Cubs to bears part 1

Cubs to bears part 1

Published by Wannabeobese9 · 2012-05-19T09:03:54+0000

sitting in Cj's air conditioned home, sat three friends. all watching the big game. sitting in their thighty, as in tight, whites, they knew each other so they weren't gay. well Trevor, one of the three friends was. Lets see what he's thinking, shall we?


MAN! i can't pick which is sexier! Hunter or Cj! Hunter is chubby, but Cj has the a void in his belly. eating all that pizza and not getting fat. hunter can do that, but he can't eat as much. man! I'll have to get some beer to decide.

While Trevor was walking down the steps, the floor broke when he got to the bottom. but around him was beer, and beer, and beer. Trevor took two twelve packs up to the other boys. When he arrived the big game was over, but the fun just started. hunters belly got three times as big.

But Cj kept chug, and chug, and chug until we were all out of the beer i brought up. once hunter left to go home i forced striped Cj, and told him thats he's my new boy-toy until he's a big bear. i shoved my penis up his ass making scream in pain from the utter damage i caused. i took that cock and misused it like a rubber ball. it was good. my new boy-toy when what to do and expect. but i wasn't finished. i shoved more beer into Cj's belly. soon he would be my big bear. no more little bear.

When Cj's belly was stuffed to it's max, he could barley walk because of the weight and liquid in him. It was fun and games! nothing stopped me from doing this to him. but i got carried away too. that beer made me want more and more. Cj too. soon we finished off an entire cellar, bloated like huge pigs on one small bed. i loved it. and Cj's kissed me good night.

The next i did the same thing with that beer and us. expect hunter came by. want to do!