The Big World

The Big World

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Chapter One: For Food (Part 3)

Big Doug goes in line behind him. But the fat guy is provoking him. It is not the time to stir things up, he wanted to be accepted into the practice ground and brawling before application has never been a good thing. Axon tries to ignore the words coming off Big Doug's lips but he just can't. He can feel Douglas towering double his height and everytime he moves he feels the earth shaking over Big Doug's massive weight.

'Come on, look at you, and look at me, and look at others. You're a runt kid, weaklings. They wouldn't be in the right mind picking you tiny trash.' Axon grits his teeth hearing the words. His patience slowly wearing thin. But so does the line. The strength test has proven to be a challenge. Each applicants is given a heavy metal tube and they will have to try to bend them in less than 3 minutes. It is one of the hardest things to be done. So far, none has succeeded. It's not unusual for a year or so that no one gets in. Sometimes, the sponsor has so many in their practice ground and make impossible strength test from time to time. Mostly it was to humiliate people other than covering the fact that their resources depleted so much if they didn't win, they might become poor themselves.

It was Axon's turns. He passed the weight and height qualification but the metal tube is his big challenge. He picks it up easily but when he tries to bend it, it proves to be futile. When the man in black told him he's off. He can hear Big Doug just laughing at him. And by then, he is so pissed off that his patience are nothing more than a very thin tissue.

He dropped the metal and stride towards Big Doug who was still laughing. Axon focuses all of his strength to his hands and buries his hand into Big Doug's big fat belly right at his navel and in. Axon's punch is so deep that his arms are in the Doug's fat flab. Big Doug's laughing stop, but his face are in horror. Axon pulled his hand out and watches what happens next. It's like Doug's face is frozen. And with a giant thud, he falls face down and blood gushing below him, probably from his punctured belly. His eyes are dead-eyes. Axon has just killed a man with a single punch. He feels something, he feels his hands are being pulled, and cuff. But he doesn't fight. He is still looking at the massive giant now dead because of him, he didn't intend to, but he's done it. There are a lot of witnesses. He can't move now.He's frozen too, but still breathing.


He wakes up to find himself locked up in a jail. There is no one there. But he stays put. After a long moment he hears a door opens and probably footsteps of four or five people. And then he sees a man, a big, fat, bald man in a black suit. The man who gave his father the terrible death penalty. He can still hear his words. 'Inflate this guy until he explodes'. He wants to kill him. Axon wants to rip his big belly off, guts him like the man did to his father. He charges towards the bar. He tries to bend that thing. But all he can see is the evil grin on the fan man's face.

'Ah, seems like someone wants a revenge.'

Does he knows? Does he knows what happened? Does he knows who he is?

'Relax, what's his name?' and a guy whispers something, 'Axon, yes, Axon.' Axon feels the tiredness, and he is breathing so fast he can see vapour coming out of his mouth. The fat man sits down.

'These people told me what happened down there. I saw the tape too. I've seen Big Doug around and I've laid my eyes on him for quite a while. I've been looking forward to see him in the practice against the weaklings in my team. I thought he'd be the one who can save me from this disgraceful ten years. For ten years I haven't win anything. And I want Big Doug, he sure is a giant. But you killed him. With a single punch no less. First I was angry, I lose the guy I want. But then, you showed something I've never seen since a long time.'

Axon can't seem to find his voice. But instead, he stares at the fat man hungrily and listens to his somehow soothing voice.

'I can use you. I don't need other recruits. I want you. I want you in the practice by tomorrow. I want you to show all my fat weaklings down there the taste of real strength. And I want you in the battle grounds this year. And I want you to win. Or else...' he delayed.

'Or else I'll kill you like I did to your father. It was the nicest blown up people I've heard to this day.'

And that point, Axon goes crazy again but he can't seems to break the bar. It is pointless, and they are gone before he knows it. And the world gets pitch-black one more time.