Feeding my Roomate Part 1

Feeding my Roomate Part 1

Published by Lardlad89 · 2011-09-10T21:02:00+0000

I had always had an interest in bigger guys, but never really done much about it. Still being in the closet, I wasn't ready to act on my emotions and was for the time being satisfied with google images and eye candy around my town. But this all changed, wayyyy for the better, in my college years and after.


I was a little nervous about going to college in the fall. I wanted a good roommate who wasn't a dick (and was attractive!) and made myself a promise to do well in my classes. My roomie wasn't at the dorm when I arrived, so I made myself comfortable, chose the left side of the room, and put away my things. That night after the freshman orientation, I met a few guys who were in my dorm. They weren't bad looking, but none of them really caught my eye. I also assumed they were straight.

Walking back to my dorm, I heard someone call "hey!" and turned around. An incredibly hot guy was standing there. He was about 5'10 with hazel eyes, short but thick dark hair, a toned if not body - builder body, and when he smiled at me I nearly died. "Are you Steve?" he asked. I nodded. "What's up! I'm Liam. Your roommate?"

It was if the heavens had answered all of my calls. I stood there open mouthed for a second. Finally I responded. We struck up a chat and walked toward the dorm. Liam told me he was from West Virgina, where as I was from Chicago. He liked track and field and - and this made me VERY excited - eating and sleeping. That night I was pretty *excited* about the future with this gorgeous hunk of a roommate.

My classes were difficult but interesting. Each day I would look forward to seeing Liam again. Sadly we were in none of the same classes, but often met together for lunch. Boy could that he eat! You better believe it got me horny seeing him shovel down food, but unfortunately he joined the track team and would jog it all off.

I wanted to get closer to Liam as much as possible, so I decided I might join the track team too. This was one of the best ideas I ever had. Liam and I would wake up early and change into our track clothes. We weren't supposed to use the dorm bathrooms that early because it would wake everyone else up, so I got to witness Liam in full glory in his underwear.

My God, was he hot. He was lightly tanned (running shirtless maybe?) with a delicious snail train and very nice pecs. His arms were muscular and well defined and when he smiled it was quite difficult to hide my hard on. Even though I didn't particularly enjoy running, being with Liam made it all worth while. We quickly became good friends and talked about many things. When Thanksgiving rolled around, I invited Liam to join me and my friend Jack from back home whom I had promised to visit for Thanksgiving dinner.

Jack was the one guy who new about me being gay and that I liked bigger guys. I had told him all about Liam. He had asked me if I was going to try "fattening him up", but I convinced Jack that with Liam's exercising it was never going to happen. But Jack said he had an idea, and it was a great one.

For Thanksgiving break, me and Liam received tons of home work for all of our classes. But in Liam's case, I hid all of his homework. Why would I do that? Jack told me that if Liam wasn't able to complete his assignments, he might fall behind into academic probation and be kicked off the track team. I had high hopes this would work and didn't consider Liam's disappointment- though he liked running, I thought he would be happier as an overfed cutie lazing around then working his ass of on the team. Not to mention I sucked when it came to sports and would not mind giving up my spot to join him.

Thanksgiving was incredible. Jack made the most fattening foods possible - hugely buttery potatoes, roasted rurkey filled with spices and other meats, pies and fritters with oily chunks of vegetables, warm loaves of bread, and thick rich stews. I had told Liam that Jack wanted to be a chef and would be very insulted if Liam didn't want to finish his meal, so he ate everything on his plate and Jack insisted on seconds. Liam, already full, began to argue but remembered my warning and relaxed. His shirt seemed a little tight and I could feel myself getting very attracted as he rubbed his mouth with a napkin and stretched back, revealing just a bit of his growing gut. After the second course, washed down with whole milk and extra - caloric beer, Liam was visibly uncomfortable and extremely bloated. Since he was normally thin, he didn't look large or anything but his stomach was sticking out a bit. It was enough to feed (pun intended) many fantasies while sitting at the dinner table.

When Jack brought out dessert, Liam grimaced but I was delighted. Two chocolate cakes, apple and pumpkin pie, and various brownies. I cut Liam a huge wedge of each pie and several brownies. He made some comment about needing to run extra hard tomorrow and I just smiled a bit inside, knowing the meal would instead be sticking to his ribs against his intentions. As Liam ate, I tried to hide my boner but it wasn't easy. Finally I had to excuse myself to use the bathroom and waited for my erection to die down. When I returned, Liam was lying down on the couch rubbing his bulging gut. My mouth dropped open in longing. I so desperately wanted to rip off his tight sports shirt and feed him donuts and cakes until his stomach burst out like a beach ball against me. Of course, I instead went for the next best thing: asking Liam how he was feeling. "Heavvvvy" he drawled. I laughed and, a little tipsy and more confident than before, patted his gut. "Better not pack on the pounds big guy", though he was still far from big. Liam smirked and said it would all go away on the track field. Little did he know how much his life would soon be changing...

More to come later!