Perfect? - Complete Story -

Perfect? - Complete Story -

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Lex Leer had pretty much every privilege a guys could ask for. He had money, influence, opportunity, family, and basically guaranteed acceptance into any ivy league he had his heart set on. And if that weren’t enough he had a flawless body. 6’2, 210 pounds of cut muscle that perfectly filled out his tall slender frame. He had deep green eyes that stood out brilliantly against his tan white skin and dark black hair. From head to toe he was the perfect man rugged shapely face, button nose, chiseled jaw, rounded chest, tight abs and great slender thighs that always looked good in the tight pants he wore. The only perhaps flaw Lex has was that his ass fell into the classic white guy profile of being flat and practically non-existent, but all the tail he was getting suggested that it wasn’t that big of a downside.
Lex was sort of expected to have the perfect body. He came from a family of fitness junkies and health nuts that were and are the face of his families company Leer Fitness. Lex’s family essentially owned half of the gym market in southern California and used the money they got to give Lex and his two older brothers anything they wanted. 3 boys growing up with a mentality like that was bound to screw with their head…. and is probably why his eldest brother Dan just totaled his fifth Lamborghini and their other brother Corey just got fired from yet another modeling job for never bothering to show up on time. Lex however could be considered the good seed of the family. He had just graduated from the best private high school on the west coast with an A- average and finished out a perfect season as the Lions star quarterback for the second year in a row. He essentially ruled the school.
Lex wasn’t really a mean person, he was actually quite nice to everyone around him just a little arrogant when it came to his appearance and charm and no real sense of how people are feeling. So when his long time best friend Pete came up to him over summer and said that Sarah had dumped him, Lex replied “ its probably because she got tired of that spare tire you got growing there.”
And it was true Pete had put on a few pounds since the beginning of their senior year. With the stress of tests, tuition, and college apps Pete had to quit water polo and went from the solid 195 pounds he was last summer to the cubby 220 he was sporting today. But even though it was true Pete wasn’t exactly thrilled everyone could tell. “Is It really that noticeable?!” Pete said with a quiver in his voice. “Only to people with eyes” Lex sarcastically replied, “Did you think your Yale sweatshirt would hide that belly you got going on there? I mean you haven’t even started there yet and you have already put on the freshman 15 or is it more like 30!”
Oh “SHUT UP!” Pete replied in a joking yet clearly annoyed tone, “I wasn’t able to spend the whole year at the Gym like you were. I had schoolwork, and my job, and volunteer work, not to mention college apps and internships. Plus the Gyms really expensive and I need to save for college.”
“Oh come off it Petey” Lex said, “ I did everything you did plus go to the gym 3 nights a week and football 6. And what do you mean the Gyms expensive I gave you a free pass stupid! Your just making up excuses instead of trying to get a handle on this, and speaking of handles…” Lex grabbed Pete’s little love handles and gave them a little shake.
“Cut it out!” Pete yelled as he pulled away from Lex, “It’s not that bad, I can still wear all my old clothes and fit into my water polo uniform!”
“God who would wana see that,” Lex said as he begun to imagine Pete half naked squeezed into his tiny speedo uniform. Oddly enough this thought began to get Lex a little hard and he quickly changed the subject. “So what are you going to do about it Petey?”
“I don’t know” he replied, “I guess I got to do something before college starts or this might really get out of hand” … ehh “I hate to break it to ya Petey, but it kinda already has” Lex said as he pointed to the missing button on Pete’s Levi’s. “God Dammit”, Pete said as he lifted up his shirt to get a better look, “These were my last pair!” Lex couldn’t take his eyes off his friends newly exposed stomach. He could really see the damage a year of no exercise had done to his friend. Lex was hooked. His eyes flowed down his friend’s lightly haired torso down the smooth curve of his friend’s stomach and settled right where his stomach ripped through the jeans clasp. It was weird. Lex has seen plenty of men showering naked before after football practice. Fit, in shape men who took care of their bodies, but he had never felt like he did now staring at the crest of flab dripping off of his friends stomach. He was mesmerized by Pete’s belly and how it ever so slightly rolled over the edge of his jeans, getting marked with the indentations of the superfluous belt Pete had hanging from his belt loops. Lex was raging hard and subconsciously began rubbing his crotch, but snapped out of his trance before Pete could notice. Uncomfortable and a little confused Lex shouted at Pete and told him he would be by at 6am the next morning to start training Pete back into shape. Without even waiting for a reply Lex abruptly turned around and headed back to his BMW thinking about what just happened.

Perfect? : Part 2

Lex barley made it to his car before he began furiously jerking off. He wasn’t thinking about why he was in the mood he just knew he hadn’t felt this horny ever in his life. It only took a few seconds for him to finish and as he started to head home he couldn’t help but wonder why. Why had his best friends flabby stomach turned him on? Why was it that a fucking GUY even turned him on at all?! “Im Straight,” Lex mumbled to himself. “ I like women! Large boobs, small waist, and a tight round ass.” Lex tried to imagine this woman, but to no avail. He couldn’t seem to get hard. “I’m just tired,” he mumbled “ I’ll be good in a few minutes.” But as he started to divert his attention back to the road his mind jumped back to his Pete’s stomach. He couldn’t get the idea of Pete fondling his new belly out of his mind. He started visualizing Pete as his old self, his 6ft, 195-pound gym buddy, but something was wrong.
Instead of seeing Pete lifting weights or running or swimming he could only see him eating. Just sitting at a table swamped with work and grabbing the nearest pastry sitting on his desk. Then all of a sudden Pete began to change. His chiseled jaw line became rounded and doughy. His cheeks filled out and his neck seemed to widen with every bite he took. Pete stood up to reveal a taught tuxedo vest and an unfastened belt hugging his growing love handles. Pete continued eating treat after treat. Pastries, croissants, chocolates, peanut butter, taffy, cake, pie and continually squirting a can of whip cream into his puffy looking face. His slim-cut vest was now struggling to keep Pete’s body contained. His vest buttons began to bow and turn inward under Pete’s increasing girth. First one of the middle buttons burst and let loose Pete’s pale white skin. Then the top buttons ripped off from the growing mass of his pecs getting looser and larger like heavy balloons slowly inflating. Lex heard the ripping noise from Pete’s pants seems giving up to suppress his former swimmers body. His friend stood before him literally twice the man he use to be with nothing more then ankle socks and stretched Yale boxer briefs being held up by a flap of flab now hanging off Pete’s former 6-pack. Lex was so enthralled that he nearly hit the car next to him, and before he realized what was happening he had swerved, avoiding the car, but colliding with a street light at the end of deserted street. When he came too a few hours later he had blood on his face, wet pants and was 2 hours late for curfew. Lex couldn’t believe what had just happened. He had a pole about a foot deep into his brand new beamer he got at graduation, but it still ran so he got back in and drove home as quickly as he could.
When he got there the house was already at full chaos capacity. His oldest brother Dan had just got back from the hospital, after totaling yet another of his fathers sports cars, with a broken leg, 2 fractured rips, and bruising up and down his adonis body. The timing of Lex’s crash couldn’t have been worse but he had to explain to his parents why the hood of his beamer looked like a big toe with the dent he put in it. When he told them they were… mad to say the least, but more concerned when they noticed that his front teeth were missing, which was something Lex hadn’t discovered yet. His parents weren’t really one for disciplinary action so they didn’t ground him or anything, but he was so embarrassed by the gapping hole in his flawless teeth that he would probably ground himself until it was fixed, which incidentally wouldn’t be for quite a while since the family dentist was backed up for the next couple of weeks. Lex finished dealing with his parent and was so exhausted he went to his room and passed out.
The next day started as usual. His parents were out an about doing various active things and frivolous shopping while the maid was cleaning up all the crap the 3 brothers left around the house. “THIS SUCKS!” Dan yelled livid at the fact he couldn’t exercise for 6months do to a stupid car crash. “I can’t get fat, me and Jenna, Dan’s girlfriend at the time, are gunna go to Maui for our 2 year anniversary. I can’t go to the beachiest place on earth lookin like a washed up x-jock! I mean there has to be someway of maintaining this… “ Dan lifted his shirt up to reveal his cut abs and tanned olive skin. Lex, head pounding and body sore from his own crash the night before, was only half listening to his brother’s complaints. He was more caught up with the fact he was so horny after seeing his friend’s flab that he crashed into a light pole. “How could I be gay?” Lex thought to himself. “How can I find Pete attractive? ESSPECIALLY after he gained all that weight! I have seen guys twice as hot as Pete. I mean Petey’s not bad to look at. At 6ft with his crisp blue eyes, short brown hair and an angular clean shaven jaw how could that be considered ugly?” The thought of this going through Lex’s head made him start to get excited again. “Maybe…. Yeah it’s the crash… Definitely the crash… that’s why I’m feeling this!” Lex blurted out in the middle of his brothers ranting. They both paused and stared at each other before Lex got up, remembering he was suppose to meet Pete 4 hours ago for a workout, and his brother went back to planning out his bedridden workout routine.
Lex called Pete to make up some excuse why he didn’t meet him that morning and why he couldn’t hang out for the next couple of weeks. He always razzed Pete about different things and didn’t want to give him any ammo to make fun of his whole missing teeth situation.
“Hello…” Pete answered in a muffled voice. Lex answered, “Hey Petey. Sorry I wasn’t there today I got caught up at work.” Pete immediately knew he was lying since Lex never worked a day at his parent’s gym, but he played along since he didn’t feel like starting his new workout anyway. “Oh bummer” Pete said slurping back his 3rd cup-o-noodles of the morning, “ I was really looking forward to getting rid of this gut. Well maybe some other time” “Yeah…” Lex said vaguely, “ some other time.” Neither of them wanted to see each other since Lex was hiding his missing tooth and Pete didn’t want to start exercising so they ended the conversation there and didn’t see each other for nearly 3 weeks.
Lex had nothing to do with his time. With him wanting to avoid all of his friends because of his tooth and not having a car to go anywhere Lex just sat around the house all day. He didn’t want to go the gym since his friends would all be there or WORSE his football buds since he got them all free passes to the gym. He tried to keep busy for the first few days. Sketching random things, playing video games, throwing the ball for his two dogs, but after a few hours everything got boring and Lex would always end up joining his brother on the couch eating whatever goodies the housekeeper brought Dan that day to make him feel better. This gluttonous routine continued for the next 2 weeks until Dan’s girlfriend got back from her work conference and was going to make a surprise visit.
“Dan get off the phone! It’s been like 3 hours and I really want to order a pizza.” Lex shouted to his brother in the living room. Dan had been talking to his girlfriend for almost 4 hours and Lex was really getting sick of it. “ We don’t have anything left in the fridge and I’m starving. Cant you call Jenna back on your cell, at least yours wor…..” Lex trailed off as he saw Dan’s horror stricken face. “What’s wrong,” Lex asked, “Jenna finally gunna dump your fat ass?”
“No. Dan replied, she’s on her way over here…”
Lex looked puzzled at the statement. “Don’t you want to see your girlfriend? Oh… is it because of that thing you got going there…” Lex said as he points at his brothers soft belly. “Shut it Lex! Its not like you’re the picture of health these days either.” Dan said as he poked his little brothers softened abs. “Pff this?” Lex remarks as he pats his stomach. “This will be firmed up with one week at the gym. That,” Lex snickered grabbing a little paunch of fat hanging off his brothers lap, “is a goner.”
“Oh God I know! I can’t even get my basketball shorts to fit right, let alone actually close the clasp on any of my jeans. What am I going to do!! She will be here any minute.” Lex hadn’t given the whole Pete incident much thought since he made that phone call a few weeks ago, but all this talk about weight gain started to get Lex going. He could feel tingling all over his body and watching his brothers flab jiggle as he got off the couch sent a chill threw Lex’s spine. “Okay,” Lex said as he gave his brother the crutches, “so first you should get up stairs, shower as best you can, and shave that beard you got there… I’m not sure but I think theirs still a piece of chocolate stuck in there.”
“Fine Lex, but taking a shower wont hide the fact I gained 20 pounds!”
“YOU GAINED 20 POUNDS!?! IN 2 WEEKS!?! Jeeze… 1 step at a time Dan…1 step at a time.”
Dan hobbled away to get ready and Lex began wondering about his own growing belly. “Its not that bad,” he said grabbing the small cluster of fat underneath his bellybutton button and giving it a shake, “Nothing a few runs and some crunches won’t cure. “ But in the back of his mind Lex wasn’t feeling his normal drive to workout. Instead he was rather enjoying his gym free lifestyle. He usually got pumped right before a workout but the idea of starting to workout again only made him want to relax and eat more. He reached for the last king sized snicker bar on the table and began rubbing one out. “Okay so the diet starts tomorrow!”

Perfect? : Part 3
Dan called down from upstairs, “ k Lex I’ve showered and shaved, what’s next?” Lex took the last bite of his snickers and headed upstairs. He didn’t really have a plan so he was about to tell his brother to run down to the dress barn and buy a moomoo or something, but when he saw Dan standing beardless and half naked in the room Lex’s jaw dropped to the floor. Dan had really ballooned since he got back from the hospital. His clean-shaven jaw and slicked back hair made him look as if a bee stung him in the head… several times… His normally sculpted face and narrow neck had seemed to merge into one, with a lot of extra chins in-between. “Woah Dan… Maybe we should have kept the beard,” Lex snidely commented. Dan turned back to the mirror and in a panicked and frustrated tone let out a big sigh. “What am I going to do!!” he said, “I can’t let Jen see me like this!” He grabbed a roll of fat and shook it. Lex was too busy to answer. He had found another half eaten candy bar in his pocket and like a moth to a flame he couldn’t help but cram it in his mouth. When he finally looked up at his frantic brother he could only stare at his monstrous backside. “I wonder how Dan could have let it get this far.” He thought, “I mean there is literally an outline of two flabby handles where his hips should be and a nice roll of fat piled on top of that.” Lex continued gawking as he stuffed the rest of the candy bar in his mouth. “What will mom and dad say when they get back from that cruise thing? Their star pupil, ‘The Iron Son’ as Dad said, unable to even tie a towel around his waste because of that bellowing stomach he’s growing…” And it really was true; since Dan got back from the hospital he had abandoned any trace of his former diet and with all the forbidden foods, chocolate, candy and pretty much carbs in general, flooding into the Leer household, a weakened Dan couldn’t resist (and neither could Lex for that matter).
Dan looked back to the mirror and realized that any trace of his former toned and tanned body was completely covered up. His Pec’s had grown and sagged a little from all the weight he had gained but still could pass as muscle since his frame was so large. His gut on the other hand was another story. There was no passing that off as a bloat or temporary swelling… it was just fat. His back had seemed to cover itself with extra padding, creating folds in his flab as he moved about. His love handles had probably grown the most, or come in second behind his outward bound belly, but it was hard to tell where one ended and the other began since they all seemed to fold into each other and form one giant tire of flab where Dan’s former 6 pack was. Lex couldn’t help but think back to Pete as he watched his brother pop off another button on his nicest button down shirt. Lex had managed to block the whole incident with Pete from his mind, but seeing Dan struggle to fit into his largest suit vest drew too strong a parallel between that and his daydream of Pete bursting threw his Prom tuxedo. Trying to ignore how horny he was getting Lex squawked at his brother, “20 pounds?! Looks to be a few more then that.”
“Alright,“ Dan said giving up on the form fitting clothing and grabbing for his basketball jersey, “I rounded down a little…”
“A lots more like it” Lex squealed, “ picked up 20 pounds in that ass of yours alone.”
“Well your no better,” Dan retorted, “Whens the last time you tried on some of your true religions? Just because your stupid sweatpants fit doesn’t mean you can get that ass of yours into your skinny jeans!”
“Oh that’s funny coming from the man who cant even fit into his extra large basketball shorts! I cant even reme ...” Lex was interrupted by his dogs barking at the doorbell. “Looks like your girlfriends here, good luck hiding that spare tire you got growing there.” Lex stormed off to his room as Dan finished throwing on his loosest fitting basketball jersey over a tight fitting undershirt in a frivolous attempt to conceal his weight gain.
“Who does he think he is calling me fat,” Lex mumbled to himself, “he’s twice the size I am and I’m going to work it off tomorrow!” Lex continued talking to himself as he grabbed a bag of sour patch kids off his desk and began snacking. “I can wear any of my clothes, skinny jeans included!” Intrigued by the challenge, Lex stripped down to his red boxer briefs and rifled around in his closet until he found his favorite pair of true religions. As he was slipping them on he began to notice a little more resistance then usual. He got his jeans up past his bloated legs and sweaty thighs, but he got stuck at his body’s newest development, his ass. IT WAS HUGE! Like he stuffed two small watermelons down his pants and was trying to contain them with jeans half the size they should be… it was an impossible task. “Its okay… “ He thought to himself, “skinny jeans are suppose to be tight…” Lex grunted as he tried desperately to close the 3 inch gap between his pants button and the hole, “just need to suck it in here and…” Lex couldn’t give up. He couldn’t except that he had lost his perfect body in only a matter of a few weeks. But what he was struggling with more was that after a couple minutes of squeezing and pulling Lex was raging hard. The more he pushed to close the gap between the button and hole the more sensation and pleasure he got, and one last unsuccessful tug at his jeans had Lex on his knees unable to resist jacking off.
Minutes later Lex was face-up on the floor, rubbing his stomach, and panting harder then he did when he finished his morning 5-mile runs. “WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH ME.” Lex gasped. He hadn’t been able to cum in weeks and now feeling up his soft belly flab got him to keel over in pleasure. He was almost pissed that it happened, that Pete and fat and food got him turned on. “It’s just a phase,” he told himself, “it’s just my body’s way of telling me to relax a little... And my parents said sugars addicting so… so I just need to cut myself off and get back to the gym tomorrow and everything will go back to normal.” He kept repeating this over and over again, but somewhere inside he didn’t believe it. His old football spirit that drove him to run, hike, and workout had seemingly decided to pull up a chair and watch Lex balloon outward. All he could think about was sugar, food, and Pete.
As he started to pull himself together and get off the floor he spotted a doughnut lying under the corner of his bed from yesterday’s morning indulgence. He picked it up to throw away, but part of him resisted, part of him wanted to just take a small bite of the thick creamy glaze and give into his desire. “WHAT THE FUCK AM I DOING,” he yelled thrusting the doughnut away from his face, “I’m literally thinking about eating a fucking doughnut I found on the fucking floor! God what’s wrong with me…” he kept talking to himself, but his body wasn’t listening. It yearned for a big fat lick of the glaze. Lex started moving the doughnut back toward his mouth. “ I mean I don’t want it to go to waste… besides I just want it because we never have sugary things in this house… and I’m going to go the gym tomorrow so I... “ Before he could finish trying to justify his reasons he licked the chocolaty frosting, let out a small grunt of pleasure, and crammed the entire doughnut into his mouth. HE WANTED MORE… but Dan would be in the kitchen with Jen and he didn’t want his brother to see him raiding the kitchen for more desserts. So Lex decided to go down to the kitchen pretending to get water or something and hopefully avoid Dan all together. But when he got downstairs he saw his brother lying out on the couch watching ESPN and taking to another man. “IT WAS JARED,” Lex thought to himself as he ducked behind the kitchen counter. Jared was the running back on Lex’s football team and perhaps the only person more conceded then Lex himself. He didn’t know what to do, he didn’t want Jared to see him all fat and bloated, he would never hear the end of it, but it was too late, Jared started heading over to the kitchen and Lex was trapped. Luckily he had changed back into his sweatpants and hoodie so he hoped the visual damage would be minimal, but the first words out of Jared’s mouth was “Dam your face is huge!”
“Thanks?” Lex replied feeling sad and embarrassed.
“No dude, I mean that Car wreck did a number on you, if your brother hadn’t told me about the accident I woulda thought my old gym buddy got fat on me, no wonder I haven’t seen you at the Gym… Hey when do you think we can hit the weights again together?”
Lex was relieved! He hadn’t thought his face had changed any, but he was just glad Jared chalked up his recent weight gain to swelling from the wreck. “Not for a while.” He lied, “ The doctor said no strenuous activity for a couple of months.”
“Oh bummer dude. The team misses yah. We have all been working out together and wondered where yah had gone. Now I know I guess, sorry again by the way.”
“Its fine.” Lex replied
Jared started heading towards the door. “Well I better get going. Dan said he’s waiting on his girlfriend and you probably need your sleep.”
“Yeah”, Lex sighed, “I’m really tired.” It was only 10 o’clock and Lex was wide-awake, but he wanted Jared gone as quick as possible.
Jared turned around as he was leaving the front door, “Well I guess I will see you at the football send off thing at the beach next month. Should give you plenty of time to get better, and get that tooth thing fixed,” he leaned in close and whispered, “careful Lex, you don’t want to end up like your brother, he seemed to pack on quiet a few pounds since his accident, don’t let it happen to you bud.” With that Jared left, and Lex closed the door with a sigh of relief. He had completely forgot about his missing tooth since he had been avoiding looking at himself in the mirror, but his appointment was tomorrow so he was glad he was reminded.
“Oh rats,” he muttered as he headed back towards to kitchen, “I guess I will have to start my diet and exercise another time. Can’t be running and lifting weight if I’m high on that knock-out gas.” Lex was relieved by the opportunity to skip his workout, but immediately regretted it when he remember he wasn’t allowed to eat for the rest of the night since the gas had to be given on an empty stomach. Hungry and frustrated Lex hid the cookies he had gotten out from his brother and went up to bed.

Part 4 – Dan’s Story!
- - -2 week earlier - - -
“I’M GOING INSANE!!” Dan yelled as he hobbled over to the kitchen to make a protein shake. “ I can’t take this! I need to go running or biking or something. I mean a broken leg isn’t that bad, I mean Neal Armstrong could do it … and he had cancer.” Lex looked at his brother with an amused grin on his face, “First off Dan, Lance is the one you were looking for not Neal, I mean in less you were complaining you couldn’t go to the moon with that cast you got there. And second, it’s only been one day since you got back from the hospital you big baby. Your not suppose to put pressure on that thing for months so saddle up cause your stuck on the couch for a long ass time.”
“Whatever,” Dan said as he put in some kale and brussel sprouts into the blender, “I can still do crunches or something. Gotta have some way to maintain this…” Dan lifted up his shirt exposing his perfectly cut abs.
“Good luck with that,” Lex sighed, “with 2 cracked ribs, a broken leg, and all those bruises I’m surprised you made it over here without crying, look at yourself, you really think you can lift weights now?
Dan knew the answer. His brother was right, he couldn’t even lift his shirt up without feeling pain throughout his entire body, he would never be able to lift his usual set, or even his mom’s 5 pounders, He was screwed. He had months more of bed rest and no way of exercising until it was over. Sure his bruises and ribs would heal more quickly, but the doctor said any strenuous activities could seriously effect the placement of the bones in his leg.
Dan turned on the blender and began mumbling to himself. “Il just have to be a little more careful about what I eat. Ill stick to a juice fast, Yah that’s it! Cant get fat if all I’m eating are these protein and herb shakes.” Dan pored the muddy looking concoction into a cup and made his way back to the couch. He took a sip and snarled, “Gahh gunna be a long couple of months…”

- - - 1 week later - - -

Dan was getting nervous. He had to go in for X-rays to see how bad the break was and his girl friend wasn’t around to comfort him. She was still in New York for some conference thing for the restaurant she managed. Normally Dan would be fine with this… it would give him more time at the gym or with the guys, but not now. Now he needed her to stand by his side and tell him everything was okay.
See Dan looks to be big and tough, but he’s a crybaby when it comes to hospitals. That’s why he pushed the x-ray off for a whole week before he had to agree to come in. He always thought the worst of a situation and this was no exception. “What if I have to be in this thing for the full 6 months?! Or maybe even a whole year?! What If I can never walk again?!” All these thought were pouring through his mind as he absentmindedly grabbed at the grilled cheese the housekeeper had made him.
“ I would never be able to walk again, or run, or even exercise. I would have to sit on the couch for the rest of my life watching ESPN and god knows what.” The thought resonated with Dan for a while before he knew what to do with it. “Be on the couch for the rest of my life.” He thought again as he polished off the grilled cheese and started munching on the Cheese puffs next to it. He expected to feel sad or angered by the idea of never getting off the couch again, but instead he felt kind of excited. Not having to run 8 miles a day anymore. Not having to spend every second he wasn’t at work or with Jenna at the gym. The thought of just relaxing on the couch eating his favorite junk foods started to fill his mind. “I could eat cheese and bread all day long and not have to work extra hard at the gym to burn it off. I could cook pastas, and lasagna, and casseroles with real butter! Ohhh real butter… I cant even remember a time when I haven’t used that organic flavorless crap you get at those health food stores … and I wouldn’t have to feel bad about it the next day!”
The more Dan thought about all the foods he had been deprived growing up in the Leer household the more he could practically taste them in his salivating mouth. His whole body was excited by the idea and after he finished the last puff on his plate he began slowly massaging his crotch. He began literally getting hard at the idea of his body getting soft.
Dan begun to imagine himself gorging on anything and everything he had tried so hard to resist. Pizza, bagels, butter, doughnuts, butter, Ice cream, candy, more butter, he couldn’t help but yearn for all the savory and sweet tastes he had been forbidden to try growing up.
The more he thought about gorging himself the more turned on he got and as he got closer and closer to finishing he experienced a whole new level of fantasy. He wasn’t just eating the food, but being fed it by Jen. He envisioned her unwrapping sticks of warm gushing butter and slowly rubbing them all over his body. Only it wasn’t his body, it was someone else’s, someone much much fatter then his own. She was making out with a man 5 times the size of Dan and she didn’t seem to care. She didn’t seem to be disgusted by the guy’s enormous belly or the soft expanding love handles he had oozing from his sides. She didn’t seem to notice that the man had boobs twice the size of her own or the fact that his neck was so think and chubby you couldn’t tell where his face began and his chest ended. “What did she see in this guy, was he rich or… err…smart? Or did she loose a bet or something?” Then Dan heard his name being whispered by Jen. “Mmmm… Dan…” she said, “your so hot Dan…” He couldn’t believe his ears… or his eyes for that matter… that tub of lard Jen was on was himself. All 400+ pounds of the guy Jenna was feeding was Dan. He couldn’t believe his senses, but before he had time to digest it he keeled over in pleasure and came back to reality.
“Did I really just jack-off to my girlfriend making me fat?” He mumbled to himself Jeeze these pain meds there giving me must be stronger then I thought!”
Just then Lex came back into the room as Dan finished zipping up his pants. “Ready to go,” Lex said, annoyed he had to take his brother to go get the x-ray.
“Yeah,” Dan replied as he began hobbling over to the door.
Once they were both seated in their moms SUV, the last working car on the Leer property, Lex headed over to the clinic by his families Gym. Dan was fidgeting the entire ride over and Lex was munching on a bag of Doritos he took from the house. “Jeeze Lex has really let himself go,” Dan thought as he reached for his brothers Doritos. “I bet he doesn’t even realize that his little starter belly is peeking out of his wife beater. God he’s gunna blow up in college, if he’s already putting on his freshman 15.”
Dan’s thoughts of his little brother growing a belly were interrupted when the car pulled to a halt outside the hospital. Dan got out of the car, picked up his crutches, and started making his way to the door as Lex sped off in the car. “God,” Dan thought, “He cant even get his fat ass out of the car and help me to the door. He probably doesn’t want anyone to see him with that paunch he’s got growing…”
Dan slowly made his way inside the hospital. It was pretty empty so there wasn’t much of a wait time, but Dan was sweating through his hoodie and jeans. He was so nervous he barley heard to nurse call him back. The nurse brought Dan back to the examination room and went through the whole spiel before he could take his x-rays. She pulled out the chart and started mumbling to herself, “eyes: green, hair: black height: 6’4, weight: 220, Body Fat, 2%...”she continued reading the chart, but became to quiet for Dan to over hear. “OKAY,” She yelled as she helped Dan up on the scale, “Just gotta make sure these are all correct from last time you were here…” She started moving the balance on the scale to adjust the number. Dan looked nervous. He knew he hadn’t stuck to his liquid diet this whole time but surely the damage couldn’t be that ba… “234.6,” the nurse said in an annoying chipper voice.
“WHAT!?!” Dan Yelled jumping off the scale and lying backwards against the counter. “That’s impossible! Run it again!”
The nurse was visibly startled, “Sorry Mr. Leer but the scale is completely accurate, I even factored in the weight of the cast and clothing…”
Lex couldn’t believe it. “14.6 pounds in 1 week!” he mumbled to himself, “how is that even possible?”
Overhearing, the nurse proceeded to rant about how common weight gain was in bedridden patients, but Dan was to consumed by his weight gain to listen. “14.6 pounds! 14.6 POUNDS!” He kept repeating it too himself as he started rubbing his former 6-pack. All his once perfectly defined abs had softened and molded themselves into one doughy cushion that hung down slightly and wrapped itself around Dan’s hips and back. He couldn’t believe it, but he wasn’t exactly disgusted by it either. From the second he heard the nurse say he gained nearly 15 pounds he started getting hard. Luckily his jeans were bunched up over his cast so it was easy for Dan to conceal the erection growing in the folds of his pants.
Dan seemed to sort of zone out after that. He was led back to get x-rays and reset his cast, but the entire time he was preoccupied by the new addition to his waistline. He started to think back to how it happened, to all the late night snacking and fried foods the housekeeper had been bringing him since the accident. He began to remember himself stuffing whole bags of chips and cartons of ice cream in his mouth and washing it down with some soda and beer from the pantry. All these thoughts had Dan rubbing his crotch as discreetly as possible, but he kept getting harder the more he thought about himself eating all the foods he kept himself from enjoying his whole life. It wasn’t until the doctor said we have some bad news that Dan even looked over in his direction.
“It turns out the leg is shattered. After getting an x-ray of the damage it looks like we will need to do surgery” Dan looked at the doctor with mixed emotions. He knew he would have to come back to the hospital be put under and cut into, but he wasn’t thinking about that. A part of him wanted an excuse to lie around all day eating and drinking beers, and that parts the one that took over.
The rest of the visit was spent going over details of Dan’s surgery and making future appointments, but Dan was only vaguely paying attention he couldn’t get his mind off all the excuses he would have not to get back in the gym. “5 months” Dan kept repeating to himself, “5 months free of curl-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, running, rowing, biking, swimming, stretching… I can just sit on my ass all day and watch sports. I can eat whatever I want, drink whatever I want, and won’t even have to think about the Gym for half a year!” Dan kept getting more and more excited every time he though of new foods to try and more exercises he wont have to do and by the time Lex got back with the car Dan was ready to explode!
“Im gunna lay in the back!” Dan barked as Lex pulled up in the SUV.
“Uhh…k” Lex replied wondering why his brother jumped in the car like bees were chasing him.
Lex turned on the radio and began munching on the Big-mac he had just bought as Dan continued rubbing one out behind the back seat of the SUV.
- - Present Day - -
“Your football buddy Jared a douche,” Dan yelled to his brother as he took off his football Jersey leaving only a tight undershirt stretching to cover his flab. Lex didn’t reply. Dan heard the shower running so he assumed his brother couldn’t hear him, “well if that’s the case,” Dan thought rolling off the couch and hobbling over to the kitchen, “guess he wont mind me eating those cookies he tried to hide …” He reached down and found a nearly whole pack of double-stuff Oreos hiding behind the Windex and Drain cleaner. “mmmm…” Dan sighed as he started shoveling Oreo after Oreo into his salivating mouth. “God these are good… cant believe I waited 25 years before having them” He had already finished the first of 3 row and got up to get a glass of milk when a car pulled into the driveway.
“Where are the dam cups,” Dan shouted looking though the pantry. He spotted some plastic ones on the top shelf and consumed by his desire to dunk the Oreos into a real glass of whole milk he reached for a chair and started climbing. Dan was so preoccupied with getting the cups that he hadn’t even heard his girlfriend come in and walk into the kitchen. Dan, now balancing on a chair with his one good leg, belly exposed with his arms outstretched, started to climb down with the cups in one hand and the Oreos in another. This exact moment, when Dan was essentially nude from having his basketball shorts fallen down and his shirt ridden up, his girl friend walked into the pantry and screamed “DANNY!!” in an excited and high-pitched voice. Startled Dan slipped off the chair throwing the cookies and cups in the air and landed face up on the floor, belly completely covered in sweat and Oreo crumbs.
Dan’s girlfriend ran to his side to help him up. “DANNY, Oh my god are you OKAY?!” Dan tried desperately to quickly cover his newly acquired girth, but Jen had already put her hands all over it trying to help him up.
“IM FINE,” Dan yelled shoving Jenna backwards into the shelves.
“What the hell was that for,” Jen retorted.
“I…I.. I’m sorry Jenny I… just didn’t want you to see me like this…” Dan ran his hand along the curvature of his belly and gave it a gentle slap. “See you like what,” Jen replied “My boyfriend? I mean sure you put on a little weight, but you’ve been in a lot of pain and cant exercise… its only natural. Plus it’s not that bad to have a little extra Dan to love.”
“A little!?” Dan remarked, “Try 36 pounds of me!”
Jenna giggled as she moved closer to her fidgeting boyfriend. “You gained 36 pounds? … In two and a half weeks? … How is that even possible?...
Dan’s face went red as he leaned against the wall and slumped to the floor. “I DON’T KNOW”, he yelled grabbing his tummy and giving it a shake, “I mean it started out with a few sandwiches and get-well chocolates that the housekeeper brought me and apparently it ended up with me stuffing my face with double-stuff Oreo’s. I DON’T KNOW WHATS WRONG WITH ME!! I just cant stop fucking eating. I mean I tell my self to stop. I tell myself I have already eaten enough, I mean once someone gets through an entire loaf of sourdough and an empties a box of mac-n-cheese you think they would be full, but the second I try to stop myself its like my body cant think of anything else…. Its like the forbidden fruit, but instead of fruit it’s a glaze doughnut -- candy-coated and dipped in chocolate!”
Jenna let out a small giggle with a big grin on her face.
“Im glad you find this funny!! You’re the one that’s stuck with a manatee for a boyfriend.”
Jenna kneeled down and sat next to Dan. “ I don’t care if you don’t have a 6 pack,” she said, smiling as she picked up an Oreo from the package and started to nibble on it. “ I don’t need you to be an Adonis for me to be happy… I just want you to be happy…. And if a happy Danny is a rounder Danny then rounder it is!” She took the Oreo she was nibbling on and put it in Dan’s wide-open mouth… “Plus you look cute with a punch, make you look more lovable.”
Dan couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “She likes it” Dan kept repeating to himself… “ She really likes it! And she really loves me” He felt so relieved at that moment that he proposed to her right on the spot. They had been going out since freshman year in college and he had been planning on asking her for months, but never in any of his wildest fantasies was he practically half naked, wearing a cookie-covered undershirt, and barley able to squeeze into his elastic basketball shorts.
“ Yes,” she spitted out, overcome with tears and laughter. “Better hold off on those tux measurements until closer to the wedding…” she jested, feeding Dan another Oreo and rubbing his now fairly ample sized belly. Dan laughed eager to see what the next few months would entail.

Part 6 - Pete’s Story
-- 1 year earlier – - summer
“18… 19… 20…” Pete let out a sigh of relief and dropped the 50 pounder.
“Trying to bulk up their Petey?” Lex said as he finished his biceps and sat down on the bench next to Pete. “Why are you pulling a 50 pounder? Your trying to swim through the water… not lift it up.”
“Yeah I guess your right,” Pete said as he wiped down the bench and moved to crunches. “Can’t believe summers almost over, SENIOR YEAR BABY!”
Lex smiled and let out a little cheer, but he was completely preoccupied with his reflection in the full-length mirror. Pete knew Lex was a little on the narcissistic side but lately it had been getting out of hand. Lex and Pete had been working out all summer and Lex was very appreciative of the results. Pete noticed that his friend couldn’t stop touching himself, he would always just lift up his tank top and rub his hands over his hairy abs, sometimes getting a little to inappropriate to be out in public. Pete Knew that’s what Lex wanted to do now, but he couldn’t help but look anyway. Pete always starred at Lex when he would feel himself up and flex. He never really thought much about why he looked he just did and this time he found himself getting a little hard. Embarrassed, Pete immediately stopped doing crunches and started push-ups in an attempt to hide his boner, but it was getting hard for him not to rub it. It had been 2 months since Pete had sex with his girl friend and he wanted it BAD. Every time he thought about Sarah he felt like he was going to explode. His mind would jump back to the night they spent together and before he knew it Pete’s hand would be rubbing one out. This time was different though. Pete wasn’t thinking about Sarah… Pete was thinking about Lex and his supposed 8-pack. He was confused why he got hard at the thought of his friends abs, but before he had time to psychoanalyze himself Lex snapped in his face and told him he was gunna hit the showers. Pete nodded his head and went back to finishing his set before joining Lex. On his way to the showers Pete subsided erection started to perk up again and Pete was not thrilled. He had to go to work straight from the gym so not showering wasn’t an option, but he could exactly walk into the showers sporting a hard on … especially with Lex was in there. So he decided to go into one of the bathroom stalls and alleviate his situation. Ignoring the grossness masturbating in a public toilet stall had in Pete’s mind he was trying to picture Sarah and they night they spent together, but it wasn’t working out. Maybe it was because it happened so long ago or the fact that he had just seen his friend half naked, but his mind kept jumping back to Lex’s 8-pack abs. Pete tried to force it out of his mind, but it kept reappearing, the thought of Lex rubbing his large hands up and down his tanned hairy torso seemed to play on an infinite loop until Pete came a few minutes later. “Woah…” Pete thought as he pulled up his pants and headed over to the showers, “that was a...a…” he didn’t know how to finish that thought… His whole body felt amazingly relaxed after he came, but the fact that he was picturing his best friend when he did made him feel a little uneasy. Not wanting to think about the implications of his thoughts Pete just decided to chalk it up to sexual frustration and hop in the showers…. But this wouldn’t be the last time Pete thought about Lex while reliving his sexual tensions...

-- 3 months later – Autumn
“God AP Calc is hard!” Pete said slamming his front door and dropping his books on the table. Lex grabbed a protein bar from his bag as Pete walked over to his pantry.
“You’re the one who sign up for it idiot” Lex muttered in-between bites of the tasteless flax seed. “I know you want to go to Princeton or whatever, but you already have the highest grades in school and your firkin captain of the water polo and swim team.”
“It’s Yale Lex… I want to go to Yale and I’m not captain…not anymore… I quit yesterday… its too much of a time commitment… I had water polo practice Monday Wednesday Friday and swim over the weekend, not to mention meets and competition’s plus working out and training. I’m taking 6 AP classes and have to work at the restaurant… plus college apps are over so they already think I’m captain for the whole year… so theirs no point.”
Lex could tell Pete was questioning his choice to quit and he should probably just agree with his best friends choice, but Lex couldn’t help but razz him. “Really Pete… you still need exercise … cant have you porking out on me! Need yah as my wing man at Yale… and were not going to get any chicks if you start waddling around like Mr. Hurley.”
“Fuck you!” Pete joked back, taking a calzone out of the freezer and putting it in the microwave. I don’t even know if I got in yet… unlike you my father isn’t golfing buddies with the dean.”
Lex snickered as he chocked down the rest of his flaxseed protein infused lunch. “Yeah, but your GPA is like perfect and your athletic … or at least you were…” Lex let out a big laugh as Pete pulled the calzone out of the microwave and took a huge bite. “Oh shut it Lex,” Pete pulled up his shirt exposing his pale lightly haired abs, “I still got a six pack…”
“It will turn into a Keg if you keep eating food like that…” Both of them laughed and began to get out their homework.
Lex always did Homework at Pete’s since Pete was a lot better at studying then Lex and after they were finished they would go to the gym together. But now that Pete was taking harder classes, Lex ended up going by himself most of the time while Pete stress-ate himself into mini food comas and passed out on the couch every night - barley finishing his hours worth of homework. These poor habits marked Pete’s senior year and definitely didn’t go unnoticed by Lex or his girl friend Sarah…

-- 2 months later -- Winter
“One hundred …. ninety ………. FUCK … NINE!” Pete grunted as he stepped of the scale. “199 pounds! That puts me up 8 since summer… and I don’t think this is muscle mass,” Pete pinched at the softened skin collected right above his skinny jeans. “What ever now that its winter break I can start going to the gym again… Lex will be thrilled… and Sarah for that matter she doesn’t seem to look at me since this happened” Pete slapped his little belly, as he grabbed his uniform from the closet. He was a host at a local Mexican food restaurant down the street where his girlfriend recently got hired. He started as a busboy there 2 years ago, but because of all the high school girls he was attracting to the restaurant the manager made him a Host. Pete was quite something to look at - even if his pants were fitting a littler tighter lately. He was tall about 6feet and very well proportioned. He had crisp blue eyes and a little chin scruff that made every girl ogle. His brown hair was longer then usually, but he always styled it for work, often making a small faux-hawk in the front that drew attention to his angular face and strong jaw line. His whole family was pale and no matter how hard he tried to tan, his skin stayed a creamy white that made his eyes pop and hair look darker. As an added bonus Pete was on the swim team so every girl knew exactly what he was working with. His tight speedo left little to the imagination, but definitely gave the girls, and some of the guys, something to fantasies about. This and Pete’s quirky charming personality landed him a raise and a bump to Host after only a few months of working there.
Pete was hoping his weight gain would go unnoticed at work, but since Pete had to let-out his vest and unbutton his pants he was doubtful the other servers wouldn’t see it. He had taken a small break from work so he could focus on school and this shift would be his first day back since he put on the weight. “God this is going to be a long day,” Pete thought. “ No one ever comes in Tuesday afternoons all I get to do is stand behind the podium and look happy… Well at least Sarah and I can catch up a little… I mean she is my girl friend after all and we’ve barley even Facebook chatted recently…” Pete really liked Sarah. They met at Pete’s swim meet when she accidently grazed his speedo on the way to the concession stand. 30 minutes later they were in the supply closet making out and lets just say Pete wasn’t the only one topless. Since then they had ben inseparable until Pete got bogged down with homework. There relationship was almost purely physical, but when Pete stopped going to the gym Sarah stopped coming over, and every time he would ask her out she would have urgent matters to attend to and family emergency’s, but Pete liked her so much he never got the hint. But Pete was determined to change things. He was going to tell her he was going to get back in shape and make more time for her now that college aps were done. He wanted to make it work and if that meant only eating dressing-less side-salads and exhausting himself at the gym, then so be it.
Pete got the work a few minutes early and cleaned up his station. He was dying to talk to Sarah and was practically hyperventilating searching for her. His hands were shaking, knees twitching, and he was sweating buckets, not to mention the very noticeable boner he was sporting thinking about their numerous make out sessions in the break room. But Sarah never showed up.

By Pete’s lunch break; a time usually spent with Sarah in the back room, Pete was stuffing his face with comfort burritos and wallowing while he inhaled handfuls of free nachos. He could hear his co-workers whisper about his weight gain and see them make fat faces out of the corner of his eye, but he didn’t really care. He was so upset that Sarah was avoiding all of his calls and now missing shifts at work so she didn’t have to see him that a few jerks at work went unnoticed by Pete. After his shift ended Pete started walking home depressed about Sarah and rubbing his distended belly. “I can’t believe she didn’t show up… I cant believe I ate all that food ” he mumbled to himself as he began unbuttoning his work vest, “how am I suppose to tell her I can change if she wont take my calls, or see me, or even show up to work! I mean what am I suppo…” Pete stopped mid thought when realized that his newly acquired gut burst through his button down during work. Luckily his co-workers didn’t notice since his vest covered it up, but he was embarrassed just the same. “Oh man! God this sucks!” Pete took a deep sigh and just decided to forget about it for tonight since he had too much else to worry about and just go get another shirt.

Luckily Target was on his way home and since he had just gotten off work he had a lot of tip money he could spend. He walked up and down the clearance isles, but he couldn’t find an actual black plain medium button down. He found 2 so called mediums already, but after he tried them on over his undershirt he found they fit tighter then the medium he had already! After an hour of his pointless denial and trying on several different mediums he finally grabbed a large and headed for the cashier. “ I cant believe this is happening. Its called the freshman 15 not the high school senior 15 …. God I hate my life!” feeling even more depressed Pete stopped in the candy isle to try and make himself feel better and picked up a box of king sized snickers, butter finger, and kit-kat as well as a assorted bag of dove chocolate and york peppermint paddies. The girl at the checkout counter joked if she could come to the party he was throwing, but Pete was not amused. He let out a half smile and walked away feeling even worse about his purchase.

“I cant believe I bought all of this… for myself!” Pete thought as he looked into the sacks, “I never use to eat this junk … Lex never let me… But it tastes SOOO good…” Pete reached into the bag of chocolates and plopped it in his mouth. “So what if I put on a few pounds, I’m gunna work them off and get back into shape in time for college… I might as well enjoy tonight and get back on the bandwagon tomorrow… yeah one last night of indulgence and then back to the kale shakes and ab-workouts.” Pete continued justifying his purchase as he stuffed his face with the rest of the dove chocolates and moved onto the Snickers. Every bite made him feel happier and got his mind off his troubles with Sarah. Every chocolate chunk and caramel swirl brought him more and more peace of mind and relieved his stress from college apps. Pete was happier then he had been in weeks and it was all thanks to isle 5’s goodies. He continued stuffing his face until he got home, ripped of his pants, and lay down in his bed, rubbing his distended belly.

“So full…” Pete groaned as he reached for the last of his candy stash and plopped it in his mouth. Sprawled out on his bed, Pete was rubbing his enormous stomach when he started to get hard. He wasn’t really sure why, since all he was thinking about was food, but being a horny teenager he didn’t question it and started jerking off. It didn’t take long and was so incredible that he even let out a moan of pleasure when he came. A few minutes later, lying in candy wrappers and cum he passed out.

The next morning he woke up with a look of amusement on his face. He sat up, covered in candy wrappers and crumbs and let out a laugh as he started at the mess he had made. “I cant believe I ate all that sugar,” he thought as he got out of his bed and started to peel the wrappers off his body, “was a good night though… best Pete-time I have ever had…” Pete started to reflect on last night when his stomach let out a giant growl… “ WOW can’t believe I’m hungry after that…” Pete reached into the grocery bag and found only candy wrappers. “Fuck! All gone… o well should start cutting back anyway.” Pete threw on some sweats and went to the kitchen to make himself a protein shake, but when he got there he saw his mom had made him a pancake breakfast before work and cooked him some bacon with scrambled eggs. “O man that looks good… Well I would hate to waste it … and I am reallllllly hungry… so a protein shake wouldn’t fill me up anyway…” Pete got a little hard thinking about all the grease food in front of him and decided he would have one last indulgence before the diet started. But after he woofed down his breakfast and partook in a little more Pete-time, he decided to make a day of it and throw in that pizza he had been craving since his mom brought it home and even bake that cookie dough that had been in their fridge for weeks. All he knew for sure was that he needed a pick-me-up and it felt good to indulge a little. Needless to say the whole getting back in shape thing wasn’t going to happen…

- -3 months later - - spring

“WAAAAAAAAAA!!! YESSSSSSSSSS AAAAHHHHH!! I GOT IN! I GOT FUCKING IN!!!!!” Pete jumped for joy as he reread the words “Congratulations, accepted, Yale” He couldn’t believe it. All of his hard work and sacrifice had been worth it! All the long hours of homework, giving up countless parties and hangout time, not to mention all the gym time he cut out. It was now in this moment completely worth it! His parents were over joyed and told him to dress nice and invite a friend so they could all go out and celebrate. Pete’s mind immediately jumped to Lex! All he could think about was telling his best bud the news! It wouldn’t be later until his mind would wonder why he didn’t want to invite his girl friend out to dinner, but now all he could think about was telling Lex the good news. An hour later Pete, his parents, and Lex were entering the nicest place in town abuzz with excitement. Lex of course got in also, but he knew with his connections he would, so the night was all about Pete and the undersized dress shirt he was wearing.
The entire ride over to the restaurant Pete kept fusing with his button down and sports jacket hoping that by some sort of luck his clothes were only tight because they were bunched up in the back and not the fact that he had gained 20 pounds since quitting swimming.
Lex looked good of course. He always looked good, especially when he wore his deep-blue button down that complimented his green eyes. Pete knew Lex noticed his belly, he always noticed any change in Pete’s body, but since he wasn’t teasing him, Pete was able to put down his guard and relax a little. Maybe even a bit too much, cause when Pete stopped sucking it in his belly managed to pop a button off his dress shirt.

-- 2 months later -- Summer
Things hadn’t been going so well for Pete. He had gotten fired at work, publically humiliated in front of his co-workers, His parents were hemorrhaging money to try and put up the first semester of tuition for Yale, and to top it all off Sarah broke up with him after a yelling match at the restaurant they both work at. Actually that’s why Pete was fired; well that was the final straw anyway. For a while now Pete hadn’t been the most focused employee. He was showing up late because of his studies and ‘forgetting’ his uniform, when really it didn’t fit and he was to embarrassed to get another one. He was also always snacking during his shifts, which use to never be a problem, but it got so out of hand that he even started greeting guests with mouthfuls of chips and guacamole. But even though Pete was going to quit in a few months anyway to go to Yale, being fired, humiliated, and broken up with all at the same time made him emotionally go off the deep end. Pete would usually just go talk it out with Lex, but ever since summer started Lex had been incommunicado so Pete turned to his new therapy of stuffing his face with anything in sight.
“Im such a screw up” Pete mumbled in-between mouthfuls of Fritos and bagel-bites. “ I mean in less then a year I got fired, got dumped, and got fat. I’m even too fucking embarrassed to go swimming with these things…” Pete grabbed his softened pecs and shook them. He had really been food binging since he lost his job and the effects were getting harder to cover up. Spring was ending and the summer looked like it was going to be a hot one. Which in the past meant Pete would be at the pool and beach training, but now it meant he would have to trade in his baggy sweats and loose jackets for last summer’s beach wear.
“This is going to be a problem,” he thought to himself as he flipped through his closet finding only muscle-T’s and board shorts to wear. “ Some of these gotta fit… maybe they wont show of my abs or pecs anymore, but they gotta fit… they have to... I can’t have gained that much weight…”
Pete began pulling out his clothes and trying them on in hopes of finding something that could hide his growing girth. But shirt after shirt, button down after button down Pete got nothing but sausage casing to stuff himself into. His entire summer wardrobe seemed to highlight every curve and softened bulge Pete had on his body. Even the tiny rolls of fat he had barley notice before seemed to jump out at him like speed bumps on a highway. But instead of feeling depressed of saddened by his new look he kid of felt turned on.
Every button he saw snap or zipper that undid itself started to make Pete hard. He wasn’t sure why or even what it was that was happening, but every time he would run his hands up and down his body attempting to squeeze into his H&M and Billabong clothing he would feel a warm tingling all over his body. By the time Pete got to his bathing suits he was ready to explode, but felt compelled to try them on even though he knew they wouldn’t fit.
He riffled through his bathing suit drawer trying to find the smallest sized trunks he could squeeze himself into when he came across his water polo speedo. He knew it would barley make it up his thighs since it had been tight on him when he had a 6 pack, but he wanted to put it on anyway. He wanted to see it squeeze his sides together and feel the rings of fat flop over the sides of his former tight blue uniform. And once he got it on he was amazed. It made him seem 50 pounds heavier then he actually was. Before it highlighted his lean long legs and sculpted torso, but now it seemed to increase the size of each roll of fat and amplify the round curve of his belly. Pete couldn’t believe the reflection in the mirror was really him, but a few minutes later he was laying down on his bed very very grateful it was.
Then the phone rang.

“Hey Petey its Lex.”
“oh wow” Pete said as he started to get back into his baggy sweats and hoodie… “hey… long time no see pal.. What you been up too?”
“Not much” Lex replied a little quiver in his voice, “…I…. I was wondering if you could pick me up from the dentists office?”
“oh..” Pete sighed, looking down at his cum covered gut, “ yeah… sure….

Part 7 -- Lex’s story –

“What do you mean I can’t drive home!” Lex barked at the nurse sitting behind the check-in desk. “ What am I suppose to do… WALK!?”
“Sorry Sir,” the lady remarked, “ We cant allow patients who are being administered anesthesia to drive themselves home. You need a friend or family member to come get you after we fix your tooth.”
Lex froze. He hadn’t even though of that…. he knew had to call Pete. His parents extended their trip to the Caribbean and his brother was across town with Jen buying clothes he could actually fit into, so he was out of optioned, he had to call Pete. Lex hated the idea of having Pete see him bursting out of his clothes, especially since when they last hung out all he made fun of Pete’s weight gain. And now that he was starting to have all these weird feeling about Pete he especially didn’t want to be alone with him right now, but he had to call him.
The phone rang

“Hey Petey its Lex.” He was practically sweating through his teeth at the though of Pete seeing him like this, and the 4 layers he had on to hide his weight weren’t helping in the LA heat.
“oh wow” Pete replied “… long time no see pal.. What you been up too?”
“Not much” Lex replied a little quiver in his voice, “…I…. I was wondering if you could pick me up from the dentists office?”
“oh..” Pete sighed, there was a long pause and then