The Basement

The Basement

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By: shaps
“You from around here? I haven’t seen you before.”
He was talking to me? I had been keeping my eye on him almost the entire night. He definitely had the looks. Blonde hair, blue eyes, heavily muscled, on the shorter side, definitely my type.
“Nah. Just passin’ through. Beautiful here couldn’t imagine living in a place like this.” His jaw tightened and his posture became more menacing. This confused me though, if he hated it so much here, why stay?
“Yeah, definitely.”
He began to turn away, which led to my abrupt, “Can I buy you a drink?”
He slowly turned back around and his face seemed to become a little less tense. He threw himself into the chair across from me. I motioned for the waiter and got a beer, he asked for the same.
“So what’s your story?” He asked.
“Just passing through.” This was a total lie. In fact, I had a permanent residence just inside the forest wall. I had for more than half of my life. I just… didn’t get out much.
I didn’t understand why a guy like this would strike up a conversation with me. He was strikingly handsome, chiseled features, all-American, he was definitely straight too. Judging by the wedding ring that kept going on and off, I assume he is recently divorced and comes here to get drunk to eas the pain.
Myself on the other hand, I’m in my forties. Salt and pepper hair, noticeable paunch, but could I really help the paunch? It’s kind of hard to keep away when what I do for a living is feed other people until they’re too big to move. My boss, let’s just say he pays me a lot of money to get them there.
“Visiting an old friend in New York, decided to take a more scenic route along the shoreline.”
By now he had drained his beer so I waived over another waiter and ordered us a couple more beers.
“So what? You tryin’ to get me drunk here?”
“Hah! No, just bein’ friendly. Most people would walkin the other direction if they saw me in a bar.”
“So why you here on this lonely Wednesday night?”
“Uh, my wife and I recently got divorced. I find that coming here relaxes me.”
So my suspicions had been confirmed. Straight, recently divorced, comes here to get drunk.
I reached my worn hand across the table, “Dave.”
He returned it with a sarcastic smile, “Ezerai.”
“Nice name.”
This continued for awhile and after several more beers I’m pretty sure both of us were pretty intoxicated.
One thing I remember very clearly was us making out. Eventually we made it into my car and I drove us to my little shack.
“This-a wayyyy.”
I grabbed his hand and led him down the stairs into the basement. The table sat there in the middle of the room. You could see where the metal had been worn down by the friction of skin and metal rubbing together.
I got him to lie down on the table and take his clothes off. Despite my very intoxicated state, I managed to get the straps tied and buckled. Then he fell asleep and I left him there.

The next morning I woke up to the sound of him screaming. I could hear him struggling to get free, panting, yelling for help. But, no one is going to hear him. We’re in the middle of nowhere.
As I went down the stairs he got really silent.
“Don’t be afraid… actually be very afraid.”
I snickered in the darkness and flipped the light switch on. His eyes snapped shut and he tried to lift his hand to cover his eyes, but failed epically.
“The straps are just to ensure that you can’t get away. The boss would NOT be very happy if you did.”
“Why me? What did I do?”
“Oh you didn’t do anything. You just fit his profile.”
And with that I pulled the machine out from behind the curtains. The tube dragged across the ground making a ghastly scraping noise. He turned his head and his eyes widened to the size of golf balls.
“What recognize this?” He obviously did which surprised me. Maybe his wife had some sort of fetish that involved feeding? Oh well, all the better for me. Now I knew for a fact he would be able to fit quite a bit more than a beginner.
I walked it all the way over to the side of his bed then smiled down at him.
“Time for my part of the deal.” Then I stuffed the tube down his throat. He took it surprisingly well. Most of the time there was quite a bit of gagging involved. Even with cases I had been working on for awhile. I had very high expectations for this one.
After the tube was fully inserted I left the room to go watch my program.

A couple hours later I heard the timer go off so I made the trip down stairs. His gut extended quite a bit further than before. His face was covered in sweat and beet red.
“Had enough for now? You get an hour rest period then your second one starts.” I smiled and put my hand on his over fed gut and slowly rubbed it in circles. He moaned, obviously enjoying the feeling.
“Mmm. So you like this.” Then I walked away.

An hour later I went back down. The swell had gone down a little bit, but not much. The second one is usually bigger than the first, but I felt he could take some more. I walked up to the machine and upped it to two and a half instead of just two.
He shook his head furiously but I still flipped the switch. He gagged a little bit as the flow began again, but quickly adjusted and relaxed his muscles. He had had previous experience. I knew it now. It took them at least three days to figure that out.
“So who was it? Was it your wife? Don’t lie to me you’ve done this before. In fact, if you don’t tell me, I’ll up how much you’re taking. One, two, three.” I flipped it up to three gallons and his eyes bugged when I told him.
His finger nails scratched against the metal making little scratches. He spelled out, “DAD.”
“Your dad did it to you?” He frantically nodded his head. This pleased me so I left.
It was nearly one when the alarm went off again and I had to struggle to get up from my chair.
As I walked down the stairs I could hear his muted grunts. The sight before me was astonishing. His gut had to have swelled at least 20” inches and you couldn’t see his face over it.
“Wow, you blow up nicely, if I do say so myself.”
I tried to poke it but nothing happened besides a loud moan emitted from deep inside his throat. I laughed and began to push with my hand. A tear rolled down his cheek and dropped onto the table. I took my hand off of his gut and ran it through his hair. He closed his eyes and tried to turn away but I grabbed his hair and turned his head back.
“You will do what I want, or I WILL make you explode.”
He took slow deep breathes and winced with each one. Slowly he opened his eyes and looked up at me. I almost felt bad for him for a second, but then, his stomach rumbled.
“Oo? Hungry already. I’m coming to like you more and more.” Then I walked away.
The stairs creaked under my weight. I had never noticed that before. I guess it was time for another weigh in. Just a couple days ago I had weighed in at 203 pounds.
As I walked into my bathroom I noticed something else. My ass seemed to be jiggling more than usual. I pulled the scale out from underneath the counter and stepped on. As the needle settled I thought about why this would be. I looked down and had to do a double take. The scale read an astounding 220. I couldn’t have possibly gained seventeen pounds in just three or four days!
I sat in the living room pondering how this could’ve happened! I couldn’t have possibly gained that much weight. It wasn’t natural. Maybe I misread the scale last time? No I had even written it down. Had I been eating more/ I mean, I might’ve eaten a couple more donuts in the morning and drank a little bit more beer but not that much.
I pounded down the stairs and came to a halt at the end of the table.
“What are you doing to me. You have to have something to do with this.”
I thought I could see the edges of his mouth turn up but I might have been hallucinating. I slowly walked around the bed and came to a halt right next to his head. Then I ripped my button down open. I grabbed my roll of flab and shook it in his face.
“What the HELL is this!!!”
His body began to shake as if he was laughing and little gagging sounds came out of his throat. I ripped the tube out and a beautiful laugh came out. It was like a million little tinkling chimes. It was entrancing, dazzling. Perfect. I sat myself down on the side of the bed and closed my eyes to savor the sound, but he stopped.
“No! NO!!! Keep laughing!”
His lips turned up at the edges in a little smirk.
“No. I don’t want to.” Even his voice was beautiful. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t noticed it when we were in the bar. He was playing with me. Making me want him more.
“What did you do to your wife.” It was simple and straight to the point.
“She left me, so I killed her.”
I was astounded. He was the last person I would’ve thought to be a criminal, a murderer.
“Yeah that’s right. I killed her. She was a whore. She left me for him, that dirty faggot.”
I ran. I didn’t want to hear anymore. He began laughing again, but it was different, malevolent, evil. I bounded up the steps, gut jiggling and bouncing. He deserved this. When night came I was turning the machine on and not turning it off until tomorrow night when I knew he had to be dead.
I sat in my chair watching through the window for the sun to go down. When sunset came, I put on a shirt and carefully opened the basement door. As I walked down the steps I thought about what he had said earlier. “She was a whore… I killed her…” He watched me come towards him. He still wore a smile.
I flipped the switch and then left without a word. I slept peacefully that night.

When I woke up I could hear him moaning. Sobbing. He had to have at least eight gallons of it in him by now. I heard him sobbing for hours. Then, it just stopped. There was nothing in between.
It was around lunch and I could hear him sobbing, groaning but then it was just… over. Done. Silence.
I opened the door and walked down the stairs carefully. But what I saw before me was the exact opposite of what I had expecting to see. What I saw was a whale. It looked like he had swallowed a beach ball then inflated it past its limit.
It absorbed my attention. It was like I couldn’t look away. This was not normal. He shouldn’t have lived to be this big! As I stared I could feel a tingling starting in my midsection. I tried to look away but it was like my eyes were literally glued to his gut. The feeling intensified. It was like pins and needles. I reached my hands around and felt it. I could feel my gut expanding beneath my fingers. The flesh was soft and jiggly and expanding faster and faster. I could feel my man bobs sagging and drooping. They pushed my arms out. My thighs rubbed against each other and pushed my legs apart. Soon enough I couldn’t reach my hands around it any more. I heard that beautiful wind chime laughter ringing through the air. Hypnotizing me. Then, it all went black.