The Big World

The Big World

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Chapter One: For Food (Part 2)

The application is only a few days away. After work, Axon trained harder to ensure he is qualified to go into practice. He knows his body isn't usually the type that gets picked, but he wanted to show that he doesn't have to be so fat to win. He just need to be fit and strong. He is very confident that he can beat anyone, even more than double his size. But there's always a problem. And his name is Douglas, or Big Doug people called him. Big Doug has been fat all his life. Big Doug is only a year older than Axon is, and he always give him a hard time. Big Doug is by far the biggest man in town, no one has ever reach his giant size and of course, the Fat and Rich of this town will pick him first. Besides, Big Doug is such a dick and a bully, he gets what he wants. Axon really hates him and assure himself that if both of them are to be put in the ring, he'll destroy his giant belly himself.

There are a few things he needs to remember about the application process, there will be a lot of people trying to get in, but only five will proceed to the practice area inside the homes of the Fat and Rich. There, they will have three months of practice and bulking up, fighting among each other and their sponsor will observe and assess who have the most potential to win. During application, they will have to state their name, age, weight, height, and a strength test that changes every year. Last year each applicants were made to lift a 200 pounds of weight. The year of Axon's father, they were made to withstand 200 punches on the belly from other applicants. They were ridiculous, but the strength test is determined by each the sponsor and they wanted to find that something special in each of the applicants before they are accepted into the practice.


The waiting was a long, long one. It has been 7 years since his father died. Today, Axon start up his day early, lifting metals in the morning, a few hours before the application session is opened. After that, he goes into the bathroom, trying to wash the filth away and be at his best. He feels his mass bulked up in the cold shower, and let the water runs all over his naked body. He re-calls his father's death, he can still hear his father's final word to him. It was his name. Axon. And with a horrible pop, he saw the inside of his father flew into every direction. But he didn't cry, or shout, or make any noise in that matter. He was in shock. But today he aims to make it to the top. And after that he will plan the sweetest revenge.
After bath, he put on his old jeans and a plain white t-shirt and heads to a small bar that offers stale bread and some fruits and horrible coffee. But to them the poor, it is a luxury to go in there. He had save some earnings for the day, and the owner owed him once for saving his ass.

He is early. Nobody else is in the bar other than a bartender, a waiter and two cooks. No sign of the owner. He sits at the bar and the girl bartender asks for his order.

'My last meal here, whatever specials you have here,' he replies.

'Are you going in?' the girl asks while jotting down a list of numbers. Probably the specials they have on the menu.

'Yeah,' Axon replied short. The girl looks at him and makes him uncomfortable. 'Gina, this is what I have got to do. I thought you of all people could understand that.'

Their father went in together and get pick together. But Gina's father was a lot bigger than Axon father is. So Daryl was picked right away in the battle. He lasted three rounds until his heart got ripped out by a monstrous giant who was double his size.

'I know. Of course I understand. But I'm not sure if that's a good choice. You didn't tell me any of this before.'

'If I told you before what can you do. I've made up my mind since that day. I will win this thing. I can defeat anyone even Big Doug,' he says confidently.

'Let's say you get in, you still have to compete against those fat-asses they have in their to get into the ring. You think you can take them down easily? They have years of practice you know that!' Gina turns around and takes a small cup from a cabinet and poured some black liquid in it. 'Coffee' she murmurs.

She doesn't speak to him again until he wants to pay. But by then, the owner has arrived and he looks at him and says 'it's on the house'. After the owner went into his room, Gina walks toward him before he reaches the door.

'Axon, promise me you'll be safe.'

'Gina, I promise you I'll be safe.'

'Thank you Axon.'

He leaves the bar without another word. The line for the application began to build up and while he waits for his turn, he feels something shaking behind him.

'Ah, if it's not little Axon'. It's Big Doug.