Not So Model Behavior

Not So Model Behavior

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Not So Model Behavior

"I can't believe that you're even entertaining the thought, Anthony!" I scolded. My lover sat across from me at the dinner table, rubbing his flat stomach.

"What's a few pounds? Besides, I'm sure I'll be able to drop the weight when it's over." He smiled at me, his handsome Italian face lighting up. Anthony had been a model for a top agency here in New York for nearly eight years. In the last few days, we were faced with a big decision that may change the rest of our lives together.

"But I like you the way you are," I said, getting up and standing behind him. My arms draped over his broad shoulders, affectionately caressing his meaty pecs and traveling down his firm stomach.

"There will just be more of me to love," Tony said, kissing me lightly on the cheek. He got up and went over to the mirror in the living room. Removing his shirt, Tony surveyed his beautiful physique. He was the perfect build for a male model. Tall, about 6'1", he weighed a trim 165 pounds, with a 30" waist and a 42" chest. The rest of his body was athletically muscled and covered with dark Italian fur.

"Run this by me again. Why would this beer company want to make you gain all this weight for their commercials?" I asked. I was now standing in front of Tony, running my hands through the thick mat of dark hair on his chest.

"It's kind of a before and after thing, only it's backwards. They're going to take pictures of me now, while I'm in great shape. Then, every month as I get bigger, they'll take more pictures. They'll run them in reverse, making it look as though I've lost a ton of weight, when in reality, I'll be a fat slob. It's all to sell their new lite beer." He kissed me roughly on the mouth for emphasis.

"So they're trying to say that their lite beer won't put a beer gut on the consumer, huh? Why don't they just find a big fat guy and make him lose the weight?" I questioned.

"Because, after they drop the pounds, they look all flabby and they want someone in great shape, like me."

"It sounds too good to be true. $250,000 for only three months work? Just how big are you supposed to get?" I asked Tony, stroking his rippled, furry abs.

"A minimum gain of 100 pounds. No maximum," he said. "And not only do I get the cash, but they pay all the expenses. They are willing to feed me whatever it takes to get bigger. I could even have a private chef if I want." Tony was excited. $250,000 was a lot of money. And, like he said, he could lose the weight when it was over.

After more talking, we finally agreed and called Mr. Ames at the beer company. He would be over first thing Monday morning with the contract and a truckload of fattening food!


Mr. Ames arrived with a camera crew and photographer on Monday morning. I was still apprehensive about the deal, but Anthony was anxious to start gaining.

"Well, we'll get a few pictures Anthony and then get you on your way." Mr. Ames said. He was a well-built man of about 40. Short, dark military hair and a thick mustache. About 210 pounds packed on his 5'10" frame. Of course, he had a nice gut of his own hanging over his belted pants and pushing out of his suit jacket. He rubbed it constantly as he talked, seemingly obsessed with his full paunch.

Anthony couldn't wait to get started. Like a pro, he sat through about four hours of pictures and videos, measurements and weigh-ins. He was photographed in various poses; holding his flat, hairy stomach, hands on his trim hips, side views, front views, back views. You name it! Tony's measurements:

Weight - 166 pounds Waist - 30" Stomach - 28" Chest - 42" Thighs - 22" Biceps - 13 1/2" Neck - 15"

"I'm really getting hungry," Tony said to me. "I didn't eat any breakfast this morning and these hot lights are draining all my energy." He was standing shirtless in the kitchen doorway holding a beer in one hand and his rumpled shirt in the other. Sweat glistened down his furry chest, staining the area of his shorts below his stomach. His beautiful muscles rippled as he moved anxiously.

"You can still back out," I said. Tony grinned at me. "No way! I'm into looking forward to not having to watch my waistline, having to fit into clothes that most men wouldn't be able to wear. I can't wait to let this hot body go to pot." He laughed, rubbing the beer bottle across his crotch.

He was making me hot, as usual. "You'll still be watching your waistline," I joked. "Watching it expand." We both laughed out loud.

"We're finished for the day," Mr. Ames said, coming over to where we stood. "Now, we'll be back every two weeks to check on your progress. We've fully stocked your kitchen with all the foods your requested. Guaranteed to bulk you up in no time. Remember, absolutely no exercise! Eat as many meals as you possibly can. You need about 8,000 calories a day. Don't be afraid to force yourself. You'll grow nice and fat in record time."

After the pep talk, Mr. Ames and his crew left us. Immediately, Tony dragged me into the kitchen to get started. "Feed me, baby," Tony growled, taking a seat at the kitchen table.

"But nothing's prepared," I responded. "I don't care! Give me anything to eat. Fatten me up quickly. I've got three months to pack on 100+ pounds!" Tony pulled off his shorts and sat in his underwear, waiting to be fed.

We started with a couple of pounds of lunch meat and cheese on huge rolls with almost an entire jar of mayonnaise, lettuce, onions, and tomatoes. A couple of bunches of extra-large bananas (which, of course, he ate phallically - deep throating one after the other before eating them). Pudding packs, cookies, ice cream sundaes for dessert. All washed down with a gallon of milk. In between mouthfuls, Tony patted, rubbed, and slapped his growing gut, massaging it to make more room.

In only about an hour, Tony was begging me to stop. "I'm going to pop!" he complained, his stomach straining over his underwear. "Oh, I'm going to have one hell of a gut-ache."

"Not if I can help it," I said. Watching Tony feast had made me horny as hell. He had consumed about eight huge sandwiches, plus enough dessert for about ten guys. I went to the refrigerator and brought a case of beer to the table.

"Don't you think I've had enough for one meal?" Tony groaned, rubbing his tight, swollen belly. "I feel so stuffed already."

"The beer will bloat your stomach and give it more room to grow, making it fuller and heavier." I popped the top to a beer and placed it in his mouth, tilting it back. The beer rushed down his throat as he sucked it down. Gently, I rubbed his hairy belly. My long fingers reached into his underwear to grab his swollen cockhead.

"Yeah," he breathed, "Suck me off babe."

I knelt before him, spreading his furry thighs to gain access to his cock and balls. His stomach seemed to push forward and cascade over the elastic in his underwear. Tony started his next beer as I began to suck his cock. Not using my hands (they were busy massaging Tony's bloated gut), I deep throated Tony's dick with ease. Tony seemed to swell before my eyes with every beer he guzzled. He drank faster and faster and I sucked harder and harder on his cock! Empty beer bottles rolled across the floor as he finished them.

After about another hour, Tony sucked down the last beer in the case of tall-boys. I jacked Tony off and he came in buckets over my shoulder. I could feel his cum trickling down my bare back. His entire body shook with the force of his orgasm. I slapped his belly, and it was like hitting and over-filled waterbed. It was tight and hard and as big as a basketball already. This was going to be easier than I thought.

I got up to get the scale and the measuring tape. Tony was too exhausted from feeding and drinking and getting sucked off; he couldn't move a muscle. His belly rose and fell as he breathed heavily. Wrapping the tape measure around his gut, I informed him that it had expanded to 34" around! Six whole inches bigger around in only 2 hours. With some considerable effort, I got him to stand on the scale. The numbers finally rested on 182 pounds, a gain of sixteen pounds in one sitting! This was incredible! We both doubted that every feeding would be this successful, but it was one hell of a good start.

Tony, being pulled forward by his swollen gut, led me into the bedroom where he laid face down on the bed. His furry butt pushed up to greet me. "Fuck me," he moaned. "I want to feel full from both ends, stud." I obeyed my fattened lover, climbing up on the bed and spreading his ass cheeks wide. I slid my cock into his meaty ass and began to fuck him roughly. Tony moaned with pleasure, his arms above his head, he licked and sucked on his long fingers as I fucked him.

Laying on top of him, my arms reached around his middle to grab onto his swollen paunch. With each stroke, I patted his belly and imagined him growing even bigger! His belly expanding twice, then three time it's current size as I filled him with my cock. I knew right then that this was the best idea Tony ever had. I came violently and collapsed on top of my hot lover.


Unfortunately, the rest of the week wasn't as successful as Tony's first feeding. His old habits of watching his food intake and exercising were hard for him to break. Every night after feasting on literally pounds of food, Tony went into our home gym and worked out for two hours, trying desperately to shed the excess weight around his midsection. I really wanted him to relax and let himself go, but he was determined to exercise.

When Mr. Ames and his crew arrived on the next Monday morning, Tony was in the bedroom.

"How's it going? I can't wait to see the big gut on Tony," Mr. Ames said, stoking his own belly lovingly, pushing it forward, making it look huge.

"There's a little bit of a problem, Harry. He's been exercising like crazy; most of the weight is coming off as soon as it gets on," I explained.

Harry Ames looked pissed, but his face changed and he grinned sweetly. "Bring him out here, let's see exactly what we're working with."

I called to Tony and he came out of the room wearing only a pair of sweat pants. Without saying a word, Harry pointed at the scale. Tony hopped on and Harry's assistants began to take measurements. Harry squeezed and prodded Tony's larger midsection. The Results:

Weight - 177 pounds Waist - 31" Stomach - 30 1/2" Chest - 44" Thighs - 23" Biceps - 14" Neck - 15"

"Not bad, Tony," Harry remarked. "2 1/2 inches on that belly and 11 pounds. That's more than a pound a day." Tony looked pleased, rubbing his hands over his furry belly.

"But it's not good enough!" Harry snapped, leaning into Tony like a drill sergeant. "I can pack on 11 pounds in less than an hour if I want to! How do you expect to meet the requirements at that rate!?" he barked.

"He only has to gain 100 pounds in 90 days," I defended Tony, who looked shocked. "At this rate, he can do it." I stood beside Tony, putting my arm around his waist.

"You two obviously didn't read the fine print." Harry smiled malevolently, pulling a copy of the agreement from his suit pocket. "It says here, A minimum of 100 pounds must be gained within 90 calendar days in order to participate in our advertisements. It goes on to say, If subject does not increase his body weight by 200 pounds, he will forfeit his right to the payment of $250,000, due at the end of the term," Harry bellowed.

"What the hell?" Tony yelled. "That means that by gaining only 100 pounds, I can be in the ads, but I don't get paid!"

"That's right, pretty boy. You'll really have to pick up the pace if you want the quarter of a million dollars." Harry laughed, pocketing the contract.

Tony looked sick. "God, I'll weigh over 350 pounds before this is over." He looked down at his comparatively small gut. "I can't possibly do it." I stood beside Tony, speechless.

"You can with my help, Tony. I am a master of packing on the weight," he grinned, lifting his shirt over his expansive gut. It was smooth except for a few hairs around his navel. He slapped it hard. "I can put 300 pounds on you in 90 days if I want to! But that's another story. Say the word and we'll start today. We've only got 77 days left to pack another 189 pounds onto that hot body of yours. That's almost 2 1/2 pounds a day, Tony, my boy."

Tony gulped in fear, and I must have fainted.


With the help of Harry Ames, Tony's gut began to grow fatter and fatter with each passing day. The workout room in the house was kept locked. Tony was not allowed to do any kind of physical labor. He spent his days confined to the couch or our bed, eating and sleeping and, of course, growing.

At the end of the first month, Harry went through his usual routine of measuring Tony's changing physique. His measurements were as follows:

Weight - 231 pounds Waist - 34" Stomach 38 - 1/2" Chest - 46" Thighs - 26 3/4" Biceps - 16" Neck - 16 1/2"

"I can't believe what's happening to you," I murmured after Harry left. "Every day you get heavier and heavier." I was pacing the floor. Tony was sitting on the couch with his legs spread, his heavy, hairy belly protruding before him. He was working on his third package of Oreos with an entire gallon of whole milk.

"You worry too much," he mumbled between mouthfuls. "Think of the money. We'll be rich."

Tony reached below his full belly and pulled down the elastic of his shorts to give his swollen gut more room to expand. He leaned forward, pressing his belly to his crotch, giving him an instant hard-on. "Damn, this feels so fuckin' hot. I don't know why I never did this before."

Tony finished the milk and cookies and motioned for me to sit next to him. I started to sit down and he shook his head and pointed to the floor between this thick, hairy thighs.

"You've been neglecting me, lover boy," he teased, his hand reaching below his belly to fondle his erect cock through his shorts. "I'm getting huge just for you and you won't even give me a blow job." His arm wrapped around my neck and pulled me to his full lips. We kissed deeply, his breath smelling of chocolate cookies and milk. Tony's tongue plunged deep inside my mouth and his hand fondled my tight pecs. He next pulled my head down to his furry chest.

"Suck my nipples, stud," he ordered, positioning my mouth over one of his pecs. I sucked the hard nipple, playfully biting and licking it. My saliva dampened the thick fur that covered his beefy pecs. Tony used both hands to guide me over his engorged belly. I licked and massaged it lovingly, liking the feel of it's firm roundness beneath my curious tongue. He leaned back, spreading his meaty thighs wider, his gut sagging down between them.

"Suck me off," he breathed, putting both hands on his head. I obliged Tony by slipping to the floor between those large thighs of his. With some difficulty, I freed his cock and balls and began to lick and suck them. As I sucked Tony, I heard the opening of a package. Looking up, but not releasing Tony from my hungry mouth, I could barely see over Tony's huge, hairy gut.

Tony began to moan deeply, and I could tell that he was stuffing his handsome Italian face with even more food! As he ate, his cock grew thicker and harder in my mouth, preparing to unload his juice inside me. I could almost sense him growing above me, pigging out on twinkies and other snack cakes.

"I'm going to get a hell of a lot fatter," Tony warned, his monstrous thighs pinning me between his legs. I continued to suck; he was getting closer. In minutes, Tony's jism was drenching me, pouring out of his fat cock and into my hair, on my face, over my shoulders, everywhere.

I collapsed at his feet, my own body writhing with sexual energy. Again, I looked up and surveyed the enormous mass of flesh that was now Tony's gut and shot my load all over his thick calves. Soon, I passed out from exhaustion before my growing lover.

Another week passed, and Tony was showing no signs of slowing down. His growth was astounding. He neglected to get dressed most days, preferring to parade his oversized gut around the house. Mostly, he wore only a pair of underwear, which were stretched tight around his waist, his round firm belly hanging over the elastic.

When Harry came to visit us, Tony was busy feasting on breakfast. His "normal" breakfast now consisted of 3 stacks of pancakes, bacon and sausage (a pound each!), a couple of bowls of oatmeal with brown sugar, raisins, and heavy cream, a dozen eggs, scrambled, and a gallon of half and half. Amazingly, you could see Tony's hairy belly expand as he fed, growing fuller and harder with each mouthful.

"There's my boy," Harry said, sitting down at the table before Tony. His assistant looked both excited and disgusted as Tony continued to feed, barely noticing Harry. "It's time to take your measurements, big guy."

"You'll wait until I'm fucking finished!" Tony barked, his mouth full of sausages. I could tell he was slowing down, his chewing becoming slower, and there really wasn't much left on the table. Only another mouthful of milk and a few scraps of eggs and bacon, but to spite Harry he grabbed a box of a dozen large, chocolate frosted donuts from the counter behind him and slowly devoured the entire box. He finished with considerable effort, and pushed his chair back and stood up.

"He's fucking huge!" the assistant said, almost dropping his measuring tape on the kitchen floor. Tony swayed back and forth, his tremendous gut pulling him forward. He was still in relatively good shape. His arms and thighs were firm, not fleshy. And of course that colossal gut of his was so full, it was solid as a rock!

Tony allowed himself to be measured, but only on one condition. "Since I'm now bigger than you, handsome Harry, I expect you to worship my big belly like my lover does." Harry hesitated, but only for a minute.

"What would you like me to do?" he asked excitedly. Below his own rounded gut, I could see his cock growing to attention in his very tight pants. Apparently Tony hadn't been the only one putting on weight.

"Get on your hands and knees, Harry, and lick my bulging paunch. You know you want to." Tony allowed Harry's assistant to take measurements as Harry removed his shirt, exposing his own big round belly, which looked a bit larger than the last time Tony and I had seen it. He kneeled before Tony and ordered his assistant to leave.

I watched as Harry's thick tongue licked Tony's furry gut up one side and down the other. Using both hands, Harry kneaded Tony's belly, patting it and slapping it. The entire time he moaned, his face buried in Tony's fleshy midsection.

"Something's not quite right," Tony said to me. "Get the fudge sauce from the refrigerator." I obeyed him and handed him the full container. "Now we're going to have some fun." Tony undid the top and squeezed a huge mouthful of the syrup into his hungry mouth. Harry continued to lick Tony's gut, matting the thick fur growing there. Harry's hands were now caressing Tony's hot, round bubble butt, as he pushed his face deep into Tony.

Tony next leaned forward and let the warm fudge drool out of his mouth and across his big belly. Harry began to lick it up, trying to keep Tony clean. All three of us had huge hard-ons as we played with Tony's belly. Tony and I kissed as Harry serviced my big lover. In moments, we were all cumming everywhere in the kitchen.

I checked out Tony's measurements and thought, "He's actually going to make it. He's going to reach his hefty goal."

Weight - 265 pounds Waist - 37" Stomach - 44 3/4" Chest - 47" Thighs - 29 1/2" Biceps - 18" Neck - 17"


After a few more weeks, Tony was almost unbearable to live with. He demanded to be fed and worshipped all the time. He was immense! He disliked getting dressed because he consistently would burst through the fabric of his clothes as he expanded with nearly every meal.

Harry had dismissed his assistants and took all of Tony's measurements himself or with my help. Harry himself was continuing to pack on the pounds. He quickly added 35 pounds to his already chubby frame.

"Your gains are amazing," Harry said one day, one of the buttons on his already strained shirt finally popping off. "According to these records, you've gained nearly 150 pounds in just nine weeks! Just about 50 more pounds to go before you reach your goal of 366! Think you can make it, bug guy?"

"Are you kidding, Harry? It seems that the more I eat, the bigger I get. And the bigger I get, the more I need and want to eat. It's a never ending cycle. I may not even want to stop at 366. I'm still in relatively good shape, I may want to get even bigger." Tony commented as I rubbed his massive, hairy belly. Harry stood amazed before the monstrous Tony, finishing up on the measurements.

Weight - 312 pounds Waist - 40" Stomach - 52 1/4" Chest - 49" Thighs - 32" Biceps - 20" Neck - 18 3/4"

"God, your thighs are as big as my waist!" I said, caressing Tony's furry quads. They were firm and hard, just like his gut. They had grown muscular from carrying around his ever-increasing frame.

"You know what they say, the bigger, the better." Tony grinned, his handsome face for the most part unchanged, just a little fleshier in the cheeks and chin. He ran his hand over my shoulder and pulled me to him. Whispering in my ear, he said, "Get rid of Harry. I want you to come to bed with me and fuck me."

Immediately, I could feel my cock grow erect. I rushed Harry out with an excuse that Tony wanted to take a bath and that we would see him tomorrow. While I escorted Harry out of the house, Tony maneuvered his bulk into the bedroom. He moved slowly, with considerable effort, his enormous gut hanging before him like an overfilled water balloon. He massaged it while he walked.

Laying face down on our bed, with his head towards the bottom of the bed, Tony asked me to bring him a tray of food. "Everything and anything! Let's clean out the refrigerator today."

I brought my lover the tray stockpiled with food. It felt like it weighed 25 pounds! He grinned at me, drool actually slipping out of the corners of his mouth. I set the tray before the bed at Tony's eye level.

"I want you to climb on top of me and fuck me, while I make this feast disappear," he said seriously. I was still hard and desperately wanted to fuck my oversized lover.

Obeying his wish, I climbed on top of his enormous thighs and positioned myself over his round, large ass. He was tight as I slipped between his meaty buttocks and plunged into his hot butt. He moaned and began to feed, shoving huge quantities into his hungry mouth as I fucked him.

I massaged his broad back as I made love to Tony. Other than my heavy panting, the only sounds were of the bed moaning beneath our combined weight and Tony's loud munching sounds. He tore into three huge cheesecakes, half a dozen submarine sandwiches, a couple gallons of heavy cream, 4 packages of cookies, several quarts of sour cream, bags of ships and pretzels, gallons of melting ice cream (Cookie Dough, his favorite), and much, much more.

As he ate, Tony expanded beneath me. Several times, I almost erupted in ecstasy, holding back each time to keep up with Tony's feasting. When the last piece of cheesecake disappeared down Tony's throat, I pulled my sore cock from his widened butt and shot a huge load of my jism across his broad shoulders. I felt as if I would cum for hours, and finally collapsed on top of Tony exhausted and fell into a deep sleep. Tony belched once, long and loud, and then also fell asleep. No doubt dreaming of what he would consume when he woke up.


The end of Tony's contract was nearing. During the last two weeks, he would allow no one to see him except me. He demanded to be fed constantly. He no longer wished to be measured or photographed. He wanted to surprise Harry and everyone with his stupendous growth.

Harry was going crazy, thinking that Tony would start losing the weight. Harry himself had packed on even more weight and was now a round, hefty 283 pounds. Most of his bulk had settled in his belly.

"How can you suspect that Tony's losing weight?" I asked Harry, two days before the end of the contract. "You can tell by the catering and grocery bills that he's consuming an average of $500 worth of food each day! You know I'm not eating much of it. I haven't gained an ounce."

Harry still looked concerned, rubbing his massive paunch. "He's got to get to the goal of 366 pounds! There's a lot of money riding on this deal."

"Don't worry, Harry. Tony will probably be at least that heavy. Wait and see." I smiled, knowing of Tony's progress, but not willing to let on to Harry yet.

The final day of the contract came and Harry showed up with a full troop of photographers and some of the big wigs from the beer company. They were all dying to see what they had "built." They were excited and couldn't wait to launch their new campaign!

In the backyard, I had constructed a large stage and covered the walk from the garage where Tony spent a good deal of his time. It had taken me weeks to complete, but it was finally ready just in time for the "unveiling."

I had set up chairs in front of the stage for the small crowd of about a dozen who were anticipating Tony's new size. Harry leaned into me, his large gut pressing against my arm. "This is going to be good," he commented. "I'll bet Tony's as fat as a whale, his huge gut hanging down below his knees!" He chuckled.

"You'll see soon enough, fat boy," I thought.

I approached the stage and told everyone to sit down. They obeyed and all the photographers poised, ready to take pictures of Tony's impressive bulk. I had placed a heavy curtain in front of the stage, so no one could see Tony's arrival from the covered walk as he left the garage.

"Gentlemen," I started, "I present to you my lover, Tony." I untied the curtain and it fell before my lover in a heap at his feet, exposing him to the crowd.

Grown men fainted. Jaws dropped open as they surveyed Tony's monstrous body. Photographers snapped away, men commented on his size. They were in awe of the changes Tony had gone through.

I read to them his most recent measurements, taken right before the unveiling, as Tony posed and moved about the stage.

Weight - 394 pounds Waist - 48" Stomach - 62" Chest - 55 1/4" Thighs - 38" Biceps - 28" Neck - 24 1/2"

Tony stood before the men smiling. He was wearing nothing but a small pair of posing trunks--bodybuilder's posing trunks! Over the last month, Tony continued to feed his growing body, but he also worked out as much as six hours a day. Whenever he was not pigging-out or making-out with me, he was working-out!

What stood before us was a man carrying nearly 400 pounds of muscle!! Sure, he still had an enormous gut, but it stood away from his body like an oversized beach-ball. Firm and hard, it was covered with dark Italian fur. It was not a muscle that Tony ignored. His chest was also large and firm, his shoulders had grown wide to support his overstuffed belly before him.

I went to the stage and stood next to my humongous lover. I ran my hand over his hard, hairy gut. He smiled down at me and took my hand as we walked into the crowd. No one had ever seen such a large man before!! And in such great shape as Tony. He was very heavy, but also strong as an ox. They were speechless.

"Well, Harry, I hope you brought your checkbook," Tony said, standing before Harry, their guts pressing together, Tony's firm and much larger than Harry's flabby one.

"Of course," Harry stammered. "God, you're fucking huge!"

Tony smiled with delight and quickly did a double biceps pose before the intimidated Harry. His arms were as big as cannonballs and just as hard! Harry couldn't help reaching up and fondling Tony's huge guns.

"It feels great to be this size, Harry. I think I'll continue to grow. What do you think?" Tony put his large arm around me and pulled me closer to his oversized, hairy torso.

"My company will pay for anything you need! Workout equipment, new house, car, anything!" Harry was so excited, I thought I could see a wet spot spreading across the front of his tight slacks.

"Just don't forget the food, Harry, my friend. Because I have quite an appetite and will need a constant flow to keep this body huge!" Tony laughed, rubbing his amazing gut.

Harry simple fainted at Tony's feet, a dreamy smile on his face.