Coach Weighs In

Coach Weighs In

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All day at school, Dustin eagerly waited for the final bell to ring so that he could make his all-important appearance in the coach's office that afternoon. While heading toward the gymnasium, he made a point of rolling up the sleeves on his shirt to show off the big new biceps his little brother had given him. Other students in the hallway cleared aside to let Big Dustin pass, and he cracked a happy grin knowing he was now one of the biggest guys at his high school.

When Dustin entered the office, Coach Fowler made a brief comment about Dustin's weight gain, but otherwise, he was very matter-of-fact. Struggling to overcome his nervousness, the hefty sixteen-year-old blurted out his desire to play football on the defensive line.

"Well, it's about time," the coach laughed, as he set down a stack of papers, and folded his hands on the top of his desk, "I guess your dad must have finally talked some sense into you."

"What?" responded Dustin, thinking of the countless arguments he had had with Mark regarding his weight.

"Son," the coach began sternly, "when a boy's got a daddy as big as yours, it's a good bet some of that size is gonna rub off on ya, and that's definitely what I need plugging up the holes in our front line!"

"Oh, yeah, that's right," answered Dustin, remembering that Matt, the massive plumber, was now his father.

"What does your dad go about? Three-sixty? Three-eighty?" coach asked offhandedly, and the question caught Dustin completely off guard. He knew Matt was at least six-foot-six, but he wouldn't even venture a guess at how much he weighed. It was a huge amount to be sure.

"Well, let's get you up on the scale while you're here," grunted the coach brusquely. Dustin smiled, and slapped his belly at the thought of getting up on the locker room scale, but before he turned to leave the office, he stood and watched the coach lift himself out of his desk chair. As the powerful man straightened to his full
height, stretching his meaty arms, and flexing his broad chest, a big round pot gut popped out over the desk top. The sheer size of the coach's gut made Dustin stare. He'd never seen Coach Fowler so big. The front of coach's shirt was swelled out like a balloon.

"Wow," whispered Dustin without thinking.

"You're not the only one who bulked up over the summer," coach laughed, enjoying Dustin's reaction. Then he slapped his gut with a loud spanking noise. Dustin couldn't help noticing how the big firm beer gut shook when the coach moved. The two of them made their way into the locker room, and Dustin stripped to his boxers to weigh-in. The beam made a loud "clank" when Dustin hoisted himself onto the scale. He decided to push the top weight all the way to the three-hundred mark, and was surprised when the beam hardly quivered. Slowly, he nudged the smaller bottom weight with his finger, shoving it from left to right. His eyes widened as the numbers under the indicator rose higher. Finally, at three hundred and fourteen pounds, the beam dropped to a balanced position. He was even
heavier than he had thought. When he turned, and stepped down he noticed that the coach had also stripped to his shorts.

The scale seemed to clank louder when the coach stepped on, and it rocked side to side as the big man shifted his weight. The coach pushed the small bottom weight well passed the three-fifteen mark, and continued to tap it toward a balancing point. Dustin watched as the beam joggled slightly, and finally settled on the
far side of three hundred and thirty-five pounds. From the height of the scale, coach smiled down smugly at Dustin, he then adjusted the back of his shorts and stepped off the scale slightly nudging his new lineman with his big belly.

As the two guys stood barefoot, and navel to navel, Dustin suddenly broke into a wide grin. Even though he couldn't top the coach in the weight department, he still had him beat by nearly four inches in height, and he enjoyed peering down from his lofty six-foot-three.

"Geez," grunted the coach, taking note of Dustin's increased height, "looks like you got me there kid!"

When Dustin told Ty about making the football team, Ty asked if Dustin could talk Coach Fowler into letting him help as equipment manager. The very next day at school, Ty and Dustin went to talk to the coach during lunch hour. They were surprised to find Coach Fowler on the scale in his shorts with a handful of candy
bars. Coach was patting the scale, and chuckling to himself as he stuffed one candy bar after another into his mouth. He stopped and stared when he saw Dustin and Ty walk into the room.

"Oh, hi guys," he finally said, between mouthfuls of chocolate, his gut bulging prodigiously over the thick band of his shorts, "what can I do for you?" Dustin paused a moment, a little perplexed by coaches appearance, then he began to explain that Ty was interested in helping with the football equipment. Coach seemed
genuinely interested in letting Ty join the team, but he also had a look of concern on his face. He told the boys that he might not be football coach much longer, because his wife resented all of the time he was spending with his players.

"I'm trying to get her to divorce me," he said bluntly, "that's why I've been eating so much for the past four months. The boys were silent. Coach explained that his wife had hated seeing him get fat when he played football in college. He had now swollen well beyond his college weight, and his big fat gut was forcing her to think
seriously about leaving him.

"I've gotten THIS fat," coach laughed, as he rubbed his bulging middle, " I figure I'll just keep growing, til she signs the divorce papers. The boys were amazed by the coaches outrageous plan, but they admired the simplicity of it. Ty caught himself staring at the big belly that coach had packed on over the summer. He smiled
at the thought of coach growing bigger and bigger.

Suddenly, the beam on the scale banged upward with a loud bell-like sound. Coach's belly broadened considerably, pushing forward, and forcing the top of his shorts to pop open. Rubbing himself thoughtfully, he shoved the small, bottom weight all the way to the right. Coach whistled loudly when the beam refused to
balance. His weight had exceeded the scale's three-hundred-fifty-pound capacity

"WOW," he exclaimed, marveling at his much larger gut, "those candy bars really packed a wallop!" Rolling off of the scale, coach lumbered to his locker, and eagerly struggled to fit himself back into his street clothes. He was laughing giddily, excited and amazed by his sudden weight gain.

"Wait til Mona sees this," he spouted, grabbing the sides of his belly, and hefting the weight of it in his hands, "she's gonna have a cow!'' The big man was still trying to buckle his pants as he hurried out of the room. Ty looked up at Dustin knowingly, and shot him a sly wink.

Coach lumbered into the kitchen with his belt still undone. He lifted the front of his shirt and puffed out his belly as big as possible waddling toward his wife Mona.

"We're home Honey," he grunted, shoving his belly against her and loudly spanking the side of it, "what's for dinner?" Mona pulled away from her husband, and looked down with disgust at his huge protruding stomach. She said nothing. Coach grinned broadly, and continued to flirt.

"Would you believe I've already outgrown another pair of pants," he chuckled, kissing her cheek, "I'm gonna go change into something bigger." With that, he turned and rumbled out of the room, making the floor shake as much as possible. In the bedroom, he stripped off all his clothes, and pulled an enormous jockstrap out of
the top dresser drawer. The huge jock, which had been a gag gift from the varsity team, had always been much too large for him to actually wear. Now, he pulled it on gleefully, and headed for the bathroom scale. The big man could not contain his enjoyment watching the numbers soar to an impressive three hundred and sixty pounds. He stroked his belly, and admired his prodigious profile in the mirror. His reverie was interrupted by a sharp pounding at the door.

"I know what you're up to Tom Fowler,'' His wife yelled, "you are purposely getting fatter, so I'll divorce you, but it's not going to work!" The angry statement stole the wind from the coach's big-bellied sails. He'd been busted, and for the moment felt as foolish as a school boy caught in a lie. Then suddenly, the scale beneath
him began to rumble. Something caused his weight to balloon even higher! He looked down over the front of his burgeoning belly to see that he was now up to the three-eighty mark. With a mix of delight and disbelief, he wondered what could possibly be causing his enormous growth. He decided to test a theory.

"Hey Baby," he grunted, slapping his belly loudly, " I thought you said you liked me with a big, fat, pot gut!"

"No!" came the icey answer from the other side of the bathroom door. There was a moment of silence, and coach once again began to swell. He peered over his belly in time to see his weight reach a whopping four hundred pounds. A deep roaring belly laugh rose from the depths of his huge weighty gut.

"But Pumpkin," he chuckled, " I thought you said you liked having a BIG, FAT, grizzly roaming around the house!"

"NO!" his wife screamed in reply, "no no no no no no no no no no no!" The scale began to bend. Coach careened forward, grabbing the sides of the pedestal sink as his already massive gut began swelling like a beachball. He glanced over his shoulder, and caught sight of his rump in the mirror on the opposite wall. He watched his great meaty buttcheeks widen magnificently, stretching his big supporter to enormous proportions. The big waistband on the jockstrap folded over onto itself becoming buried under a massive belly that overlapped his thighs and surrounded his middle like an fullblown truck tire. He pulled himself upright, and began laughing again as he grabbed his beefy hands around lovehandles as large as footballs. Outside the bathroom, he heard his wife's abrupt and steamy retreat
back to the kitchen.

Coach shifted his weight first to one side, and then the other. His mammoth gut rocked and bounced to and fro. He caught the scale with the heal of his foot, and sent it skidding across the floor. He now weighed far more than a mere bathroom scale could hold. Throwing back his huge shoulders for balance, he emerged from the bathroom, gut first, and lumbered ponderously toward the wall-size mirror in the bedroom. He could hardly wait to see the full panoranic view of his new colossal bulk.

Coach's eyes widened as he caught the first glimpse of himself in the bedroom mirror. He let the palms of his hands slide down to the underside of his mammoth gut, playfully slapping the huge ball of fat as he turned profile. Then he cradled the great mound with his hands and forearms and gently hoisted the enormous weight of it, hefting it up and down like a giant sack of flour. He turned to admire a rump that was nearly a yard wide, and watched his huge beefy thighs shake as he moved. He flexed his great meaty biceps, each over twenty inches around, and ran a hand around the firm fat melons that had become his chest. He had met up with old teammates who had let themselves go, and knew one lineman who had gained a tractor tire gut after years of driving a big cross-country rig. Tom had always wondered how it would feel hauling a gut that big, and now he knew. He squatted slightly, and stroked the hefty bulge that was expanding in the pouch on his big jock.

Sometime later, coach paraded himself down to the living room and flung his tremendous bulk into a recliner. The arm rests creaked loudly, stretching to contain his broad backside. He leaned back, and rubbed his big belly mound happily.

"I'll be eating dinner in front of the TV tonight Honey!" he roared, loud enough for Mona to hear him in the kitchen.

"Oh no you won't!" she yelled back.

"Oh yes I will," Tom commanded, "I'm going to sit here in front of the TV and eat all night long."

"You will not!" she screamed.

"But Babycakes," shouted coach, winding up for the zinger, " I thought you said you wanted to see me get as big as a house!"

"NO!" came the screech from the kitchen, "no no no no no no no no no no no no no!"

Coach braced himself as his belly began spreading forward over the top of his thighs, and the chair frame began to groan under his weight.

Coach rested the palms of his hands against the big bulging crest of his belly, and grinned smugly as his mountain of girth continued to take on more size. He chuckled impishly, as his whopping front-end broadened, and surged forward like a zeppelin escaping it's hanger. He loudly smacked the colossal blimp with both hands, and laughed at the sheer monstrosity of it. While still growing, he leaned back in his chair, and felt the floor rise up to meet his rump in a thundering crash. From somewhere behind him, he heard his wife scream. Moments later, she was gone, and the house was silent

Staring up at the ceiling in shock, coach shifted his mammoth torso and took in a chest full of air. He flexed and stretched his arms, and felt the grin return to his face. His favorite easy chair had been flattened to pulp under the force of his now gargantuan bulk. He swung one hand over the side of his gut, and rolled himself over,
feeling part of the recliner crunch underneath him. He was startled and pleased by the incredible destructive power of his body weight. His vast belly blotted out everything. It seemed to stretch beyond the length of his arms and legs. Using what was left of the back of his chair for support, he struggled ponderously to his feet. With herculean effort, he straightened his immense shoulders, and slowly pulled himself into an upright position. His eyes widened in astonishment as his mountainous belly rose upward, and protruded forward like the nose on a 747. It was wonderfully, immensely, incomparably big.

The huge jock he had put on, had some how stretched to contain him, and he was grateful for the taunt support beneath his stomach, and around his butt cheeks. Shifting his hips, he threw a leg forward,and heard china rattle in the cabinets. Walking took all the strength and stamina he could muster, but it was worth it, just to feel the house rumbling beneath his every step. He paused before the bedroom doorway, resting his elbows against the sides of his gut as he took in air. He needed a place to sit, and the bed was the only piece of furniture massive enough to hold him.

Resting a hand against the door frame for support, he reached out as far as he could to scratch the front of his belly. Patting his pot proudly, he swung it forward allowing it to enter the bedroom ahead of him. Shifting to a waddle, he shimmied along, and watched his girth fill up the entire width of the doorway. The frame fit him
snuggly for a moment, and then he shoved himself the rest of the way through. Hoisting his bulk, he spread himself down, and savored the feel of the entire bed sagging under his weight. He rubbed his sides playfully, loving his new size but somehow longing for more....

The next morning, both Ty and Dustin were called to the coaches office during first hour. The two boys stopped dead in their tracks when they saw the size of the man standing behind coach's desk. The guy's mammoth belly was almost as wide as the desk itself. His huge gut strained the capacity of an enormous red knit shirt with "COACH" embroidered on the chest pocket in bold white letters. The man smiled between fat cheeks as big and thick as porterhouse steaks. He shifted, allowing his front end to quake with supreme massiveness.

"Sit down boys." he ordered, then he leaned forward grabbing the sides of the desk and allowed his gut to rest on the tabletop in a huge spherical heap.

"She finally signed the divorce papers,'' he announced straightening up and slapping his gargantuan belly, "thanks to whatever it was that put all this weight on me!" The floor seemed to shudder under the big man's every step. All at once, Ty and Dustin realized that the colossal fat man in front of them was Coach Fowler.

Ty slowly sunk down into his chair while staring at Coach Fowler's colossal belly.

"Gawd Ty," whispered Dustin under his breath, "what did you do to him?" Ty didn't know how to answer. He never realized that coach would keep getting fatter
and fatter, and eventually double in weight before the all-important divorce papers were signed. Ty sunk deeper into his chair, and shuddered with embarrassment.

"So YOU'RE the one responsible for this!" grunted the coach, loudly spanking the side of his gigantic gut. Shifting himself imposingly, the huge man maneuvered his immense bulk around the desk, and blotted out everything in the room while looking down at Ty. Ty felt as if he was being buried under a great swelling avalanche
of belly. He pushed his hand against the huge mattress of gut filling the coaches shirt and struggled to speak.

"Ah...ah...I...can TRY to make you smaller," he finally managed. Coach brought up a belly laugh so deep, it made his big front end bounce spectacularly.

"You'll do nothing of the kind young man," coach responded, leaning back and puffing himself larger. The shocked expression on the faces of both boys forced another rumbling laugh to rise from coach's vast equator.

"But you won't be able to coach," Dustin objected, "not when the principal sees how big you've grown!"

"I'll take care of the principal," answered the big man, patting his stomach, "and as for coaching...I could be wide as this room and still be the best coach this place has ever had!" The boys knew they couldn't argue with all the trophies and college recruiters that surrounded the school's varsity football team, so they continued to
protest in silence.

"Early this morning, I found a scale big enough to hold me," the coach continued, "and I'm only a few dozen candy bars over seven hundred."

"Only!" exclaimed Ty, unable to hide his astonishment.

"Hey," barked the coach impatiently, "if you think I can't carry it, why don't you try making me even bigger!" With that, coach widened his stance, rested his fists against his hips, and thrust out his belly in Ty's direction. Ty stared at the colossal bulging sphere, watching it rise and fall with the coach's breathing. Ty looked at
Dustin, and then back at the coach's huge protruding gut.

"C'mon Son," coach roared, spanking his pot ferociously, "let's see you put some REAL size on this thing!" Ty swallowed hard. He closed his eyes, and tried to concentrate. Slowly, the coach's huge knit shirt began stretching tighter around a belly that resembled an expanding balloon. When Ty opened his eyes, coach was measuring his girth with both hands, and deliberating.

"That's only fifty pounds," he complained, "a drop in the bucket for a man as big as me!" Ty thought back to yesterday when coach had been thrilled to gain half as much weight. Ty scrunched up his face, and stared directly at the coach's huge pot. The big ball instantly ballooned over a hundred pounds larger in size. Coach rocked forward with the terrific gain, then slowly straightened himself, thrusting back his massive shoulders, and sticking his pot out all the more impressively. Dustin shifted uncomfortably in his chair.

"More?" Ty questioned. Coach planted himself, swatted his mountain of gut, and winked back at Ty with an eager grin. The next spurt of growth descended like a thundering ocean wave.

"OOOOh Yeah!" coach bellowed with pleasure, as he lifted his elbows and watched his girth get as big around as a tractor tire. When he shifted his weight, pencils and clip boards rolled and bounced off of his desk. He stretched his hands toward the ceiling and brought them down, smacking his tire-sized love-handles with a whopping crack and laughing maniacally.

"MORE!" he commanded. Dustin leaped out of his chair, and grabbed hold of Ty as coaches bulk began filling the office.

"Stop it! Stop it!" shouted Dustin frantically, as the giant coach continued to swell bigger. When the growing finally stopped, the back of coach's head was bumping the ceiling. Using his elbows for leverage, he shifted himself, and felt his butt and belly pressing against the walls. The plaster popped and crackled as he took in a
great deep breathe.

"Still think I'm TOO BIG to coach football?" he groaned as the walls and floor boards strained against him. Ty and Dustin wriggled and squirmed to get their chins above the crest of coach's gut. Gulping for air, they could only flail about, helplessly pinned like bugs against coach's hugely inflated balloon belly.