Senior Year: Trick or Treat

Senior Year: Trick or Treat

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Senior Year: Trick or Treat

My boyfriend Kevin was currently at points south of my thickening mid-section.

Six weeks ago, at the start of our senior year, Kevin had told me that he wanted me to think about starting to put on some weight on purpose. He said he’d always wanted to see me blow up. I was resistant to the idea at first, because I’d spent my first three years of college trying to do anything to avoid doing just that. But I’d ended up surprising both of us by really liking it—especially the eating, the pleasures of which I’d had to deny myself for a very long time. But even so, and even though I’d known I’d gained weight and was starting to develop a permanent roll of fat across my one-flat stomach, no one had said anything to me yet. My changes remained, for the moment, our little secret.

Which didn’t really matter, as I washed down another bite of Whopper with a swallow of full-sugar soda. And somewhere beneath my bloated, pooched-out belly, Kevin was ravishing attention on my cock.

Once I had finished off my last few fries, and Kevin had finished off me, he crawled back to the head of the bed and snuggled against me. He placed one hand gently on my belly, and wrapped the other arm around my shoulders and pulled me in close. “What would your father say about this?”

“You have the strangest ideas about afterplay,” I said, feeling his breath tickle my neck.

He chucked, continuing to rub slow, lazy circles against the skin of my belly. “No, I’m serious. What kind of Hindu spends all afternoon scarfing fast-food hamburgers?”

I sighed. “An American one. I’ve told you that before. Hinduism doesn’t have dietary laws. And considering what else was happening while I was scarfing hamburgers, I think that would be the least of my father’s objections.”

With that, I pecked him on the lips, and then disentangled myself to go hop in the shower.

Wednesday that week, someone else finally noticed my gains.

I was laying in the steam room at the gym after a workout with my buddies Omri and Tyler. We’re an odd group. Omri is a competitive bodybuilder, who, even during his offseason never seems to have fewer than six highly defined abs. Tyler is a wrestler, a tall, broad drink of water who’s never ripped, but has the kind of body I wouldn’t mind having myself, if I wasn’t currently enjoying eating my way into a pot belly. Tyler also has the most casual approach to nudity of anyone I’ve ever met.

“Rajiv, dude,” Tyler started.

“”We think it’s great that you’re trying to bulk up,” Omri finished, turning his massive body to face mine, “But we want to make sure you’re doing it in a good way.”

The sudden knowledge that my friends had noticed my gains caused my dick to stir under my towel, but I tried to ignore it. “Um, how did you know?”

“Dude,” Tyler said, advancing towards me, “how could we not?”

A lot of people would find being approached by 200 pounds of naked wrestler muscle to be intimidating, but it was just Tyler. He reached out and grabbed ahold of the tiny roll of fat that had started collecting at my abdomen. Which also made me hope the towel was concealing me.

“You can’t just start pounding the Big Macs and hope the weight will come on,” Omri said, sheens of sweat gathering below his ebony pecs. “We’re making sure you’re outfitted right, man.”

After we’d showered (with Tyler and Omri putting on a display of grab-ass that made me wish the showers had a little more privacy), I was shepherded around GNC, catching about every third word. $200 poorer, I took my newly acquired supplements home.

I figured they knew what they were talking about. I’d told Kevin from the start that I wasn’t into this just to get fat, although I had to admit that was a nice bonus. I grabbed a fistful of the Halloween candy that Kevin had made sure I had easy access to, and got to work reading labels. The whey protein seemed like the best bet to get started. It was a little light on the calorie side, so I mixed it with whole milk, and took a big slug.

It wasn’t the worst thing I’d ever tasted, but it wasn’t exactly haute cuisine either. I finished it, and then plopped down in front of the TV to veg out. I’d been zoned out, half watching for about fifteen minutes, when I noticed that the shake was sitting kind of heavy in my stomach. I pulled up the hem of my shirt, and I could clearly see that my belly was bloated outwards. Which gave me an idea.

I mixed up two more servings of the shake, and, with effort, downed them both. I went into the bedroom, and stood in front of the full-length mirror, where I’d gotten used to spending morning taking inventories of the changes my body was going through. I stripped down to my underwear, turned sideways, and took a look.

It looked like someone had stuck a bicycle pump into my navel and inflated. My belly was swollen big and round, bigger than I’d ever seen it get. Perhaps not surprisingly, as I traced its new shape, my cock started stirring in my shorts. I knew this was only temporary, but it was damn hot. I fished myself out, and started to rub. I closed my eyes, imagining Kevin between my legs, feeling our hips bang together, my big, round belly rubbing against his back as I thrust into him.

I came explosively, then relaxed onto the floor. The wheels in my head were beginning to turn.

For the next two weeks, I threw myself more or less completely into school and the gym. I made sure I ate well, especially on the weekends when I had time to spend with Kevin and enjoy getting lost in my gluttony with him, but I was focusing on putting on a show for him.

The night of Halloween, I’d begged off attending any parties, preferring to give Kevin a trick and a treat. I’d been puttering around the apartment getting ready, stopping off now and again to pop a piece of candy into my mouth, but mostly anxiously waiting for him to come home. My costume, what little of it there was, was laid out in the bedroom.

When at last I heard his key in the door, I hurried into the bedroom. “Stay where you are,” I called, loudly. “I have a surprise for you.”

“Babe,” he started, wearily, “it’s been a really long week…oh, my.”

He’d been struck speechless as I followed my belly into the living room in my costume.

Omri had helped me pick out the skimpiest pair of posing trunks I could find. The small amount of fabric covered my junk and pretty much nothing else. But what I wanted him to see was my bloated belly, swollen huge from the five shakes I’d just chugged. This was temporary, but it was the biggest I’d ever been.

Kevin whimpered softly and places his hands on either side of my belly. In response, I pushed it out as far as I could. He had me in the bedroom before I knew what was happening, and was in the process of stripping off my trunks with his teeth.

“Not tonight, babe,” I growled, before flipping him onto his back and straddling him. I pulled off his shirt and pants and tossed them aside, then grabbed a condom and some lube from my bedside table. He quivered beneath me as I thrust into him, my belly bouncing against his thighs.

“Fuck me,” he moaned. “Fuck me, fat boy.”

I continued to thrust deeper and deeper into him. With one hand on the smooth, brown skin of my belly, he placed the other on his own cock and started to stroke. He moaned with pleasure as I kept working, yelping as he came with astonishing force against my belly. I felt my perception go white as I came inside, and I collapsed in a heap next to him.

“That,” he panted, “was incredible.”

Catching my own breath, I grinned at him. “And we’re just getting started.”