luke. The growing cowboy grabbed the pitcher easily with one big hand and took a huge gulp.

“Ummmm, beer and pizza... Nothin’ goes together better,” Luke noted as he handed me the now half-full pitcher.

Luke managed to get through two whole pizzas and two pitchers of beer before he leaned back. With a loud groan the fat cowboy exclaimed,” OOOOFFFF... I’m... completely stuffed... I... cant get... anything... more.. into this thing.”

Luke at least looked like he was right. His gut was so protruding his belly shelf extended a full foot straight out from under his well developed pectoral muscles. Tommy and I each gently poked the gigantic over-stuffed sphere from each side, wondering if he could possibly hold more. The sides of his belly were well bowed out, giving him the look of a pregnant horse. Luke just leaned back with his eyes closed and gently moaned.

Tommy began to carefully massage the upper front portion of the big belly ball. With a slowly developing smile, Luke noted, “Oh... that... feels... so... good...”

I realized this was my chance. I jumped up and ran into the kitchen, grabbing the three remaining pizza boxes stacked on the counter. I very returned to my spot on the sofa. Tommy had a look of mild surprise and curiosity when I opened up one of the boxes and took a big slice of stuffed-crust meat-lovers pizza out. “Just keep rubbing,” I said, nodding towards the ballooned belly. “We’ll get these last few pizzas in.”

Tommy acknowledged my plan and smiled. He kept up his gentle massaging of the big orb and I started feeding slice after slice to our huge cowboy. Luke appeared to be a little dazed, but would take a big bite of every slice as it was offered. It wasn’t too much longer that all of the pizza was stuffed into our swelling cowboy and a tall stack of boxes on the coffee table was all that remained.

I began to assist Tommy with the massage as Luke’s gigantic belly has grown to ridiculous proportions. Luke finally lifted his head up and with a confused expression on his face finally looked down at his incredible pizza balloon.

“HOLY... SHIT... I... I... swallowed.... a... whole... cow...,” Luke sputtered out between breaths. Clearly it was not easy to breath regularly with such an enormous ball now attached to his body. “What... the fuck... did... you... do... to... me?” Luke questioned.

“You finally finished off all of the pizza,” Tommy replied, “And what an awesome job it was!”

“Sure was man,” I chimed in, “The greatest display of pizza eating ever observed!”

I continued to stare at the unbelievably swollen stomach. I didn’t think anyone or anything’s belly could hold that much.

“Help... me... up...,” Luke said, “I want... to see... what... I look like...” Tommy and I glanced at each other. We were both very strong but we knew that this would not be an easy task. The two of us stood up and each grabbed one of Luke’s huge forearms.

“ON THREE,” I commanded, as if we were trying to dislodge a hippo stuck in the mud.

OOOOOOFFFFF! With a large grunt and groan we managed to get the pizza blimp into a standing position, but we had to act quickly when Luke began to topple forward.

“Whoa, there, big guy,” I said then reached out and helped steady the dizzy cowboy.

“You’ve got an awful lot of weight up here,” I observed as my hand patted the huge pizza ball.

“Lean back, dude,” Tommy instructed. “That’ll help you with your balance.”

Luke tried to do this as both Tommy and I tried to steady the wobbly blimp. Luke still had a dazed look on his face as he muttered, “I... can’t... move...”

“That’s OK,” I answered, “We can help.”

Tommy and I steered our pizza dirigible over to the full-length mirror in the front hallway. Luke slowly turned to observe the results of the evening’s activities. The super-sized cowboy’s eyes bulged when he realized that gigantic brown sphere in the reflection was actually his own belly. The inflated cowboy placed his hand on top of the big ball and then gently rubbed the swollen orb as he examined his profile in the mirror.

“DAMMNNN, I’m... as big... as a house,” Luke exclaimed, “I look... like a hose... was attached to my belly button... and turned on full blast!”

“You sure do, dude,” I agreed, as I walked around the large object and positioned myself directly in front of the gigantic cowboy.

“I’ve never seen a gut blow up this big before,” I noted and stuck my finger into the front of the pizza balloon, “You’re fuckin’ amazin’ man!”

Luke stared at his gut in the mirror for a few more seconds before letting out a deep breath.

“Fuck!... its hard... to stand up... with this kind of weight up front,” he remarked while still patting the gut shelf, “I think... I need... to lie down.”

“Okay. I can understand that,” I said, realizing just what his the strain on his legs and back must now be. “Lets get him to the bedroom,” I told Tommy.

We began to steer our big boy back down the hall and into my bedroom. The bloated man just barely fit through the door and we tried to gently lay him down on his back. His tremendous unbalanced weight made him difficult to conform and he hit the bed with a loud thump.

Luke’s gut stuck into the air like a dome with the protruding navel as it’s crown. The over stuffed cowboy moaned as he closed his eyes and began to rub the sides of the towering mound.

“Well, I should leave you two alone now,” Tommy said and then reached out and thumped the summit of the pizza mountain. “That’s some fuckin’ belly you’ve got there, Luke. Awesome, just awesome.”

The over-stuffed cowboy opened his eyes slightly and weakly waved his hand.

“Take... it... easy, man,” Luke said, “Thanks... for the pizza.” The oversized cowboy then placed his hand against the extended belly shelf and closed his eyes.

I closely followed Tommy out of the bedroom and down the hall. I put my hand on his muscular shoulder as we reached the front door.

“Thanks for everything tonight..,” I said sincerely, “The pizza and all... I appreciate your givin’ us some time together now.”

“No problem,” Tommy replied, “Thank you for letting me in on it, dude. I’m glad I was able to do my part to blow up that belly to record setting proportions. How big do you think he is anyway?”

“Oh, shit... that gut’s got to be close to six feet around,” I guessed, “Did you see how far his belly stuck up when he laid down?”

“Yeah that was killer. I wasn’t too sure he was gonna’ make it through the door! Well, let me run,” Tommy turned and opened the door.

“Later man.”

“Great night, dude. Fuckin’ awesome.”

The door was closed and locked, then I returned to my pizza blimp. I entered the room and approached the foot of the bed, which allowed for the perfect view of the blown up belly ball. All of the buttons on Luke’s jeans had popped long ago and each end of his thick brown belt was lying off to either side. The opening in the jeans formed a wide “V” that the base of the gigantic sphere rested in. The belly mountain was so tall, that I could only barely see the top edge of the headboard; Luke’s head and massive upper body was entirely blocked from my view.

I walked over to the side of the bed and sat down across Luke’s thick thighs. I faced the giant sphere and began to thump the sides of it, as if the ball was a gigantic drum. The mega-bloated cowboy’s face was barely visible over the incredibly rounded belly.

“BBBBBUUURRRPPP!...Luke released a deep, loud belch as I continued to knead his swollen gut.

“I’m... so... stuffed...,” Luke stated as he raised his head slightly for a better view of the night’s damage. “Damn! I’m... a fuckin’... whale..,” he noted while staring at the huge orb towering in front of him. “Be... careful there... I feel like... I’m... about... to pop!”

“You sure look like you’re gonna’ pop... So I’m gonna help you,” I explained as I continued to rub and massage his gigantic belly, “This’ll get some of that excess air out and help settle down all that pizza.”

Luke closed his eyes and placed his head back down on the pillow. I moved from sitting across his legs to a position on the bed next to the bloated cowboy, continuing my work on his enormous gut. After nearly an hour had passed, I stopped the messaging, but left my hand in the valley between the over-developed pecs and the towering pizza bloated mound. I admired the still gigantic belly sticking so far up into the air.

Luke slowly turned his head towards me and placed his muscular arm across my chest.

“Matt, you’ve done a great job with my huge gut,” Luke whispered, “I never imagined it could get this big. I can hardly wait to see what you can do tomorrow night!”


“ALL RIGHT!... Sorry!” I mouthed to the angry young male in the van to my right. I had briefly swerved very close to his vehicle before steering the car back into my own lane. But I just had to get home as quick as possible!


The sound of the brakes being forcefully applied was noticeable. “I almost ran that light... I’d better pay more attention,” I said to myself, as the cars streamed through the intersection. “Okay, just calm down... Luke will still be there whenever you get home.”

I was so excited to see Luke again. It had been nearly eight months since that night when a young pizza delivery boy and I had overfed Luke, the big cowboy, more pizzas then anyone could imagine. Luke and I had met at a restaurant that evening, after he had finished off the gigantic steak special. I had admired the huge round belly attached to his thickly muscular frame before finally starting up a conversation with him at the bar. A few beers led to a few more and he had come back to my place. The night ended up with an incredible stuffing of his unbelievably expandable stomach.

We did spend some time together in the following couple of weeks, but then Luke had to return to his ranch out in West Texas. Even though we had kept in touch, I missed seeing him in person.

Finally, I turned onto my familiar street. I heart picked up a beat when I spotted Luke’s big, black Ford F-150 pick-up in the driveway. I pulled up beside his dusty truck and literally jumped out of my car and ran to the front door.

Before I could get my key out, the front door opened. Standing there was big Luke, his hulking body nearly filling the doorway.

“It’s great to see’re you doing?” Luke asked as he rapped his muscular arms around my whole body in a big bear hug. “You’re looking good these days!”

“So are you,” I stated and backed up slightly to get a good view. “Looks like you’re still growing!” With that I placed my hand on the top front portion of Luke’s hugely rounded belly and gave it a pat.

“I’ve been eatin’ like a pig lately,” Luke replied with a big grin, “I musta put on about 25 pounds since I last saw you... and I think it’s all in my gut!”

“Well, you look great! That’s one kick ass belly you’ve got there!” I noted as we moved inside to the foyer.

“Thanks. I’ve also been, uh, working on something else. I’ve got a surprise for you.”

“Yeah? What’s that?” I asked, as we continued to slowly walk towards the family room in the back of the house.

“Remember Tommy... the pizza boy?”

“Oh yeah,” I though to myself, “Tommy, the pizza delivery boy that had helped me stuff Luke’s belly that memorable night.” I nodded my head in the affirmative. Tommy was a very handsome young man with short dark hair and a muscular build. He was one of the lucky ones I thought; a guy that was able to develop thick pectorals and large round biceps while still a teenager. I wasn’t able to add much muscle until just a few years ago when I reached my late twenties. When I imagined Luke as a teenager, I pictured him with the same build that Tommy had when last I saw him. But Luke was old enough now, over thirty, to get a great big belly to go with the muscle.

“He’s been out at my ranch working’ with me nearly the whole time I’ve been gone. And he’s here now.”

I was wondering where Tommy had been recently. I used to see him at the pizza place once in a while but not lately. I thought he had gone away to college or maybe had joined the military. “Why would Luke bring Tommy with him for our first night together,” I thought. Maybe Tommy was feeding Luke the way I had and helped add those extra pounds to the big guy’s midsection.

We entered the family room and I did a double take at the sight. The room was just how I had left it except for several empty pizza boxes scattered around. Tommy was sitting on the sofa, leaning back without a shirt on and wearing a big white cowboy hat. He was darkly tan and still as muscular as I remembered. But there was one very big change. Where had once been flat and defined abdominal muscles, there now was a big light brown ball. The rest of his body was a little thicker, including his face. But it was the swollen gut that was the most noticeable difference.

“Holy Shit! What happened to you Tommy?” I said with a big smile, “You look like you swallowed a basketball!”

Tommy grinned back, “Your buddy Luke has taught me how to eat... especially pizza.” He patted his bloated belly. “And this is what happened!”

“How much weight did you put on?”

“Almost fifty pounds... I eat like a hog now... and my belly will hold so much more!”

I was still smiling as I looked around the room. “You ate ALL this?” I asked, “Or did Luke help you a little?” I winked slyly at Luke.

“Nah, I ate it all myself!” Tommy answered, then Luke chimed in, “He don’t need my help to eat. Check out that belly... he’s got plenty of room to fit it all in himself.” Luke turned to me and asked, “Say, you got anything else Tommy can stuff in that gut?”

“Well, I’m sure I can find something,” I replied and walked toward the kitchen. “Come with me Luke and let’s see what we can find.”

After Luke and I were in the kitchen, I lowered my voice slightly and said, “Are you sure he wants more to eat? His gut looks pretty full already.”

“Oh, he can eat more. I’ve seen his stomach bloated up more than that,” Luke stated, and then turned towards a large black pot on the stove. “What’s this?”

“It’s chili. I make a ton of it whenever some buddies of mine get together to watch football. That’s for the Monday Night game tomorrow.”

“Well, why don’t we let Tommy have some of this, and then you can make more later?”

“Okay, I guess I could make more tomorrow morning if I had to. Let me get a bowl for him.”

I reached into the cabinet and pulled out a large bowl. The chili was very warm, but not too hot to eat right out of the pot. The bowl was filled and I took it out to Tommy. I handed him the chili and a big spoon then sat myself down at the end of the sofa.

“Dig in! It’s homemade!”

Tommy’s eyes lit up after he took the first bite. “Delicious!” he exclaimed, “I love a good spicy chili!”

I sat and watched as Tommy scarfed down the first bowl. Luke was quick to grab the empty bowl, refill and have it back into Tommy’s hands in no time. Bowl full after bowl full disappeared into Tommy’s growing belly. Finally, he put the spoon down into the latest emptied bowl and put his hand on the newly extended shelf of his bloated gut.

“OOOHHHH,” Tommy moaned, “I... can’t... eat... no... more.” Tommy took the empty bowl, and slowly placed it down on the coffee table in front. He leaned back, raised his legs, and placed both of his cowboy boots on the coffee table. I watched silently as Tommy continued to quietly moan and rub the sides of his very rounded belly.

Luke picked up the empty bowl and walked towards the kitchen. “That boy’s gonna need some help in finishing off this chili,” I heard him say as he disappeared around the corner.

I was stunned to see Luke come back into the family room carrying the huge pot of chili easily with one arm. I had guessed it was about one-third full now, but the iron pot was still heavy. Luke walked up to the back of the sofa, directly behind where Tommy sat.

“Hey, Tommy, lean your head back; I’m gonna help you finish off the chili.”

Tommy did as instructed and rested his head on the top part of the sofa and looked up at Luke, “What are you...”

Luke interrupted Tommy’s question by sticking a large funnel into the young man’s open mouth. He pushed it down into Tommy’s throat, securing the funnel in place. Tommy’s eyes widened as he watched Luke lift up the pot and begin pouring chili into the funnel.

Glug! Glug! Glug!

The chili continued to flow through the funnel and directly into Tommy’s swelling stomach. His belly was noticeably larger than when I came in, with an impressive shelf now protruding straight out from his pecs. The sides were bowing out as well, making for a perfectly round ball.

“He can’t take much more of this,” I said with some concern, “Look at the size of his belly!”

Luke continued to pour the chili into the funnel. I reached over and poked the puffed out side of Tommy’s bloated gut.

“It’s as tight as a drum. He’s about to pop!”

“Just a little more,” Luke said, as the pot was almost upside down, “then he’ll be finished!”

Luke was now emptying out the last bit of chili. The funnel was full, but the chili was not moving down into Tommy’s over-stuffed stomach. I realized what had happened.

“Hey, no more chili will go into his blown up belly. His gut has reached it’s limit!” I exclaimed.

“I can fix that,” Luke stated, and went into the kitchen with the now empty pot. He quickly returned with another funnel and placed it upside down on the full one still sticking out of Tommy’s mouth. Luke held the larger ends of the two funnels tightly together, forming a near airtight seal.

Luke took a huge deep breath, seemingly sucking the air out of the entire room. He then placed his lips on the small end of the second funnel and began to blow. Tommy’s face was already slightly red and a few beads of sweat were dripping off his brow. His eyes were as big as saucers when he realized Luke was going to force the rest of the chili into the already hugely bloated gut.

“HIS GUT’S GONNA BLOW” I shouted. Tommy looked a little scared and placed each hand on a side of his now beach ball sized belly.

With a loud THWUMP! the last bit of chili was forced into Tommy’s now incredible belly. Luke removed both funnels and Tommy raised his head and turned to view the amazing site that we were all staring at.

“How do you feel, Tommy?” Luke asked, as he came around to the front of the sofa to get a better view of the chili balloon attached to the formerly buff young man. “You’re lookin’ a little bloated!”

Luke and I both laughed at this statement. Tommy could only stare at the gigantic tan ball in his lap. “I... can’t...BURP... believe... this.. BURP... is... my... BURP... belly!” Tommy could barely get out the words between belches and his labored breathing.

I reached over and began to thump the over stuffed belly. Tommy slightly winced with each touch of the mega-swollen gut.

“It’s so hard. He is completely maxed out!” I remarked.

“Yeah, I think he did get his fill,” Luke concurred. “And we’re just in time to catch the second half of the game... watch those Redskins lose! Matt, why don’t you get us a beer?”

When Tommy heard the word “beer” he moaned loudly. “No... more...” he whimpered as he stared dizzily at his incredibly bloated gut.

I had a big grin on my face when I went into the kitchen. I couldn’t believe what I had just witnessed. What an awesome belly! I pulled a couple of cold beers from the refrigerator, and noticed some dip on the top shelf.

“That looks good,” I thought to myself, “Some chips and dip will hit the spot!”

The two beers, a big bag of potato chips and the bowl of dip were brought into the family room. I plopped down on the sofa to the left of our bloated stud and Luke was sitting on the other side. I handed Luke his beer and placed the chips down on the coffee table. “But where to put the dip?” I thought to myself.

The smile on my face widened when an idea struck me. The bowl of dip was placed on the top of Tommy’s huge belly shelf, nestled up against his powerful pecs.

“Perfect place for it,” Luke noted, also with a big grin, “And hey, I think there’s room for more!”

With that, Luke placed his beer on top of the belly shelf and then I did as well. Tommy was still very stuffed, so he just watched in a daze as we piled the items on top of the giant gut.

“Your belly makes a great table,” I noted, “There’s plenty of space for all of our snacks! Hell, there might be room for a couple more beers, or even a pitcher!”

Luke and I just laughed at this thought while Tommy rolled his eyes back in his head and let out a large moan.

We continued to watch the game, hoping that the hated rival Redskins would lose, allowing our Cowboys to move up in the standings. Tommy had been nearly motionless for a while, but finally began to move around towards the end of the game. He did get up to relieve himself and was gone for a long time, but we knew he had a lot to release.

The last few minutes of the game were so exciting, that even Tommy was leaning forward to concentrate on the game. This was not easy given the huge round obstacle in his way.

When the Redskins missed a field goal to lose on the last play of the game, we immediately celebrated. Luke and I stood up and gave each other a “high five”. Tommy was slower to get off the sofa, but did manage to stand up and join our celebration. We were all jumping around a little bit, including Tommy. The bloated young stud’s belly was bouncing up and down like a big water filled balloon.

“Hey, Tommy, you feeling okay?” I asked, seeing a bit of a smile on his face.

“Yeah, I’m not quite so bloated,” Tommy replied, then placed his hands on the side of his huge belly. “But I’m still big!”

Tommy was standing in the middle of the room, clearly leaning back to support the tremendous weight of his chili stuffed ball. Luke reached out and began to poke the magnificent belly.

“It’s deflated down a bit,” Luke remarked, “But it’s still a killer gut!”

“It sure is,” I agreed, “Tommy, you think you can get that thing down the stairs so we can shoot a little pool?”

“Sure,” Tommy then began to grin, “I could beat you guys with one hand tied behind my back or a pot of chili in my gut!”

The three of us walked down the stairs to the recreation room. It was your typical basement “rec” room with paneled walls and indoor/outdoor carpeting. A pool table was centered in the left side of the room, with some furniture and a dart throwing area in the other end. Along the wall in between was a bar, with a built-in beer tap and a large TV. The room was unusually light for a basement, because one wall had several windows and a sliding glass door out onto a patio.

Luke and I were downstairs first and I turned around to watch Tommy walk into the room. He was wearing his big cowboy hat and his boots were loud on the thinly carpeted floor. The hugely rounded belly looked a little out of place underneath the muscular upper body. He was still noticeably leaning back to try and balance his definitely unbalanced weight. It appeared that his very tight jeans were still fastened somewhere up underneath the giant gut. My guess was that the top button or two on the jeans probably had broken. However, his thick brown belt, which I could see the sides of before it dove under the big balloon, was still buckled.

I finally took my eyes off of Tommy and walked over to a bookshelf against the wall. I removed a box from the shelf and turned back towards Luke.

“Hey Luke,” I said and opened the box, “I picked up some of your favorite cigars. Want one?” I asked. “Sure,” Luke answered, “Sounds great!”

I removed two big brown cigars from the small container, placed one in my mouth and started to hand the other to Luke.

“Hey, I want one too,” Tommy stated and slowly strutted over next to me.

“Have you ever smoked a cigar before?” I asked Tommy as I struck a match and brought the flame up to the tip of my cigar. “Are you sure you should be smokin’ in your condition?” I gestured towards his pregnant looking belly.

“I’ve smoked cigars before. No big deal,” Tommy replied and held out his right hand. He placed his left on top of the bloated gut. “Hell, I can handle a pot load of chili; surely I can handle a cigar!”

My own cigar was now lit and I was already taking a few big puffs. I handed a cigar and a match to Tommy. He took both and placed the cigar in his mouth and struck the match. He timidly brought the flame to the end of the cigar and began to pull a little smoke into his mouth and quickly exhale it. He took a big puff, removed the cigar from his mouth and blew smoke into the air.

“See; I can handle a cigar just like you guys!” Tommy bragged.

Luke was already smoking too and we began to shoot some pool. We had only been at it for about twenty minutes when Luke made a dramatic point about taking a deep drag of his cigar and exhaling a giant cloud of smoke into the room.

Fortunately, the day was mild and I had the windows and the sliding door open. This combined with a couple of ceiling fans kept the room from getting smoky even with three guys and their cigars. I followed Luke’s lead and did the same, exhaling an even larger cloud of smoke than he did. Then we both turned to Tommy. We knew that he did not want to be outdone in anything. Tommy carefully placed his cigar exactly in the middle of his mouth, closed his lips around it and began to take a massive deep breath.

Suddenly, the cigar was gone! Tommy had a shocked look on his now reddish face. Both Luke and I stepped over right next to him.

“HOLY SHIT!” I exclaimed, “Tommy’s swallowed his cigar!”

“That can’t be,” Luke said, “Open your mouth boy!”

Tommy looked at Luke, then at me, then back to Luke. He had an expression that was a mixture of concern and confusion. Tommy opened his mouth and Luke peered in.

“Well, I’ll be damned! That fucker is gone! How do you feel?” Luke asked, and placed his hand on top of Tommy’s bloated belly.

“I feel okay I guess,” Tommy answered, and looked down at his belly, “I don’t feel anything unusual.”

Now that it seemed Tommy was uninjured, Luke and I began to see the lighter side of the situation.

“You’re not supposed to EAT a cigar. Don’t you have enough in that gut of yours already? Luke jokingly asked.

“Yeah, were you THAT hungry?” I added.

“Nah, just a little accident. It seems as if everything wants to get in my belly these days. Sometimes I just can’t help it.” Tommy responded with a grin. “So, can I get another cigar now?”

“What are still hungry?” I joked, “Are you sure you want to try this again?”

“Yeah, I’m a tough guy,” Tommy claimed, “One cigar in the gut isn’t going to stop me!”

I pointed the way and Tommy went over to the shelf and grabbed another cigar. Soon the three of us were back to shooting pool and smoking. Luke and I had helped ourselves to a beer from the tap but Tommy passed. Even though his belly was not as engorged as it was right after the chili pump, he was still very bloated.

It took another ten minutes or so before one of us finally started making a few shots in a row. Tommy was taking control of the table and I was standing off to his side just watching. He was deep in thought about his next move and I had the perfect view of his amazing profile.

Tommy was an awesome stud. The contrast between his white cowboy hat and dark hair was appealing and the big cigar in his mouth added to his macho look. His biceps were bulging just with a light grip he had on the pool stick. The jeans were practically painted on and the waistband curved down from the side to the front in order to accommodate the belly Luke had helped him grow. Yes, that magnificent belly. It was so round and solid and jutted straight out. You would swear he was pregnant with that size and shape to his gut. I imagined it getting even a little bigger, very slowly expanding in all directions.

Tommy placed his hand on top of his big belly. “What’s the matter,” Luke asked, as he walked up to next to me.

“I don’t know,” Tommy stated, “But I’m feeling more bloated, kinda like I did right after I finished off the chili.”

“Looks to me like your belly’s growing,” Luke noted, then turned to me, “You see it?!”

“DAMN, I do see it! Tommy, you’re expanding. Your big ol’ belly is swellin’ up!”

Tommy’s eyes widened as he looked down at the growing stomach. His belly was gradually getting a little bigger. Since it was moving outward equally in every direction, his gut was getting more and more spherical.

“SHIT! WHAT’S HAPPENING TO ME?” Tommy asked excitedly, “I can’t get too much bigger!”

“It must be the cigar he swallowed,” Luke noted, “Since it was still lit, it’s reacting with all that gas that was in his belly from the chili.”

“So how much bigger will I get?” Tommy had a look of concern on his face as he stared down past the cigar still in his mouth to watch his belly continue to swell.

“Umm, well, I think it all depends on whether the cigar just hit a small gas pocket or all of the gas that’s in your gut,” I stated, “I’m not sure where the...”

Before I could finish, we head a slight noise that was a combination of hissing and gurgling. It was coming from Tommy’s now rapidly growing belly!

“OHHHH SHHHITTT,” Tommy shouted, “Look at my gut! I’m gettin’ too big. You gotta do something before I pop!”

Luke and I were both just staring at the now quickly expanding ball. Tommy looked as if an oversize beach ball had been inflated in his stomach, and was still being pumped up. It took us a second to get a hold of our senses and try to think of a solution.

“Try and belch out the gas,” I suggested. I placed my finger into the huge sphere just above the belly button and pushed. “Man you’re so tight. I can hardly move it at all!”

“It’s... not... working,” Tommy complained, and was clearly getting more nervous. Sweat was forming on his brow and his face was getting redder as his amazing belly continued to grow. “I can’t belch... even when... I try!”

Luke walked right up to Tommy and handed the ballooning boy his beer.

“Drink up!” Luke commanded, but Tommy just frowned, “My gut’ll burst... if I put... anything else in it!” he complained.

“It’s the only way to put the cigar out. Drink the whole thing: quick!”

Tommy brought the big mug to his mouth and begun to drink. Swallow after swallow went down, until the glass was empty. He looked down at the gigantic ball attached to his body and moaned, “It’s... still... fuckin’... growin’..., dude. You... gotta... stop... it!”

“Just keep drinking until the cigar gets put out! Here.. GO!” Luke grabbed the beer from my hand and gave it to Tommy. Tommy began to chug the amber liquid.


“Omigod,” Tommy became more concerned and looked back down at the inflating balloon, “What... was... that...?”

“You’re belt buckle has busted. I’m surprised it made it this long!” Luke answered. “Drink that up quick. I’ll get some more.”

Luke ran over to the keg and filled up a pitcher with beer. He rushed back and handed it to Tommy just as the swelling stud had finished the beer I had given him.

“Hey, let’s take him outside and lay him down, maybe that’ll help,” I suggested. I thought that if he was on his back it might give his belly a little more room. And the bizarrely huge size of his belly was making me nervous - he could explode at any minute!

Tommy turned towards me and nearly knocked me down with his gut. “Whoa, man, you don’t realize how big you are! Lets get that fucker under control!”

“Hey, keep him drinking,” Luke reprimanded, “I’ll bring another pitcher out in a minute!”

I placed one hand around Tommy’s muscular shoulders and the other under the enormous chili and gas filled sphere and guided him out onto the patio. With a lot of grunting, I helped him lie down on the heavy redwood picnic table.

Tommy continued to moan as his gut stuck up like a huge dome. At the peak of the mound was an unusually large but flat belly button that had lost all of it’s depth.

Luke walked out carrying another pitcher. “Hey, I don’t like the looks of this,” I noted, “His gut’s got to be six fuckin’ feet around. It can’t take any more.”

“All the reason to get the fire out,” Luke noted, and started to pour from the pitcher into Tommy’s mouth.

Tommy’s ultra pumped stomach was towering up into the air. The perfectly spherical ball was topped with a belly button that had started to bow outward slightly. Tommy’s face was bright red and he kept flailing his muscular arms to no avail against the sides of his ballooned gut.

I walked around to the end of the table and stood near Tommy’s boots. I couldn’t see his face, cowboy hat or what Luke was doing on the other side of the gigantic sphere. All three buttons on Tommy’s jeans had burst open and the incredible ball began at the bottom button. His belt buckle was broken and laying off to one side. It was hard to imagine that those jeans and that belt had once been fastened under that belly.

I stepped off to the side to peer around the belly balloon. Luke finished pouring the last drop of beer into Tommy and backed off. Luke and I looked at each other when we heard a hissing sound get louder.

“UH OH,” I started getting nervous, “Listen to that. HE”S GONNA BLOW!”

“MOTHER FUCK,” Jake screamed, “GET DOWN!