Southern Hospitality

Southern Hospitality

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It was said that young Jimmy possessed the trifecta … huge meaty thighs; a big generous buttocks; and a set of pecs thick with muscle and capped by succulent nipples the size of silver dollars. Jimmy put his muscles to great effect being the tight end on his school football team. His imposing six-foot tall body and chunky 220 lb frame got the job done both in blocking and receiving roles. Opposition players were often awestruck when seeing Jimmy in uniform for the first time as his muscular body filled his sporting uniform to almost bursting point.

Seventeen year old Jimmy’s fortunes had changed recently with the death of both his parents in a car accident and the requirement of their will that he would need to move from California to live with a distant uncle in the back blocks of Tennessee until he came of age and was entitled to his inheritance. His widowed Uncle Fergus was appointed his guardian and controlled his affairs. Uncle Fergus owned a run down bar called the Fat Hog that catered for transients and a local population of largely hillbillies. He had twin twenty-one year old boys Cal and Rusty who raised hell at every opportunity, had spent time in juvenile detention and were currently finishing a stint in state prison. All in all clean cut young Jimmy was entering into a less than wholesome environment.

It was a hot and steamy day as Uncle Fergus picked Jimmy up at the bus depot. Jimmy was wearing a singlet and high cut running shorts that showed off his tanned hairless meaty body to maximum advantage and Uncle Fergus couldn’t help leering at the bare flesh in between words of greeting between the two. His eyes devoured the scantily clad buttocks and milky smooth thighs as Jimmy hefted his backpack with ease into the tray of the ute. As they settled into the drive back to the bar, Uncle Fergus couldn’t help steeling glances at the well-built youth beside him. What he saw excited him and intimidated him at the same time… so much beauty and power in the one package. Black curly locks, brown eyes set off a classically handsome face which connected to a strong thick neck. Bulging arms with cantaloupe sized biceps twitched with every movement as Jimmy talked about his journey. Uncle Fergus couldn’t help licking his lips as his eyes descended to Jimmy’s chest and the two immense pectorals pushing the singlet material out to form a deep veranda over his trim waist. What also excited him was the visible cleavage created by the low cut singlet and the jouncing swaying motion the relaxed pecs made as he went over bumps and corrugations in the road. On one particularly rough stretch of road Jimmy’s left pec escaped the confines of the singlet exposing an overly large and ripe looking nipple the size of a silver dollar. Uncle Fergus’ rapidly stiffening cock inched down his trouser leg like a hungry lizard sneaking up on its prey, so excited was he by the sight of the swollen nipple set atop the lush pec flesh. My god I could have fun with those big beauties given half a chance he thought as the rough road continued and his eyes travelled further down to Jimmy’s jiggling crotch and shapely thighs. Plenty of well grown meat there for the taking he thought to himself as the bumpy road gave way to smooth bitumen. He then began to hatch a plan involving the bar chef and his twin boys that would make use of this lad’s extraordinary attributes.

They arrived at the Fat Hog bar and Uncle Fergus showed him to his room that he would be sharing with the twins on their return which would be in about six weeks time. It was sparsely decorated save for a couple of large photographs of the twins with shotguns over each shoulder standing over what looked to be an enormous pig that they had hunted down and shot. The other was of the twins and Uncle Fergus looking on hungrily as the pig was rotating on a barbecue spit. The twins looked to be wiry and dressed in the hillbilly mold and presented a scary image to young Jimmy as they were rough looking and not particularly attractive. The room contained only one bed albeit a king sized one and it was explained to Jimmy that as space was limited he would be sharing that with the twins also. Jimmy was a little apprehensive about the sleeping arrangements but did not feel it was his place to raise it with his uncle at this time, given that he had so generously taken him in. Jimmy put his things away and went downstairs to get instructions from Uncle Fergus as to his duties. He quickly realized this was not going to be a holiday camp; he would be expected to work for his keep.

This involved long hours behind the bar with little if any time for recreation. Uncle Fergus encouraged him to make use of an old bench press and some free weights that the twins had set up in the back yard. The only consolation to the long hours and lack of exercise were the beautiful meals that the chef Louis prepared. Louis was particularly attentive where Jimmy was concerned and used the lad as a guinea pig to test out new dishes he was thinking of putting on the menu. In the tradition of southern cooking, these were mostly high calorie dishes. Jimmy enjoyed the food and attention and didn’t realize he was gaining weight until his second week when he tried to get into his workout shorts to go for a jog before he started work. What a struggle it was to pull the already tight shorts over his thick thighs and fleshy buttocks, and when he did manage to he noticed where he once had a relatively defined set of abs, these were now less defined and covered by a layer of soft fat that the elastic in the waist band was now digging into and hanging over particularly around his broad hips, which were starting to take on a distinctly feminine shape.

He stood in front of the bathroom mirror and sucked in his gut and flexed his big chest before striking a double bicep pose and grinning at his reflection. His big upper body was gorgeous and rounded with defined muscle in all the places it should be. He relaxed his pose and brought his right hand up to cup his bulging left pec and test its weight. He couldn’t resist tweaking his big stretched nipple as he did so, to make the teat standout more. He repeated the process with his right pec and nipple. His nipples had always been naturally very large giving his well-developed pecs a very sexy appearance. His weight gain if anything was giving his nipples a more swollen appearance.

As he flexed his pecs a few more times in the mirror the bathroom door opened and his uncle walked in stark naked to use the john. As he passed Jimmy he couldn’t resist reaching out and pinching one of his swollen nipples and giving it a brief twist and tug.
“Working on developing a big set of mantits my boy.”
As he passed Jimmy he pinched a love handle and gave Jimmy’s big ass a swat with his open hand.
“And an ass to match big fella. Keep up the good work.”

Jimmy left for his jog with a somewhat troubled mind. No-one had referred to his big chest and nipples as mantits before which kind of excited him and scared him at the same time. He resolved over the coming weeks to exercise more and watch what he ate but that was easier said than done, especially with Louis’s cooking.

Six weeks went by in no time and Cal and Rusty were due to return in the evening. During the six weeks despite more attention to exercise and lifting weights he had managed to stack on three stone in weight bringing his beefy bod up to 260lb. Little did he know that Louis in the last week had also been adding a small amount of lactating hormone to his meals, which made his already swollen nipples more sensitive and bulge out further from his chest. His clothes now had trouble containing his big bulked up body and his uncle had not allowed him time to buy any more. In fact that afternoon Uncle Fergus had told him that the Fat Hog would now be a topless bar, and that he would be required to go topless at all times given the huge set of tits he had developed. Also the only trousers that would fit him were his work out shorts already stretched to the max with bulging flesh. How had he let himself get into this situation.

Uncle Fergus asked him to go with him in the ute to pick up the twins from the bus depot. It would be a squeezy ride but who was Jimmy to question his uncle.
As the twins emerged they were greeted warmly by their father with much hugging and back slapping, and then in turn they were introduced to their shirtless cousin Jimmy.

“Well fuck me”, the twins exclaimed in unison as they surveyed their big fattened cousin. “Turn around cus and give us look at the whole package” Cal asked looking with disbelief as the lad turned around to show his big ass and thighs. “This one’s built for pleasure that’s for sure”, Rusty said as he gripped a handful of ass flesh and then smacked it hard. “Sure is”, Cal responded grabbing a handful of pec flesh and squeezing hard. “I’ve never seen a better set of tits than these. That’s for sure.”

Uncle Fergus winked at the boys and said there would be lots of time for that later and indicated they should hop in the ute. Cal and Rusty moved onto to the bench seat beside their father and indicated to Jimmy that he should sit on his cousins’ laps for the ride back to the Fat Hog. Jimmy spread his meaty thighs between the legs of his cousins and rested his big padded ass cheeks on his cousins’ thighs. He then raised his big muscled arms and put one round each of his cousin’s shoulders giving each of them access to his big plush body. The boys were attracted to Jimmy’s big mantits and his swollen milk engorged nipples particularly when the road got bumpy and Jimmy’s tits bounced around wildly. Their sex starved cocks were hard as rocks as they rubbed them on the fattened ass meat, felt up his fat muscled bod and sucked milk from Jimmy’s teats.
“Nice homecoming dad”, the boys remarked as the ute reached the Fat Hog bar.

The twins opted for an early night and asked Fergus if Jimmy could be released from his duties for a bit of fun in the shared bed. While Jimmy knew the boys were going to have their way with him, he was excited by the possibilities given how sex starved they were, and given his newly fattened beefy body. The twins were particularly keen to role play the scene out of the film ‘Deliverance’ where the hillbillies ride the fat sow around a while and then fuck him, but they figured it might be more exciting if Jimmy didn’t know what was going to happen. So while they waited for Jimmy to arrive in the bedroom, the twins got naked and Cal got his shotgun (unloaded of course) and waited by the door. When the door opened and Jimmy walked in, he was confronted by a shotgun barrel poked into his belly fat. He began to sweat in fear giving his plumped up body a sexy sheen.

“On the floor big boy … on all fours,” Rusty said in excited anticipation.
Jimmy looked very sexy in his work out shorts stretched to the max by his wide padded hips and huge ass. This was complemented by his naked upper body, broad shoulders, muscled arms and flaring lats. The twins were boned up and ready for action.
“Now make like a pig and run away from us,” Rusty said.
They watched as Jimmy made off on all fours, his fat ass shaking and his mantits swaying from side to side as he waddled around the room.
Rusty leapt onto Jimmy’s back and rode him for a while, slapping Jimmy’s quivering ass every few strides to keep him moving. Jimmy was now sweating profusely, with Rusty’s hands slipping off Jimmy’s muscled shoulders. Rusty reached under Jimmy’s body and grabbed hold of his big swinging breasts and squeezed hard, the flesh threatening to ooze through his grasping fingers.
“Fucking big juicy tits,” Rusty exclaimed as he alternately grabbed and relaxed his hands as if milking a cow.

“Time to find out if our cousin here is a boar or a sow”, Rusty grunted with lust as he slid off Jimmy’s back and while kneeling behind him got his hands in the waistband of Jimmy’s tight shorts and tried to yank them down.

“Fuck he’s a fat one alright,” Rusty gasped as more and more of Jimmy’s fine white sweat slickened ass flesh came into view with each tug. Finally Jimmy’s ass was uncovered and the shorts were pulled over his fleshy thighs; the big ass cheeks and the crack exposed.

“I’ve got to have some of this ass now or I’ll shoot,” Rusty gasped as his roughened chain gang hands grabbed handfuls of Jimmy’s soft ass flesh and pulled the cheeks apart to expose Jimmy’s asshole.

“Fuck, what a fat ass you’ve got on you piggy,” Rusty panted as he inserted seven inches of rock hard penis up Jimmy’s quivering ass. Jimmy squealed loudly as he was impaled, adding to the twins’ excitement. Rusty set up a steady fucking rhythm while gripping onto Jimmy’s well-padded hips for support. In no time Rusty shot a huge sex starved load up Jimmy’s big plump ass while continually rubbing and grasping the fat flesh on Jimmy’s sides.
Rusty finally rolled off Jimmy’s sleek body and it was Cal’s turn. After Cal had fucked Jimmy he reached between Jimmy’s legs and took hold of Jimmy’s stiff cock and balls and brought him to a shuddering climax.
“He must be a boar after all,” he said grinning at his brother.

They all jumped into bed and continued the exploration of Jimmy’s big muscled body. This time the twins concentrated on manhandling Jimmy’s huge mantits with the supersensitive nipples and biting his fattened flesh until they fell asleep with exhaustion.

*** *** ***

Jimmy woke with a start and glanced across at the clock on the bedside table that said 5.21am. The twins were still sound asleep with a steady snoring purr escaping their lips. He recalled the events earlier in the night and had enjoyed the rough treatment at the hands of the twins immensely. What troubled him somewhat was when the twins referred to his fattened body as meat and how well his whole body would roast up on the barbecue. They said what an excellent job Louis had done in fattening him up and even pointed out the choicest parts of his young body they would enjoy eating the most and emphasized the point by pinching and squeezing the parts and marking with a pen where the meat should be cut from.

Rusty was most interested in Jimmy’s big mantits and had had him jog up and down on the spot while he tested their weight by cupping his hands around them as they fell down. He had even slid under Jimmy while he was on all fours and cupped Jimmy’s pendulous breasts while he got Jimmy to tense them and then relax them so he could feel their weight and density of muscle. He even opened his mouth to take in each swollen nipple in turn while he squeezed the surrounding breast meat to induce the release of Jimmy’s milk.

Cal on the other hand was most interested in Jimmy’s big ass and upper thighs and had tested the thickness of fat covering the muscle by getting Jimmy to tense each cheek and thigh in turn while he saw how much fat he could pinch between his fingers, almost like a skin fold test. In between pinching he would lick the buttery smooth skin and lightly bite and kiss the plump flesh.

What woke Jimmy up was the fact his mind had put two and two together and he realized his uncle, the twins and Louis the chef planned to eat him. He needed to get away. He got out of the bed as quietly as possible so as not to disturb the twins, put on his workout shorts and runners, and crept from the room. He didn’t have a plan other than to get far away from there before anyone missed him.

It was beginning to get light as he jogged down a back road that he new would join to the main road in time. As he passed a farm he noticed a shirt on a clothesline and figured the farmer wouldn’t miss it if he took it. He didn’t want to draw attention to himself unnecessarily being shirtless. As he removed the shirt and began to put it on a light come on in the house and a woman emerged yelling at him to stop. He ran off as fast as his fattened up body would allow and darted in and out of trees beside the road so as not to be seen. The farmer’s wife wasted no time and rang the sheriff’s deputy who took the call in his patrol car on the highway waiting to catch speeding motorists. In no time at all he was on the back road keeping a close lookout for someone fitting Jimmy’s description. Jimmy saw the lights of a car approaching and came out of from the trees in hope that the driver would see him, stop and rescue him. His hopes were dashed when the deputy emerged from the car brandishing a gun. He was cuffed and taken back to the station and despite trying to explain his story to the deputy he was led to the cells to await the arrival of the sheriff in the morning who would get to the bottom of the theft matter. Being a small town the police station only had one cell and as the deputy opened the door and released his cuffs he could see that there was already someone in it. The door closed behind him and the deputy left to go back on patrol. Jimmy felt very alone and fearful as he stood holding the bars to the cell watching the deputy leave.

Jake couldn’t believe his luck as his eyes devoured young Jimmy’s curvaceous body from behind… the full hips, the big jutting ass, the fleshy thighs were all on view even if covered by workout shorts and a shirt, and they had an immediate effect on Jake’s cock which he began to stroke through his prison issue shorts at the sight of Jimmy.

Jimmy turned around and his eyes met Jake’s. He must have appeared like a startled rabbit whose eyes had been caught in the headlights, as Jake’s piercing wolf like eyes locked onto Jimmy’s and without a word being said, Jimmy could sense the hunger and power of the man.

Jake was awaiting sentence by the county court for rape and murder. While only 30 years old he was every bit a hardened criminal. His powerful 6ft 4in body was muscular and hard without an ounce of fat. It was also heavily covered in tattoos. He was shirtless as he sat up on the cell bunk to survey the well-fed young adonis before him who was beginning to sweat with fear. He could smell it.
His eyes roved over Jimmy’s well built frame, taking in the long curly locks of hair, the handsome boyish face, strong thick neck, the broad shoulders, the well muscled arms and legs, the wide hips. He enjoyed sex with muscled young men as much as he enjoyed it with the ladies. He found any curves attractive. He continued stroking his now rockhard cock as he continued undressing Jimmy with his eyes. Jimmy eyes were now glued to Jake’s hand and cloth covered cock as if hypnotized.

“Make yourself comfortable lad. Take your shirt off. I can see you have a nice built body. No point keeping it covered up.”
Jimmy hesitated only for a second but new that resistance was futile. He slowly unbuttoned the recently stolen shirt one button at a time his eyes downcast not daring to watch Jake’s. He drew back the sides and shrugged it off his shoulders and let it drop to the floor, still not daring to look at Jake.
He heard Jake wolf whistle and looked up. Jake had pulled his cock and balls out his shorts and was unabashedly stroking it while leering at Jimmy.
“Got yourself a big built chest there boy. Fucking gorgeous big man titties. Cup them for me sugar.” Jake said.
Jimmy kept his pecs relaxed and plumped the flesh up with his hands.

“Now pull on those fat juicy nipples. Now twist them… That’s it… You’re making Jake very horny my boy.”

Jake stood and pulled is shorts all the way off and tossed them onto the bunk and moved over to stand in front of Jimmy. His muscular body, 8 inch cock and bull balls were an imposing site to Jimmy as Jake approached him, the rigid cock swaying from side to side. Jake was about 4 inches taller and probably weighed in at about 230lb, some two stone in weight lighter than Jimmy’s plumped up bod.

Jake put his hands on Jimmy’s hips and squeezed lightly then moved them around to take hold of Jimmy’s enormous ass cheeks and gripped them hard all the time looking into Jimmy’s eyes. He could see Jimmy’ eyes starting to tear up.
To show his strength he lifted Jimmy off the ground by his butt cheeks, as if testing the lad’s weight.
“You’ve got some fat on you boy, as well as muscle. I like that a lot.” Jake said as he lowered Jimmy back down.
“A man could have a lot of fun with you.”
Jake walked behind Jimmy to survey Jimmy’s wide back and shoulders.

“Give me a double bicep pose.” Jake said, helping Jimmy to raise his arms up.
Jake rubbed his hands over Jimmy’s bulging deltoids and across to the bicep peaks, squeezing the soft skin covered muscles. He now brought his hands down to Jimmy’s waist and squeezed the fleshy love handles and then rubbed the plush fat bulging over the workout shorts.
“Lower your arms now boy,” Jake whispered in Jimmy’s ear.

Jake still behind Jimmy slowly brought his hands up Jimmy’s belly until they encountered the overhang of Jimmy’s huge pecs. He brought his hands away from Jimmy’s chest momentarily and then forcefully slapped his hands on Jimmy’s pecs and gripped them hard, squeezing the flesh. Jimmy tensed his pecs against the violation making them as hard as he could forcing Jake’s gripping fingers apart.

“That’s it. Show me you’re a man under all that meat. Flex those tits.” Jake gasped.

“Now relax them,” Jake ordered. Jake had never had so much breast flesh in his hands as he did at this moment and he was enjoying it. He cupped Jimmy’s big mantits and juggled them in the palms of his hands making the heavy flesh jiggle up and down. Fuck he was having fun. He could even look over Jimmy’s shoulder to watch his own show.
Eventually he moved his hands down to Jimmy’s shorts again, one hand rubbing the belly fat, the other gripping Jimmy’s rigid cock and balls through the material. He released his hold on the belly fat to undo the button and fly holding up Jimmy’s shorts and proceeded to peal them down over the meaty butt and thighs, which was not an easy task. Finally they were off and Jake again stood back to survey the sexy sight.

“You are built for pleasure lad,” he said as he rubbed Jimmy’s big meaty rump.
“Big muscle tits and an ass as big and wide as Texas.”
“Lie down on the bunk with that big ass in the air and prepare to be mounted.”

*** *** *** *** *** ***

“Got one of your boys here,” explained the Sheriff to Fergus over the phone.

“Caught stealing a shirt from one of your neighbors. I can’t have him clogging up the court system, so propose I give him some old fashioned southern punishment so as he won’t do it again. Is that OK with you?” the Sheriff asked.

“OK with me Sheriff. Boys that age need to be kept in line and know what’s in store for them if they go to juvenile hall.” Fergus said wishing he could watch the proceedings.

“So, come by the station at lunch time. He should be ready to take home by then,” said the Sheriff.

Sheriff Rooney got a kick out of whipping wayward lads into shape, especially well built cocky young jocks like Jimmy who thought they could break the law and get away with it. Sheriff Rooney was big and muscular, his uniform fitting his big body like a glove. His appearance was intimidating.

He looked up from his paperwork as Jimmy was brought into his office by the Deputy and was immediately captivated by the lad’s proportions and good looks. Jimmy had on the white shirt and workout shorts and runners that he had arrived in. The Sheriff’s cock tingled and expanded in his uniform trousers as he sized Jimmy up and thought of the possibilities and the line of “education” he would take with Jimmy.

“Can’t have a young tear-away like you disrespecting our community, so I need to teach you a lesson you won’t forget,” Sheriff Rooney said. “A good ole spanking will be a good place to start.”

Jimmy had never been spanked in his life so he didn’t know what was in store for him. He was about to find out.

The Sheriff rolled his chair away from his desk and into the middle of the room where Jimmy was standing and pulled the startled lad across his lap. Jimmy struggled at first, but lost his balance as the Sheriff’s iron grip on his arm pulled him into place, his big round ass filling the Sheriff’s lap.

“Fuck you’re a weight boy,” he exclaimed, not remembering a lad as built or heavy as Jimmy before. He lifted Jimmy’s shirt tails and raised his right hand and brought it down hard on Jimmy’s gym shorts clad ass.

“Whack,” the sound reverberated round the room, followed by a yelp from Jimmy.

“Whack … whack …whack …” continued for about twenty slaps, Jimmy’s yelps getting louder, as the force of Sheriff Rooney’s slaps were starting to sting his fleshy ass-cheeks.
The Sheriff suddenly stopped the assault and pushed Jimmy off his lap.

“Time for you to get bare-assed boy. This ain’t hurtin’ enough,” the Sheriff grunted working up a sweat. He stood and removed his uniform shirt to make himself more comfortable, then watched Jimmy as he struggled to get his workout shorts over his huge ass and thighs.

“What paddock you been grazing in boy. You’re fatter than a milk-fed young heifer,” he said licking his lips as he gazed at the fattened flesh jiggling on Jimmy’s big ass cheeks and thighs. Jimmy was too embarrassed to turn around as the spanking had turned him on more than he wanted to show the Sheriff.

“Might as well take the shirt off as well,” the Sheriff said winking at Jimmy. “Wouldn’t want to get that all sweaty.”

Jimmy reluctantly removed the shirt exposing his big upper body to the Sheriff’s gaze.

“Fuck this kid is built big and sexy” the Sheriff thought as his eyes darted between each of Jimmy’s big muscled breasts obviously covered with a layer of fat which gave them a lush plump appearance and stretched the areoles and nipples to the maximum. The layer of fat covering his body however could not disguise the foundations of an excellent physique including big arms, shoulders and back muscles.

The Sheriff again pulled Jimmy onto his lap and proceeded to slap his big ass cheeks about thirty times. This time tremors rippled across the fat cheeks and thigh flesh as each blow was struck, also leaving red imprints on the skin. What a sexy sight! The Sheriff couldn’t resist rubbing the meaty flesh between whacks marveling at how soft and lush it felt. Jimmy began to cry after whack ten with the mix of emotions he was feeling – both pleasure and pain. A sheen of sweat covered both Jimmy’s body and that of the Sheriff’s adding to the excitement.

Sheriff Rooney again stood and dropped Jimmy in a heap onto the floor. Nothing could hide Jimmy’s obvious excitement now as his erect cock and balls flopped around wildly. Nor could the Sheriff’s as his fat seven-incher stretched down his trouser leg.

“Time to get your big body cleaned up lad,” the Sheriff said; lust barely disguised in his words or his eyes.

“You wouldn’t be showering alone in prison … you might as well know what can happen between prisoners in the showers, especially ones as good looking, soft and shapely as you,” said the Sheriff as he removed his uniform trousers, pulled Jimmy from the floor, and led the way to the shower with a slap to Jimmy’s big rump.

“You are prime punk material lad,” Sheriff Rooney explained as the warm water showered their bodies and he soaped up his hands. “Cons will look at your big muscular mantits and think of their wives and girlfriends. They’ll want to feel them up and squeeze them like this,” Sheriff Rooney said as his soap-lathered hands stroked Jimmy’s breasts, fondling and squeezing them. “Some will even want to suck on those big swollen nipples and get some milk out,” the Sheriff said, turning Jimmy around and bringing his hungry lips down to suck on the plump nipples. As this was happening, Jimmy was furiously rubbing his hard cock and squeezing his balls.

“Others will want to get at that big shapely ass of yours,” the Sheriff said, bringing his strong hands around to grip onto Jimmy’s big fat bubble ass. He began to soap up the pliable fleshy cheeks and the deep crack between until he reached Jimmy’s hole and proceeded to insert a soapy finger. When he was satisfied Jimmy’s hole was cleaned out he turned him around.

“They’ll want to pry your cheeks apart and fuck you hard,” the Sheriff said, while whacking his rockhard cock on Jimmy’s huge quivering butt. With that the Sheriff parted Jimmy’s cheeks and thrust his soap slickened cock through Jimmy’s ring into his hot rectum. Jimmy squealed with surprise and then began to enjoy it as the Sheriff rammed his cock in and out.

In no time both Jimmy and the Sheriff had shot their loads a couple of times while feeling up each other’s bodies. Exhausted and spent the Sheriff couldn’t resist toweling Jimmy’s big hunky body dry and manhandling those luscious tits one last time before Uncle Fergus arrived to pick Jimmy up.

“I think he’s learnt his lesson,” he said to Fergus as he slapped Jimmy’s butt for the last time.

Uncle Fergus did most of the talking on the way back to the Fat Hog. He spoke to Jimmy about the quality of the meat he was carrying around on his body and how the fat he had gained would make the meat very juicy and tender when cooked. To emphasize his points he reached over from the driver’s seat and rubbed his hand along Jimmy’s big thigh and squeezed the soft flesh. Jimmy was beginning to come around to the idea of doing something meaningful for his newly adopted family and what better way than providing the main course for dinner.

Preparations for the barbecue were in full swing as they arrived back at the bar. Louis had blown up a large children’s inflatable wading pool in the backyard and emptied a few gallons of extra virgin olive oil into it, to which he had added some wine and various herbs and spices. This was to be the marinade for the meat. Louis had also set up a douching apparatus connected to a warm water hose for cleaning out Jimmy’s intestines. It helped that Jimmy had not had a meal since the evening before, so there was nothing in his stomach. The twins cleaned young Jimmy out and once done got out the hair clippers and shaver and cut off Jimmy’s curly locks and shaved away his body hair, which was next to none to begin with save for his groin, underarms and asshole. He was ready for the marinade.

Uncle Fergus emerged from the bar and quickly stripped off all his clothes revealing a solid and quite hairy body. Jimmy’s eyes locked onto the thick and rapidly expanding cock that was dangling lewdly over a set of bull balls between Fergus’s legs. Fergus couldn’t help but get excited by the sight of Jimmy’s big smooth and shapely body. He brought his hands up to cup the mounds of Jimmy’s big meaty pecs and tested the weight of bulging flesh, then squeezed each of his swollen nipples. He glided his hands down over Jimmy’s fat covered abs and squeezed the fat on Jimmy’s sides and lower back, then brought them to rest on each of Jimmy’s huge jutting butt cheeks. He then squeezed and rolled the fat buttery flesh between his fingers, grasping and kneading as much as he could.

“You are ripe for eating my boy. Your meat will never be as good as it is today,” Fergus said, bringing his hands round again to Jimmy’s front, this time feeling up the fattened jiggly flesh on Jimmy’s big round thighs. All this squeezing and pinching had made Jimmy’s plump young cock hard and Fergus couldn’t help rubbing his hairy forearm along the length of Jimmy’s six incher and balls as he felt up the soft inner thigh flesh.

“Let’s get you oiled up lad,” Fergus said, as he brought both his well muscled hairy forearms round Jimmy’s soft waist and hefted him off his feet and tossed him into the wading pool of marinade. Jimmy’s body made a sexy sight as he landed hard, ass first in the shallow pool of marinade, his boy boobs and lush tummy flesh jiggling wildly as his prostrate body slid across the pool and marinade sloshed over his flesh.

Fergus stepped into the pool, then sat down and slid himself across to be beside the now marinade covered Jimmy. Fergus was not content in just rubbing marinade over Jimmy’s plump body, he also wanted to satisfy his lust and have sex with the youth in as many positions as he could, as he knew the twins had done. But first he needed to soften Jimmy up a bit with some wrestling moves, so while kneeling he again wrapped his big arms around Jimmy’s waist and heaved him over onto his stomach. Fergus tossed Jimmy around the pool a number of times trying to knock the wind out of him. Jimmy made a comical sight as he tried to evade the grasping oil slickened hands of Fergus by getting on all fours and waddling around the pool, his fat ass and thighs jiggling madly.

“Trying to get away from me lad,” Fergus panted as he stopped to draw a breath and stroke his rampant cock. “You’re too fat to get away from me,” he said with a lust-filled voice, as he launched himself in the air and landed heavily on Jimmy’s back, with Jimmy’s arms and legs splaying out from under him. Fergus lay on top of Jimmy’s big soft body for a moment, his cock laying in the crevasse between Jimmy’s huge ass cheeks, his arms resting on Jimmy’s muscled shoulders. He couldn’t resist giving Jimmy’s thick neck a lick with his tongue and a few love bites as his hairy body luxuriated on Jimmy’s softness.

“Time we had a look and feel of those big mantits of yours,” Fergus said as he brought his hands under Jimmy’s chest and grabbed hold of the muscled fleshy mounds and squeezed them lewdly, all the time whispering in Jimmy’s ear, “Big fuckin’ tits you got boy … big juicy tits with lot’s of milk in them.”

Fergus heaved Jimmy into a sitting position between his outstretched legs while maintaining his hold on Jimmy’s slick breasts. Hunched forward they were more than a handful for Fergus and quite weighty. Fergus began to massage the flesh round each of Jimmy’s swollen nipples and called to the twins to hold a cup under each nipple in turn to catch Jimmy’s man-milk. It didn’t take a lot of massaging before milk started squirting from Jimmy’s pouty nipples and about half a cup was released. The half-cup of milk was given to Louis as an ingredient for a special dish he was preparing.

Fergus again heaved Jimmy flat onto his front and knelt behind his big ass pillows. He got Jimmy to hold his big cheeks apart while he aimed his throbbing oil slickened cock at Jimmy’s winking asshole and thrust it in hard. Each of Fergus’s thrusting motions propelled his body and plump young Jimmy’s headfirst across the pool. Fergus came by the time Jimmy had reached the other side of the pool. After a brief rest to catch his breath, Fergus again turned Jimmy over into a sitting position, and this time took Jimmy’s rigid fat cock in his hand and stroked it lovingly.

“Tell me when you’re going to cum lad as we need to catch your cream.” As before, the twins held a cup in front of Jimmy’s spasming cock as it released its load. With all but one of the essential ingredients captured, Fergus continued to enjoy Jimmy’s fattened body one last time.

Fergus and Jimmy sat naked together at the side of the pool. The twins had broken out a jug of Fergus’s best moonshine and were passing it around. Jimmy was not used to alcohol and on an empty stomach passed out in no time. Fergus winked at the twins and they reached over and gave him a small but very sharp hunting knife.

“Let’s organize the last ingredient for our first course,” Fergus said as Cal handed him a stout rubber band. He grasped Jimmy’s nut sack and rolled the plump balls in his fingers and then took the rubber band and twisted it over the ball sack a few times, effectively cutting off the blood supply to Jimmy’s balls. He then deftly sliced open the ball sack and cut off Jimmy’s balls one at a time. Jimmy was still completely out of it as the balls were given to masterchef Louis to work his magic.

Garlic, ginger and chilli sizzled in oil. Jimmy’s plump balls were sliced evenly and added to the pan. Salt and pepper seasoned the cooking slices. After thirty seconds, Jimmy’s breast milk and cock cream were added and allowed to reduce slightly. Louis then spooned the slices and sauce onto four small plates, which he took out to Fergus and the twins.

“Can’t get fresher and more succulent than that,” Fergus grinned as he ate the sliced testes and slurped down the sauce.

It was surreal. Jimmy was feeling no pain as his thinking self, seemingly detached itself from his body and began to float above the scene acting out below him. His big meaty bod had somehow been drained of blood and was now tied to a huge rotisserie that was rotating over hot coals. Fergus, Louis and the twins were now joined by patrons from the ‘Fat Hog’, including the Sheriff, the Deputy, and Jake who was restrained in leg irons. With drinks in their hands, all were in high spirits as they watched Jimmy’s fat covered flesh sizzling and sputtering as it basted the meat below keeping it moist and tender.

It was time to start carving as the guests had put in their orders for favorite body part and were now looking expectantly at Louis as he sharpened the carving knife one last time and the spit was stopped. Like meat rotating on a Greek giro it was not expected that the meat closest to the bone or skewer would yet be cooked, but meat closest to the now crispy skin would be just right.

“So what’s your preference Sheriff?” Fergus asked, knowing that the Sheriff would be offended if he wasn’t asked first.

“I think I’ll start with some butt cheek, but make the slices thick and leave the skin and fat on. It should be the tenderest and most succulent part after the spanking and massage I gave him,” the Sheriff chuckled, holding out his plate to receive the meat.

The twins were in earnest conversation with Jake who they discovered they had a lot in common with including a liking for plumped up young jocks with oversized pecs. They recounted with Jake the scene from ‘Deliverance’ they had acted out with Jimmy and the fun they had had with his sow’s tits.

“We’re chest men, so slice off some of that plump pec meat and make sure we each get a nipple,” the twins said in unison. Jake nodded in agreement, his mouth watering in anticipation.

It was at the time that the boys took their first bite of tender breast meat that Jimmy was brought abruptly from his soaring out of body experience back to reality. He jerked suddenly awake to find he was in the king sized bed, with the twins on either side of him biting his fleshy chest and suckling his silver dollar sized nipples. It seemed the episode with Jake and the Sheriff had all been a dream as was the BBQ with he, Jimmy as the main course … or at least he thought so … wasn’t it?