Extraterrestrial Sensitivity - by MrPragma

Extraterrestrial Sensitivity - by MrPragma

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“Hey dude, wake up.”

Manuel opened his eyes. It took a few seconds for his bleary vision to clear. When he saw who was standing over him, his breath caught in his throat.

It was none other than Charlie Abelló, the biggest linebacker on the school football team. Standing at 6’2’’ with his Italian ancestry characterizing his straining bulk, it was hard to believe he was only a Senior in high school. His slicked-back hair allowed for a few thick strands of hair to arrange themselves playfully to one side of his forehead.

Charlie offered a hand to Manuel. Trying not to be mesmerized by the slab of beefy forearm connected to it, Manuel accepted the help gratefully. He felt himself being lifted quickly, almost like a child, straight into Charlie’s large belly. It quivered powerfully, then settled back into its normal beefy, yet solid state.

“Whoops, sorry about that,” Charlie chuckled, as Manuel turned away, a little embarrassed.

He could not help but notice that Charlie’s clothes were ill fitting his frame, but that was a common occurrence. At the beginning of the semester, his XXXL dark blue polo shirt covered his physique quite well. Now, a large sliver of hairy belly fat peeked its way underneath his shirt and over an increasingly tight belt that could not be seen. Apparently, he hit the buffet as much as he hit the gym. He was a growing boy, after all.

Manuel looked around. What the hell was this place? He and Charlie were in what seemed to be a large glass cylinder, almost like a test tube. Well, “large” was only half correct. The circumference was equal to that of a small room, and Charlie took up a good 15 percent of the walking space by himself. It was well lit by paneled lights above, and the ground was covered in metallic plating.

He peered through the glass. It seemed to be at least a foot thick, slightly blurring the surrounding environment. He saw the blurry outline of what seemed to be machinery and computer terminals. Was it some sort of prison? How long would they be trapped here?

Suddenly, both boys heard clicking and whirring noises coming from outside of their cylindrical cell. Manuel could make out an outline of a door opening. The noises stopped, and something moved into the outer room.

Two small, pink gelatinous creatures stood outside their containment and stared at them. They seemed humanoid in shape, but had no eyes and mouths. They made strange beeping noises at each other in some odd form of communication.

“Are those….aliens?” said Manuel in a hushed voice. “What is going on?”

“They kind of look like gummy bears,” said Charlie sheepishly.

The beings stopped talking and began working on the computer terminals in front of them. Different whirring and clicking sounds filled the room as various machine parts came to life.

Manuel tried to make sense of everything. The last thing he remembered was being in bed. He looked down at his clothes. A white tank top and black shorts; exactly what he wore to sleep every night. He looked over at Charlie’s attire. Were they abducted at different times?

“Charlie,” Manuel said suddenly.

Charlie jumped slightly, causing his shirt to rise a bit above his jiggling lower stomach. He was watching the pink creatures with curious fascination.

“Do you remember anything before…ending up here?” Manuel said hesitantly.

Charlie scratched his stomach thoughtfully before answering. Damn football jocks, thought Manuel, as he felt a twitch in his shorts.

“You mean before this teletubby shit fest?” Charlie smiled weakly. “All I remember is getting off of practice, heading home to shower and change, then eating out with the guys. After that, I crashed on the couch when I got home.”

He looked at his surroundings before he continued.

“Guess I must have overslept a bit, huh?” he said.

Manuel nodded. “Same here.”

Well, Charlie’s explanation pretty much explained their difference in wardrobe choices. They could have very well been taken from their homes at the same time. Manuel was surprised how calmly he was analyzing the situation. Perhaps it was because Charlie was there?
Suddenly, the whirring noises stopped. The pink creatures stopped working on the computer terminals and went back to standing in front of the glass. Manuel felt like some sort of zoo animal.

“Hey bro, look!” Charlie suddenly yelled, pointing upward.

The glass cylinder they were in did not have a ceiling. Approximately 10 feet above them was the ceiling of the outer room. The cylinder containing them did not extend that far, meaning it could be possible to escape somehow.

However, Manuel soon realized that was not why Charlie was pointing.

Several vine-like cables slithered over the top edges of the cylinder and descended inside. Connected to each cable was a syringe, each filled with a shiny pink substance. Mentally, Manuel did not debate the physics of how or why those cables were able to move like that, all he knew was that he did not want them anywhere near him. Unfortunately, they were headed straight toward him and Charlie.

“Don’t let them touch you!!” screamed Manuel, as he ducked and dodged the weaving syringes. He managed to grab the cables just before the needles were able to break skin anywhere on his body. They were more like appendages than cables. As soon as he grabbed one, it thrashed wildly, forcing him to throw it away.

“Dude, I’m trying!” Charlie yelled back. He was a huge target for sure. He had more surface area to protect, grabbing one syringe cable only to feel a prick on a love handle or buttcheek. He spun around to concentrate on a different battlefield just in time to feel a needle nestle itself into his thigh, which was a blindspot underneath his large man gut. Three more needles plunged themselves into his ample belly before he even had time to react.

Manuel watched helplessly as the syringes attempting to prick him soon lost interest and began to concentrate on Charlie. He watched his classmate get overwhelmed as he hopelessly pulled the needles out, already empty of their mysterious contents. Manuel moved over to help, but saw something zooming toward him from the corner of his eye.

His head turned, but it was already too late. He felt a prick in his neck and a sudden squelch sound as something was injected into his neck in less than a second. His hand instinctively flew up and pulled out the syringe, but he already knew his effort was futile. Disgusted, he flung the needle against the wall.

The needle clacked against the glass and dangled uselessly as the cable holding it receded toward the ceiling. Manuel noticed the other needles receding as well. He looked over at Charlie.
Charlie was rubbing his thigh and rear end, wincing.

“Dude, I don’t know what was in that stuff, but I feel really weird.” He whimpered.

A gigantic throb pulsed in Manuel’s neck, distracting him from Charlie. His hand shot up to the spot where he was afflicted. He swore he felt something moving there. He was getting worried.

It throbbed again. This time, he was certain something was moving inside his neck. Whatever it was seemed to be migrating downward. Every throb he felt seemed to be descending farther and farther down until it felt like it was emanating from within his body. Was it some kind of poison? Would it attack his heart or lungs?

No, that wasn’t it. The throbbing feeling seemed to pool within his stomach, where every throb seemed to make his lower body vibrate slightly. It was like having the chills, to the point where it rocked your core, but without feeling any cold. However, this did not make it feel any less ominous.

Manuel was suddenly distracted by a weird sound. He turned and his eyes widened.

Painful moaning. Labored breathing. Sweat on the brow.

Leaning against the glass, Charlie cradled his belly with one hand as he frantically rubbed it with the other. It was MOVING. His gut pulsated, as if it were alive. Every labored breath Charlie took seemed to inflate his gut forward and downward a few inches, only to return back to its original, yet a somewhat bigger size. Manuel watched, hypnotized by Charlie’s shirt slowly rising up and revealing his belly button and substantial happy trail, as his bloated belly gurgled ominously and swelled larger. However, this was only the secondary reason that had caused Manuel’s eyes to widen.

Charlie’s pants strained and creaked as it struggled to contain a massive erection. From the looks of it, Charlie’s junk was about the width of a soda can, and it increased the pressure against his thigh as its outline continued to grow painfully towards his knee within his pants.

As worrisome as it looked, Manuel could not help but feel somewhat…excited. He always had a fascination with larger guys with overstuffed, swaggering bellies to match. Seeing the biggest football player on the team growing before his eyes and with a massive hardon to match triggered some sort of primordial instinct within him. Charlie was moaning in pain, yet it bothered Manuel little.

Does this make me a bad person? he thought for split second.

Probably. Doesn’t matter. There would be time for ethics later. All he cared about was that he was turned on, and he probably wouldn’t get another chance like this, ever. The carnal hunger within him took over as his hand slowly moved toward his groin as he watched his helplessly expanding friend continue to grow wider and fatter.
What he did not expect was for his hand to brush against something cold on its way to his dick. He snapped out of his trance to look down.

What the hell?! His mind raced as he saw a mound of overstuffed flesh pushing its way over his shorts’ waistband. His hand had brushed against a thick slab of underbelly fat that his tank top could no longer contain. At the moment, he suddenly became cognizant of the throbbing sensation once again. Each throb he felt from within seemed to make his belly squirm, and with an audible squelch, it swelled half an inch forward. This happened roughly every other second, and Manuel moaned as he clutched his gut and felt his shorts tighten more and more.

Being from a Mexican family, he was no stranger to seeing the damage that years of eating rich, heavy foods could do to a man’s waistline. Too many times he had seen his father and uncles at numerous family gatherings almost eat their weight in enchiladas, carne asada and tamales. Their bellies grew round, heavy, and dangerously packed, bursting with overindulgence and cocky competitiveness. As a result, their guts always had a “blown out” appearance, as if their bellies were swollen by an air hose that had been left in the “on” position, continuing to blimp outward with no end in sight.

Manuel’s family legacy definitely came into play as he felt his power gut round itself out forcefully and proudly, as if to say “time to represent, amigo!” His belly button anchored low on his globe of gut, as everything porked up around it, multiplying fat cells forcing his belly button into a narrow slit. He gasped as both of his man tits throbbed, almost painfully, as he felt them instantly pump and swell into a big handful of flesh, but not big enough to distract from his overstuffed belly, which seemed to be getting stuffed more and more with every throb. His tank top complemented his belly almost fetchingly, as he began to look like an overfed stable boy, having an ungodly tank that was unable to be covered by a mere mortal’s tank top.

He was so sidetracked by his sudden growth spurt that he barely heard his name being called.

“Manuel,” said Charlie’s voice.

Manuel snapped out of his erotic stupor to look at Charlie, only to be thrown back into a stupor of a different caliber.

His gut was… MASSIVE. It was as wide as an over-pumped exercise ball, and it was covered in thick, dark hair. It seemed to be suspended in front of him by some invisible force, struggling to keep it a round belly, but losing the battle as it sagged downward. His belt could barely be seen, already snapped in half and frayed long ago, but hidden under love handles the size of semi-truck tires. His belly button, opposite to Manuel’s own, stretched outward instead of being pressed inward, measuring a few inches wide and looking pretty damn deep. His moobs had grown into two mammoth balls of man flesh, straining his shirt fibers and resting atop of the crest of his gargantuan spare tractor tire. Even as he stood there, fabric tears could be heard as his blue polo shirt was forcefully being split up the sides. His belly wobbled and bounced heavily toward Manuel as he took a step in his direction. His belly menacingly bumped into Manuel’s smaller potbelly by comparison, almost knocking him over. Charlie did not notice.

“Looks like it got you too,” said Charlie, with a nervous chuckle.

Manuel did not answer right away. It was kind of weird trying to go back to a normal conversation, especially with a guy who inflated almost twice his originally size, whom you were just about to masturbate to.

“It…it seems so,” Manuel replied. “I…uh…”

“AW SHIT!!” yelled Charlie, as he threw up his arms in frustration and began punching and beating his hands against his belly angrily. Taken aback, Manuel was not sure what to make of this new development. He did not know if this was another dumb football jock thing. Charlie’s substantial rolls jostled and bounced around threateningly, causing Manuel to take a step back for his own safety.

After a few seconds of unguided fury, Charlie stopped suddenly and looked down at him. Manuel was shocked to see that there were tears in his eyes.

“I’m…I’m too big now, right?” he said sullenly. “It’s going to be a problem, isn’t it?”

As he spoke, his belly emitted a gurgle, and promptly swelled forward a foot in all directions. An audible tear could be heard from both pants and shirt as they were shredded apart by new flab. Love handles inflated outward without restraint, pouring over invisible ledges. Moobs pumped up like they were being inflated by a water hose, exposing the outlines of sand-dollar sized nipples.

“Too big…for football?” Manuel answered anxiously. “I’m sure the new you would be a great improvement to the team…”

Wrong answer. Charlie moaned as his gut surged forward another foot, knocking Manuel onto his newly cushioned ass. As he hit the ground, Manuel felt his shorts button pop off from the increased pressure of falling into a sitting position. He sighed as his belly gained a few inches in circumference, forcing his zipper down and his tank top up. It seemed he was still growing slowly. As if on cue, his handfuls of man boobs became even bigger handfuls as he felt his nipples migrate farther apart around his belly as the recent fat increase carried them. When his growth stopped, Manuel looked up apprehensively at the behemoth above him.

Charlie had to bend slightly in order to maintain eye contact with Manuel. His newly developed flab had burst his pants open, tearing it past the zipper point, leaving it hanging at his ankles. His released erection pointed straight and throbbed painfully against the weight of the massive gut, each monster fighting for space in its own right. An engorged, apple-sized head formed a divide between the sagging left flank and right flank of mammoth belly.

“No…what I meant was…” Charlie said softly in his deep voice. “Am I too big for YOU now?”

The words echoed in his head. Am I too big for YOU now? Manuel felt like his world had turned upside down. Was the biggest and one of the manliness football players on the team…COMING ON TO HIM??

“I’ve always noticed you secretly staring at me, even when we were younger and in middle school together,” Charlie continued sadly. “People always made fun of my weight, and I was pretty self-conscious for a while. But when I finally hit puberty, and my height and size skyrocketed, being a big guy was something to be celebrated. So naturally, I joined the football team, where my extra weight was appreciated, and I could be myself…just a regular big, fat Italian,” he laughed.

One massive hand lifted to the back of his neck as his face blushed. “You were always checking me out…even when I was a small, short, fat Italian.”

Manuel was so astonished that he could not even answer. He just silently stared upward, his mouth ajar, his eyes wide. He had to say something.

Whether his silence was taken as confusion or rejection, Manuel was not sure. All he saw was Charlie’s big, sad eyes looking down at him as his cheeks rounded out and puffed up, filling out his face. A solid ring of fat deposited itself underneath his goatee, creating a formidable double chin. His moobs were pumping outward again, single-handedly demolishing the remaining threads of the dark polo, and effectively obscuring Charlie’s face from view. The shirt fell to the ground in two halves, its sleeves obliterated by uncontainable arm-bulk and flab.

From underneath, all Manuel could see now was a descending tidal wave of belly fat, swelling and pulsating downward over a huge struggling cock that was quickly losing its battle. It was obstructing over 75 percent of his vision, and it wasn’t slowing down. Moaning could be heard again as Charlie feebly kneaded and rubbed his gut, trying to calm his growth down, but to no avail. The gargantuan monster gut continued to pulsate outward and downward, still trying to decide whether it was a solid round belly or a saggy, lower belly. Whatever it was, it would keep on swelling uncontrollably until it found out.

Surprisingly, the growth suddenly stopped. Charlie stopped rubbing and trying to push his belly back inside himself when he felt a tiny and seemingly unimportant sensation at the bottom of the inhuman globe attached to his torso.

Manuel had reached up with both of his hands and began rubbing the belly above him. Unable to the find the words, he was still able to provide an answer. The beast of a gut gurgled and groaned at his touch, almost as if it were pleased. Charlie could be heard issuing a soft "oohhhhh..." as the massive cock that was struggling once before, bloated and stiffened instantaneously, as it regained lost ground.

Manuel watched, captivated as the swollen cock seemed to gain unnatural girth against its weighty oppressor. It continued to widen girthily until it was the size of a fire hose, and the head was as big as a fire nozzle. It worked almost like a car jack; every upward throb of the cock lifted the gut up slightly as it continued to lengthen outward and reaffirmed its job as gut separator. The massive cock head finally assumed the role of belly divider once again, although there was way more seriously-packed fat hanging over the left and right flanks than before. Manuel observed a huge wet spot on the massive underbelly, where slick pre-cum formed as the cock traveled its northward expansion.

Is this one of the side effects of that stuff we were injected with? Manuel thought hungrily, as he felt a sudden tightness in his shorts, which wasn’t caused by belly alone. If that was the case, then Charlie took about eight times more doses than he himself had. It explained his way bigger growth spurt, obviously. The amount of weight Manuel gained was substantial for his own height of 5’9’’, but would probably just amount to a few months of overeating at the buffet for Charlie.

Manuel grinned. He wanted to speak to Charlie face-to-face, and see how much larger he looked from the front. The guy probably filled up about half of the floor space in the room by now. However, whenever Manuel attempted to get up, he was weighed down by his abnormally large belly, which made it extremely tough. Every time he used his hand as an anchor to get up sideways, his lead ball of a belly seemed to lean toward the ground, obeying gravity against his own will.

He could still feel the ebbing effects of the oozing pink substance. The throbbing sensation had reduced to a throb every dozen of seconds or so, but he never failed to feel his girth expand a few centimeters or so, his shorts digging painfully against his bulging love handles and buttocks, moobs swelling slightly and nipples growing more erect. Damn, he was getting fat! By normal standards, of course, unlike Charlie’s case.

Looking above, he finally had an idea. Still grinning, Manuel leaned back and reached for the swollen cock head above him. Hell, if it was strong enough to support a monstrous gut that size, it could help a lardy young Latino pull his way out.

As soon as his fingers grasped around the head, he suddenly realized that he made some sort of mistake. Charlie’s feet staggered and jerked, and the planet belly above him shook and wobbled violently.

“TOO…ERRRAGHHHH….SENSITIVE!!” Charlie gasped loudly.

Expecting a torrent of ejaculation, Manuel could not find the words when he saw an odd distortion above him. The strong, stable cock support above him seemed to be thinning. It only took a second for him to realize that Charlie’s cock was not thinning. The fat it was supporting was bulging rounder. Bigger. Fatter. Overpacked. Overstuffed. Dangerously stuffed. Unstoppable. Surrounding it. Engulfing it. Overpowering it.

The cock sagged lower and lower, still impressive in its girth, but now partially obscured by the fat forcefully swelling around it. It was as if a damn broke, and pounds and pounds of fresh blubber replicated within Charlie’s body endlessly as he literally exploded with fat, giving Manuel only seconds to escape before he would be suffocated by it.

"Oh shit."