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Adam was a fascinating character. For one, he had an interest in men; particularly big men. Men that weight 300 lbs. Now, while this is all well and good, Adam also had another secret. He was a skilled investigator. He used his 180 lb muscular and well-trained physique to solve crimes for Phantom City. He didn’t have special powers or a genetic mutation; he was just a well-versed knowledgeable person. He used his skills to take down some of Phantom city’s most nefarious criminal masterminds. Jonny the Club was a notorious gangster who was relentless in his drug trafficking, and who had several justice department people in his back pocket. Then there was Lenny the Viper, who was slick and sneaky. He was apprehended in a ring of assassination attempts on specific city leaders who were trying to take him down, and their witnesses. All these minds that are now behind bars have Adam to thank for it.

Adam was informed of some terrible news, that his catches were being released on a technicality in the law that their rights were violated, which led to evidence not being permissible in court. The masterminds were released, and they went to work for one purpose: Revenge! How could they get revenge? Well, they need to find out a weakness they could exploit. A sneaky operative of Lenny was successful in planting a surveillance device in Adam’s house, in every room, so they could monitor him. They were watching him when they discovered that he was gay, and that he loved to meet with fat people and have nights of passion with them, admiring their girth and soft fat that always was wrapped around their belly. He loved the feel, the control he had, and the body difference….feeling someone 2-3 times his size under him made him SO hot.

The mastermind criminal pair formulated this heinous plan to knock out their enemy and get revenge all at once. They intend to ruin him from the inside out. Lenny the viper was well equipped with several facilities that were lab oriented throughout the city. He did R and D on several ideas to expand his network of information and particularly blackmail. He took one of his henchman, a guy named Alexander, and informed him of what was going to happen. He was going to gain weight to an unreal proportion. Now Alexander wasn’t a big guy, probably about 170 lbs or so. He was taken to the lab, and kept immobile, and forced to eat every day. Each day, the results showed more and more on his waist line. He was restrained to a metal chair, where machines would force food into his gut, and his body would try to use it all, but ended up storing it in his expanding gut. At first, he had only a few extra lbs, barely noticeable. But each day, that few extra pounds began to pooch over his waist line. His lovehandles got bigger, his bellybutton deeper, his chest and nipples bigger and flabbier, and his sides growing chubbier and bigger. His thighs expanded so they rubbed together, his cheeks, both face and butt, grew rounder and pudgier. For 6 months this man was forced to gain 140 lbs, to an end weight of 310 lbs of pure body fat. He realized that his weight was hard to carry on him, but, the money he was being paid for this would allow him to retire, so he agreed to it. Lenny and his scientists gave Alexander a device that he would use to ruin the physique of Adam, when he was able to get in the sack with him. It was a fat exchange device, that, when used on a part of the body that had easy-access blood vessels, that the fat of one person could be moved to another. Now, also, to make this unnoticeable to Adam, the device was fitted as a cock vibrator. This allowed Alexander, who by the way was gay as well, to slowly, with each encounter he experienced with Adam, to transfer some of his massive physique to Adam without he being aware. It also had a toxin that would destroy his very active metabolic rate, so that when he ate, no matter how much he exercised, very few calories and carbohydrates would be used for the activity.

Alexander went to work watching Adam’s routine. He made sure that he would be able to catch Adam “accidently” so that the two would encounter each other. From there, he would turn on his natural charm, and behave in a way that would sweep our detective Adam off his feet. The plan was put into motion after a few weeks of observation of his routine. Every day, Adam would get an Americano from the local café, which is where Alexander decided to make his move. He saw Adam approach the line, and he decided to get in line behind him. Now Adam, being shocked by this amazing looking man (by his standards) scooting in behind him. Being mildly flustered, he spoke to Alex, stating how nice the day was. “It is, isn’t it?” Alex responded promptly. The two exchanged small talk til they reached the front of the line. There, Adam offered to purchase Alex his coffee for him…and he didn’t say no at all. So, Alex ordered a triple shot carmel mocha with half-n’ half instead of milk, because it was way creamier that way. Adam, looking back, just swallowed in an obvious look of shock and awe. The two sat outside and conversed further, where Adam offered Alex a lunch and day of socializing at his house. Alex accepted and rode with his new “friend” up to the secluded house nestled in a wood clearing about ½ a mile off the main highway. There, as soon as the threshold was crossed, Adam grabbed the belly that was behind him, and was hypnotized by its softness and girth and its texture, for it was very soft and a touch hairy. Alex, mentally gleeful that this was working so perfectly , decided to reciprocate by feeling Adam’s hard abs and solid chest. There, they wandered back into the bedroom, where Alex took charge of the energy and laid Adam on his back, and offered to sit next to him, letting his fat rest on his lover. Adam….rose…to the occasion let’s say. And so it began. Alex, feeling he had a good control of the situation, took his device out of his pocket, and turned it on, which sounded like a light hummm. He placed his hand with the vibrating device on his lover’s hard cock, and began to pleasure it, while flopping his fat all over Adam’s body. This sent Adam into ecstacy, as he felt a vibration and a hand motion, as well as an odd sucking motion too. The device was slowly transferring fat into Adam’s body while extracting Adam’s metabolic processes. This had the effect of tiring Adam out, to where, after an explosive orgasam thanks to the skillful hand of Alex, he drifted off to sleep in exhaustion. There, Alex had free reign to keep rubbing that area while the exhaustive processes of the device kept him sleeping. For four hours, the device was on his cock, keeping it hard and erect, even after cumming, and draining his strong metabolism while replacing it with an endless supply of fat.

The next day, Adam awoke from his intense experience, and went to freshen up in his restroom, when he noticed that he was a bit less defined. There was an obvious change in his chest, as it was looking smoother and less rippling. “No matter.” He thought to himself, “I’ll just work a bit extra to get it off me.” Day after day, Adam and Alex met up at the coffee shop, where Adam bought Alex coffee, and they conversed, and then they went to Adam’s, where they pleasured each other again. Day after day, the device was used without Adam’s knowledge. He didn’t think much of it really, because he was lost in his own lust, his own pleasureable stimulation. Also, he was lost in the seductive power of his obese lover. Who, by some luck, began to lose weight. It was mild at first, 5 lbs here, 5 lbs there…hardly noticeable. It wasn’t until the two were seeing each other for a whole month, which Adam, looking at himself in the mirror, realized that his physique had totally changed on him. He weighted himself, where he now sat at 210 lbs. He began noticing mobs on his chest, a small pair of lovehandles growing, and his bellybutton had deepened. His six- pack was melting away, and no matter how much he worked out, he was unable to lose the new weight he’d been acquiring. Also, Alex, now was beginning to show that he was losing weight. He had dropped to 280, and was continuing to lose.

One night, the two met at their usual spot, and Alex made an observation, that Adam was looking a bit bigger. Adam, feeling insecure about his new weight, asked that they drop the subject. This was when Alex, feeling that the cloak and dagger games were about needing to end, he went back to Adam’s Place as normal, and when Adam passed out from the exhaustive stimulation of the metabolic swapper device, Alex took his fattening partner from his home as he lay passed out and exhausted. When Adam woke up, he was restrained, up right in a white and chrome lab. He saw, when he looked around, only Alex, who was in front of him, letting his fat rest on his victim’s cock. This was too much for Adam, and he was both aroused and scared.

“Alex, what’s going on?”

“Its called: Revenge, my love.” And on that cue, Alex seized Adam’s hardening cock, and turned the device up to maximum. Adam, felt something very different this time. The blood was forced to flow to his cock so fast, that even though it was unpleasant, his cock was trapped in a state of arousal and stayed stiff and thick. The device drained its victim’s metabolism, keeping him exhausted and horny and scared all at once. He felt his strength being drained, and felt something new…a roll of fat began to grow on his underbelly, and began to spread like a malignant plague on his body. He felt his tits grow softer, his bellybutton grow deeper, his sides get bigger and pudgier. He could nothing to stop himself from being hard, but all his strength was gone, and he was helpless to stop the frightening transformation. As this was happening to Adam, he saw with disbelief his tormentor growing less fat. Every minute Alex held his cock in his hand, he noticed that his form began to grow firmer, fit, and muscular.

“Thank you for this, Adam.” He sneered in triumph.

“But why!?!” Adam cried in disbelief.

“Why it’s revenge, my clever boy.” Said a very familiar voice

“Lenny!! But how….”

“A miracle of modern science, my boy…I’ve taken more than your dignity, I’ve taken your physique. You’re trapped in a fat man’s body, unable to barely move now, and no longer a threat to me.”

Adam, feeling very depressed at himself and at what he’s become, was unsure for the first time in his life, about what to do.

[To be continued]