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Caisson is so hot! wish i could see him naked! But Caisson wouldn't want a fag like me around him everyday. I'll try out for wrestling, hopefully Caisson will see me and he'll be mine forever. I mean i'm hot! I've got a bubble butt, a big cock, and of course I know how to treat a man like Caisson. Rough, thats how! But like I said he'll never like me.

Caisson: I know Austin is watching me! I'd like him if he would beef up. I can't go out with a skinny boy with the strength of ten small dogs. Now if he were big, fat, and huge i'd go out with him. He's trying out for wrestling, which would be good to see him in some tights, but he's big enough. Maybe i should fatten him up or tell him in person. Or give him insane free amounts of food! Everyone loves free food!
But i love his bubble butt!

Day: 2 Austin

I made it in! I got into wrestling! I need to start eating if i'm going to go up against anyone. I'll start by eating 12 lbs. of mcdonalds. But i already did that. Caisson must have know and paid for everything. 12 big macs, 20 mcnuggets, 3 chocolate milkshakes, and 24 cookies. It was delicious! I'll do this everyday of the week if I have to!

Day: 3 Caisson

something bad happened! These nerds said "maybe if you weren't so big and stupid you'd understand! they called austin a twit and he didn't know what that was. so we made a bet, well austin did somehow i got dragged into this mess! austin said that if we gained up to 6,758 pounds that the nerds would have to pay us for all the meals we bought during the time we have, which is 2 years. If we lost we had to pay for the nerds college funds, which would cost us a bunch of money. we have to win!