The Black Banana Pt. 2

The Black Banana Pt. 2

Published by Tyre12837 · 2012-08-24T04:04:16+0000

My senses are in overdrive right now. I can't believe I'm here right now doing what I'm doing right now. If you walked up to me yesterday and told me that I would be here in the Black Banana with an overfilled stomach, a male dancer in my lap and hard enough to cut diamonds I would have punched you right then and there. But here I am, staring at Alando, belly bloated like hell, hands palming his soft fat juicy booty, hard as fuck, wanting to fuck. I have never been this horny and hard before. I was really not giving a damn if Lando was dude, girl, or fucking goat. I wanted him and that ass now.

Breaking my trance once again, Lando dismounted, grabbed ahold of my hand, and told me to followed him. All I could do is nod and burp as I followed that ass as it bounced up and down as he leaded me to a VIP room.

After we walked into the room, Lando turned around, closed and locked the door. I looked around the room. It was all decked out leather furniture, a bar, flat screen, audio system. It was more of bachelor pad's living room than VIP room. Despite all of the loud booming music that was playing in club, it was pretty quiet in this room.

As I was still taking in everything in the room, Lando started up the audio system. Birthday Sex by Jeremih came on and Lando slowly approached me. He threw off his tight beater and was staring deeply in my eyes. I couldn't look away if I tried. I wanted, no needed, to deep in side him right now. He started kissing and licking on my neck while unbottoning my shirt. If my dick went down while we were walking to room, it surely popped back up when he started doing this. I wrapped my arms around him, pressed him against the walll, and proceeded to make out with him.

He started moaning inbetween kisses, caressing my back and grinding his pelvis into mine. He was getting hard too.

"Yes daddy, that feels so damn good"

Fuck that comment sent me into overdrive. I started licking all over his neck and nipples. I began to make it my duty to do everything I can to keep him moaning and calling me daddy. Don't know why but that shit got me going like crazy.

I unbottoned my pants, exposing my precummed soaked boxers and hard trobbing dick. Before trying to unbuckle Lando's pants, he dropped down to his knees,freeing my dick from its damp prison. Now I never had a dude suck my dick before but in the state I'm in I wasn't gonna stop him. Blue balls and I don't mix.

He started rubbing it against his hands, licking up and down the shaft, flicking his tongue on the head, making me anxious as a motherfucker. I'm about to explode from anticipation and he's just playing with it, toying with me.

Come on man, don't play with it, suck it boy.

"Mmm you would like that wouldn't you"

I groaned. I know what to do. I gotta get his ass horned up again like me so I can get this nut. I can't go home with all of this pent up inside and jacking ain't gonna do it.

Come here, boy.

I pulled him up and motioned him toward the couch. I pushed him down and unbotton his jeans.

"What you about to do?"

Don't worry you gonna like it

I pulled off his shoes and jeans and flipped him over. God damn that ass even better out of them tight ass jeans. I leaned over and began licking kissing all over his back, then moved down to his feet, inched up to his ankles, legs, the inside of his thighs, and then finally the main event. He was constantly moaning from each lick and kiss but became louder as I stated to palm and rub on that ass. I then planted my face down in his crack and wiggled my face inbetween them big cheeks. I inhaled and got hornier which I didn't think was possible. I emerged from the warmth of his ass, jerked his boxers down and looked at his ass in its nude glory.

I dived in that ass and began to eat like it was my last meal. Lando shouted in extasy. Told him he was gonna like it. Every so often as his moans started to die down I would smack one of his cheeks and he would start up again.

I can't wait anymore. I need that ass bouncing on this dick now. I climb on top of Lando and grind my hard between them ample buttcheeks..Damn if it feels this good on the outside...fuck.

You ready for ths dick Lando? Cuz its ready for you.

"Yes daddy I want it now, give me what I want"

That's all the confirmation I needed. I slowly inched my fat thick dick in the tight asshole inch by inch. We started off slow and steady until that fat ass of his opened up and went to town. All kind of positions, for hours and hours. I got my nut plus 4 more. It seemed every time we finish I'll catch another look at that bubble butt and I ready to go again. I almost forgot that we were even in a club. I wonder what my other friend were up to....or even if they were still here.

Me and Lando finally collapsed on the couch and drifted to sleep with my dick still inside him. It was it like it was made to sit perfectly deep in them guts. It wasn't long when another dancer knocked on the door waking us up saying that they are about to lock up the club. I grabbed my stuff and headed out. I don't know if I'll see Lando again or if I want to. I gotta lot to think about before I do, but at least I know where to find him.