The Big World

The Big World

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Chapter One: For Food

30 years ago, the world went into chaos. Energy failed human. An underwater explosion at the coast of the Arab Gulf led to a series of hundred more explosion and there were no more oil to be consumed by power hungry human. Oil company shut down completely, but that's not the worse. The explosion causes one of the most tragic man-caused disaster in the history of the world, 2/3 of the sea water were covered by crude oil, and in less than a year, water were running out, and people fought over them. Food were scarce as well because there were no water for the plant to grow and the animals to drink. Rains were rare, even in the tropics. The condition worsen over the years, government fell because they can't handle the pressure from their people, but the rich rises above it all. And they began to rise above the new hierarchy at rapid pace. They recruit disposable people to do the dirty job for them in return for food security. From one place to another, the rich gains power and control over the lesser human. And because they have the resources, they've grown into what people called, Fat and Rich.

The Fat and Rich across all continent have made a deal over the years for deals, mostly were trading business. So they began the relationship from there. Everything were scarce, and so does entertainment. So twice a year they will hold a competition where the contestant will fight over food in whichever possible until one contestant gets the prize. There will be contestants from all over the world competing at their level, from district, to state, to country, and continent. The rules are simple, they can fight to the death, or if one contestant manage to get to the food first where as the other survived, they loser will be killed in the most horrible way possible, all decided by their own sponsor.

The Fat and Rich usually have many people they hired for the contest to be trained and pumped up for the competitive and drive edge. Not many people can get in, and so does the one who goes out alive. But whoever won they will be treated as a king until the next level of the game and if they reach to the top, the utmost title of the King awaits which entitle them for a lifetime supply of food.

Naturally, people were afraid of the game, but then there are a few brave others who are willing to risk it all. But since one Fat and Rich is only able to send one contestant to the ring, then the others watch as their peer gets murdered, and learned the lesson the hard way because once they're in, they're in until the day they're chosen to fight. But they trained and trained, and the trend was, the bigger the person is, the higher their chances at winning. But of course it wasn't always like that, but then again, the fatter the contestant is, the more odds that they will win.


Axon was only 11 when his father joined the tournament and three years after that his father died in the first round in the ring, killed by his own sponsor in the most horrifying way he could not even imagine. His father was 300 pounds back then, losing to an 178 pounds guy. His father was stabbed with a pocket knife on the legs and couldn't ran fast to hold on to the guy. After that, his father was tied on a pole and a long small tube was put into his body from the ass and the electric pump inflated his father's belly like a balloon. He watched his father yelled in pain before he exploded like a balloon struck with a needle. His mother wasn't there for him. His mother were long dead so he was raised by his father. And the tragedy left him alone in the cruel world. But it also ignited something in him. Something awakened in the pit of his stomach. A cold revenge. And 7 years later, he was already a lot more mature than anyone of his age.

Axon worked at a metal shop behind his house. And he has packed on some great, sturdy mass on his body and at 18, people would have thought he is 40. He has a jet black hair like his father does and a beard that distinguish him from most of the people there. Some elderly in the town said he was a spit image of his grandfather when he was young. He took it as a compliment but to be honest, he doesn't really care. He had never seen his grandfather and for all he know is that he's dead. His body is very muscular and wide, other 18 year-olds are very small compared to him. His arms is as big as a normal adults leg, and very rock-hard. His pecks are squarely, and he often works shirtless in the heat of the day.

He is a very hardworking man, and he keep it that way for years. He has got an eye for the prize, he wants to join the tournament, and for him to be chosen right away within his first year of joining the group, he needs to bulk up and look as powerful and intimidating as possible. The application is in a few weeks, he felt more ready than ever. He has never told anyone about his plan of course, who is there to talk to anyway. To him, nothing matters most other than his vengeance and the need for the life as a 'King'. His heart is filled with nothing other than the blackened, filled with ravenous, killer heart.

(end of Chapter One, Part 1)