Fat Farm

Fat Farm

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Fat Farm
Patrick was in Springfield for only a week to buy supplies for the farm. In the hotel elevator, he met Barry, a good looking blonde city-boy. He noticed his great physique, harder and more muscular than the guys he knew in the country. Barry also noticed that Patrick was a hunk. They made small talk, and he asked Barry to join him for a drink. As they sat in the hotel bar, he was charmed by Patrick's honest, easy-going ways. How unlike the stuffy, ego-centric men he was used to. His muscles definitely appealed to Barry. They made a date, and Patrick saw Barry two more times during the week. He wouldn't let him go without a promise that they would see each other again. Barry hoped he would.

The next week, Patrick called Barry. He invited him to visit him on the farm in Olmstead, two hours into the Illinois countryside. He jumped at the chance, hoping not to sound overeager. Patrick sounded pleased.

The next week, Barry took vacation time and drove out to Olmstead. The farm was remote, and he instantly felt relaxed.

Maybe he was really a country boy at heart. Patrick's former lover, Steven, and two brothers, with whom he lived, were away for the week visiting family in Tennessee. Barry wondered whether he had arranged this privacy on purpose, but he didn't care. Being with Patrick on the farm was fun and fulfilling, and he loved every minute of it. He was also falling seriously in love with Patrick. Patrick was loving Barry as well, and by the end of the week they were making plans to move in together. They would live on the farm in the cottage that was next to the house where his ex lover and brothers lived. Patrick and his ex had remained friends, or at least that was what Patrick felt. He didn't realize that Steven still loved him and was quite jealous when Patrick would go out with someone else. Both of Steven's brothers would like to have gotten their hands on Patrick as well.

Two months later, Barry quit his city job, and moved to the farm with Patrick. One evening, after they had settled in on the farm, Patrick went to talk to Steven alone. Steven was a farmer type, of German stock. He was a good cook, and it showed.

"Steven," Patrick said, "I love Barry and I'm so glad I found him. Don't you think he's great?"

"Yes," Steven said, adding "for a city boy."

"Yeah, but in a way it's good because he's not like so many people are around here. You know, chubby," Patrick said as he poked Steven in his big bouncy gut.

Patrick hugged Steven, and as he left the room, Steven had a gleam in his eye.

"I can fix that," he said to himself. "Well see how long Mr. Skinny City boy stays that way!"

Early the next morning, Steven and his brothers, Jimmy and Tommy, discussed Patrick and Barry.

"We need to help Patrick to make Barry more chubby," Steven said knowing that Patrick liked him hard as a rock. "This would make Patrick so happy." Jimmy and Tommy, country boys who loved Steven's cooking, looked at each other and smiled.

"Nothing would make me happier than to see that snotty city-boy get as fat as our prize pig!" Jimmy said.

"Barry thinks he's so superior," Tommy said. "I'd just like to see him get bigger than us!" He looked down and saw only his huge, round, belly. At 25, he already weighed 350 pounds and loved to eat. He looked over at his brother, two years older and 30 pounds heavier.

"Now, now," Steven said. "We are not fattening Barry because he is a city-boy or superior. We are thinking of Patrick's happiness. Besides, if being very fat brings this city-boy down to earth, so much the better."

"I just want to see him get very, very fat," said Jimmy with a wicked gleam in his eye.

"I have the plan," Steven said. "Patrick has to go out of town on business for the farm for a couple of months, and Barry is alone in this area. He has no family or friends. Tommy, you will be Barry's best friend. That won't be hard to do. You will give him encouragement. And Jimmy, you will be Barry's critic. You will let him know he is too skinny for our Patrick. And I will cook. When Patrick gets back, he will be so pleased to see the wonderful transformation in Barry,"

Later that day, Tommy found Barry and gave him a tour of the farm.

"There's so much hard work to do," Barry said. "That should really help keep me in shape." Then he caught himself as he noticed Tommy bulging out of his overalls.

"Really, the work around the farm is Patrick's job," Tommy said with a smile. "He would want you to tend to the house and the kitchen." As Tommy waddled over to the house, Barry walked alongside.

"It's lunch time," Tommy said.

As they entered the house, Barry noticed a wonderful aroma. He must be hungrier than he thought. Tommy and Barry sat down at the table, and were joined by Jimmy.

"How do you stay so bony?" Jimmy asked Barry suddenly. "Is it worry or city air?"

"Don't pick on Barry!" Tommy answered. "He hasn't had enough country yet, or enough of Steven's cooking. I'll bet he's a good eater."

"That's right," Barry said defensively, taken off guard. "I love good food. I guess I haven't had it much, living alone in the city."

Right on cue, Steven entered with huge platters of fried chicken and fried steak, with thick gravy, and mashed potatoes with gravy and butter. Large portions of everything wound up in front of Barry.

"I hope you enjoy lunch," Tommy said to Barry.

"Thanks," Barry said, somewhat intimidated by all the food.

"I'll bet he picks at his food," Jimmy said. "No way he can be a big enough eater to make Patrick happy." Feeling flushed and angry, Barry said "I'll eat more than you think. I can eat more than you!" Then he stuffed a huge piece of fried steak in his mouth. He ate and ate until he cleared his plate, stuffed to the point of discomfort, .

"You're a wonderful eater," Tommy said. "I just knew you could do it."

Barry felt proud, confused and uncomfortable. He had never eaten that much before. He was glad to have put that Jimmy in his place, and felt that somehow he had become closer friends with Tommy. He caught the comment about eating and making Patrick happy. He wondered what that meant.

In the corner, Steven watched and smiled. "I'll fix you, skinny boy" he said quietly to himself.

Over the next few weeks, the combination of Jimmy's taunts, Tommy's encouragement and Steven's cooking began to show its effects. Barry's stomach, chest and rear began to bulge, dangerously stretching the seams of his skin tight jeans. He had taken to leaving the front button and fly open, covering it with his shirt so nobody would notice, but now even with them open, he could hardly breathe or move in his jeans. His love handles were growing as well, but fortunately, he could cover them with his untucked shirt. Even with his shirt untucked, he could feel the flab shake with every step. Tommy noticed Barry's growing discomfort, and one morning asked him to come up to his room.

"Barry," Tommy said, "I can't help but notice that the country must agree with you. You can't seem to fit into your clothes anymore!"

"Is it that obvious?," said Barry. "I know I'm getting fat, but I just can't help it. At first I was eating out of loneliness and to show Jimmy I belonged, but now I just love the food. I'm always hungry, and Steven's always cooking. More and more, I spend all day at the dining room table, just eating. Every time I think I'm done, Steven brings out more food and I just have to eat. It makes me feel good. Getting fat doesn't bother me like I thought it would, either. Maybe its because I'm not around city people, or because I spend so much time with you and Jimmy. You both seem so happy. But I must tell you my deepest secret fear - promise not to tell."

"I promise," said Tommy.

"Well, I'm so embarrassed by my body being so fat, that when I'm around Patrick, I stay dressed and, well,.....I'm ashamed to go to bed with him. Now that he's been gone on business, I find myself eating even more just to fill the time. I'm always hungry, and I just can't stop eating, but I'm afraid that being fat will turn Patrick off, and I'll lose him. He's so wonderful, I can't think of losing him, I'd do anything to keep him. Should I go on a diet?"

Tommy just looked at Barry with a straight face. "Have you talked to Patrick about this? Does he seem turned off?"

Barry blushed. "I can't talk to him about being fat. I'm too embarrassed! And he's so quiet and sweet, he won't tell me to lose weight."

Jimmy shook his head. "To please Patrick, you should go on a diet, Barry."

"I thought so," Barry said sadly.

"You don't understand, silly!" said Tommy. "To please Patrick, you have to go on a diet where you do nothing but eat and eat all day. Patrick won't tell you, but he's confided in me that he thinks you're not turned on by him and you keep your clothes on around him. He also thinks you're way too skinny . If you don't gain weight faster, you'll lose him!"

Barry felt him heart skip a beat. "Too skinny? Gain faster? But if I keep eating like a pig, I'll be as fat as... as fat as..."

"As fat as me?" Jimmy came into the room. His huge belly hung out of the front of him jeans. "I don't think you could ever be as big as me, or big enough for Patrick, for that matter."

"Oh yes he can!" Tommy said. "I'll help, we'll all keep him eating from morning to night. He won't have to move a muscle, and Steven will cook more fattening food than ever. And," Tommy said turning to Barry, "you can have all my old clothes so that won't be a problem."

Barry agreed to the plan to be fed continuously all day feeling that Tommy knew best. Now Tommy spent all him time carrying dishes and cutting up food. Even Jimmy helped especially hard, with a wicked gleam in him eye, pushing food into Barry's open and welcoming mouth faster than he could chew. And Steven cooked and cooked - chicken deep fried in pig's lard, potatoes with gravy and butter, triple rich homemade ice-cream and apple pie after apple pie. Steven found ways to put more butter, more lard, more cream into each dish, packing more and more calories into the same large servings.

Each day Barry's body swelled and grew more, rolls upon rolls of soft new flesh spilling out of Jimmy's old clothes. Each day he would sit, willingly, with his mouth open, food being stuffed in, and his rear spreading wider and wider across the bench seat at the table.

At night, he could barely get up from the seat with Jimmy and Tommy pulling under his thick and widening arms. Then he would slowly waddle out of the room, along the short walk to his cottage. This short walk was all he did all day other than eat, but it seemed longer and longer to him, as he got fatter and fatter.

Steven and his brother's were certain that their plan would totally destroy Patrick's and Barry's relationship. Even Steven was now skinnier than Barry.

Barry just kept getting fatter and fatter, his belly expanding daily, his tits laying on top of his belly. There wasn't a part of him that didn't shake with his newly added pounds of soft blubber. Steven couldn't wait to see Patrick's reaction when he got back to the farm. His prized hunk was now bigger than the prized pig! Barry was just a big ball of blubber that jiggled with every slow step he took. He was thankful that Steven, Jimmy and Tommy had helped him to become what he thought Patrick wanted....a big rotund ball of fat.

One day, Barry told Jimmy he needed bigger clothes. Even with the button and fly open, he couldn't squeeze in his huge belly "You're already wearing my size," Jimmy said. "I think you're bigger than me!" Barry was still blonde and good looking , but he now stretched four feet wide!

Jimmy came into the room, and it became clear to Jimmy and Tommy that Steven's plan to fatten Barry, the city boy, had worked well.

Barry was now bigger than either of them! He also had a kinder and more down to earth attitude, and even though Jimmy especially didn't want to admit it, they liked him a lot. The three of them became good friends, eating together and sharing the larger and larger clothes they ordered from the big men's catalogs. Even Steven began to like Barry and started to feel less resentful toward him. He even liked him for Patrick and thought they made a nice couple.

The time arrived for Patrick to return home. Steven began to worry because he knew that his original plan could now be the cause of a breakup. There just wasn't enough time for Barry to lose all of that weight. Besides, how could he tell him that this was all an attempt to get them to break up. He was very worried about what would happen.

In that very moment, Patrick's truck pulled up in front of the cottage. He got out of the truck and walked up to the cottage and looked through the window. Much to his surprise, there was Barry.....twice the size as when he had left.

"What the hell happened!!??" he thought.

He didn't even go into the cottage because he was at a loss for words.

Steven was watching all of this from across the yard. As Patrick approached, Steven could see the look of dismay. He also noticed that Patrick was limping.

"What happened?" He asked.

"The question is what happened to Barry?" he yelled.

"Not so loud, he'll hear you. Come on in the kitchen and I'll tell you. Uh, well, uh, it's that uh Barry hurt his foot too. Like you must have since I see you're limping. We insisted that he not get on it and to comfort him, I baked a lot. It was all my fault," he said as he shoved a bountiful plate full of food in front of Patrick. "What did you do to your foot?"

"I broke it," he said as he nervously fed his face.

Just then, Steven got an idea. If while Patrick's foot was broken he could get him to eat a lot, he could pack some weight on Patrick too. Then, how could he complain about Barry.

Steven went to work on the same plan for Patrick as he had used on Barry.

Patrick didn't want to even see Barry so he stayed at the house. Barry wasn't even aware that Patrick had arrived home. Steven's plan worked.

Every time Patrick felt down, lonely, hungry, happy, whatever the reason, Steven helped Patrick celebrate with food...fattening food! The results were soon noticeable but Steven slyly swapped Patrick's clothing for larger sizes as he grew so it wouldn't be that noticeable to him. The habit really caught on with Patrick and he began asking for food all the time. By the time his foot healed up, he had the strength and nerve to tell Barry that he couldn't handle his weight gain. Only one problem. Patrick had gained and was looking like a prize pig himself. As he began to walk, he felt his girth more and more. He went across to the cottage as though he had just arrived home. Barry answered the door, and the two fatboys stood face to face....both shock at what they saw. Patrick started to tell why he gained but Barry quieted him down and gave him a big hug and a kiss.

And needless to say, Patrick couldn't have said anything to Barry. He had his 400 pound plump and chubby dream boy and he was in a close second.

At the cottage, Patrick met him each night grinning from ear to ear. There was an instant bulge in their pants under their massive bellies when they saw each other. They were happy together and found that being fat didn't bother them as much as they had thought. They explored each other's every roll and fold and both jiggled like jello when they made love.

Even Steven was smiling too. "I have more people to cook for," he laughed. Looking at Barry, cheeks bulging with his mouth full, Steven said to Jimmy and Tommy, "Look what a good eater he is! You should try to be as good as him!" And with that, Steven hugged Patrick and Barry and served them all more fried chicken.