The Black Banana Pt. 3

The Black Banana Pt. 3

Published by Tyre12837 · 2013-06-09T20:45:53+0000

It's been months since I been to the Black Banana.....for good reason. I was scared. Confused of what happened. I didn't walk in there expecting to have sex with a dancer. A male dancer. A thick chubby sexy ass dancer at that. Damn it. Why do I find him so damn appealing? Is something wrong with me? I don't think so. Hell I don't know.

Well one things for certain, somethings wrong with my jeans. All my jeans. My slacks, shorts, even my sweats, which are the only things I can try to wear out in public with out being issued an indecent exposure ticket. I don't know whats going on. Everything has gotten so tight about my waist. All my shirts look like second skins. I know I have put on a few pounds but it couldn't be that much...or was it?

Anyway I wasn't the only one that noticed it. I finally caught up with my “bromos” and they were quick to call me out on my recent additions. Usually I would be uncomfortable about it but they chalked it up as me getting a lil older and whatnot. Like any of them had room to talk. All three of them look a lil chunkier and dare I say it, sexier? No, I can't. Too creepy. I won't think about that right now. All of us met up at the local buffet and chowed down on all our faves. As plate by plate made it into our stomachs, more burps, pants adjusting, belly rubs seem to appear and man, “lil man” started to perk up from the view of these three thick stuffed guys with their pants undone, shirts up, rubbing their bellies and burping as they attempted to digest the monster of a meal they just finsihed.....not to mention my own taut bloated gut applying pressure on it, grinding against it, teasing it, forcing it to drip a couple of drops of precum. Man I gotta get out of here. This shit's way too weird. I wonder if they set this shit up on purpose. I mean, they did asked me what happened that night at the club the next day and I lied, said I just left out the back entrance and that was it. I don't think they believed me. Highly doubt it cuz they all just exchanged looks and never spoke of it again.. I don't know, maybe I'm reading too much into nothing.

I paid my bill and waddled my fat ass to the car. Pants still unbuttoned but I don't give a fuck. All this weight I have gained over the past few months and all that food I just ate ensured that these tight ass pants aint going no where.

Finally made it to my car and dropped into my seat. Before turning the car on, I rubbed my bloated belly for a bit to let the food digest a little more before getting on the road. Enjoying this crazy sensation, my eyes rolled over to the glowing clock in my dashboard. 10:30pm. I should head home and get some sleep. As I break my trance and start the car a thought popped in my head.....well both of my heads.

[i]C'mon let's go see Lando.[/i]
No. I'm not going in that club.
[i]Who said go into the club. Let's just drive by, hell it's on the way home. [/i]
No it's not. I'm not doing it.
[i]What's the matter? You scared? Scared that you like thick chunky chubby bubble butt boys like Laaaaaaaaaaaando? Bet you can't sit out side the club for five minutes and drive off. Fucking pussy.
I'm going insane. One because I just had an argument with myself. And two, I was already at the Black Banana by the end of my personal argument. But I can do this..10:45.....I can sit out here and not go inside. I got self control.

[i]Yeah right, self control. You didn't have self control these last few months gaining all this weight on purpose.[/i]
It wasn't on purpose.
[i]Oh really? So them late nights chugging beer watching chubby boys was an accident? Or what about those trips to the next town over just to binge at buffets on the weekends and end up so stuffed that you have to go to a hotel because you were too full to drive? [/i]
[i].Give it up chubs, you're fat and you wanna get fatter. You can't deny it, especially with this hard on we had ever since we left the bruhs. That same hard on pressing against your bloated gut that you secretly wanna bloat some more. And you wanna have someone help you and fatten someone up as well. And we both know who it is. So roll your fat ass out the car and let's go get him and take on a little binging ride. Let's grab two big plates of them bomb ass wings from inside and eat them with that fine piece of ass and stuff him till he can't breathe and take him home and pump him up with all the cum we can muster. Let's go. Time's a ticking. [/i]

I muttered “Damn it” out loud as I hoisted myself out of the car and proceed across the street towards the club.