The Fattening Feast - Part 1

The Fattening Feast - Part 1

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Steven and Zach had been best friends throughout all of high school. They even decided to go to the same college so they wouldn't have to move away from each other. Steven was around 6 feet tall with wavy brown hair and a pair of black rimmed glasses covering his green eyes. He tried pretty hard to maintain his high school track and field physique and had so far avoided the dreaded freshman 15, remaining at a svelte 165. Zach hadn't been so dedicated. A little shorter than Steven and definitely packing a lot more muscle. He had always had huge biceps and shoulders and had huge round pecs. Zach had tan skin, an eyebrow piercing, and a perpetual 5 o'clock shadow. After packing on the freshman 15 on his muscular frame in only three months of college he was sitting at 5'8 and 195 lbs. His clothes were fitting slightly more snugly lately but it was, for the most part, unnoticeable to everyone, except Steven...

All while they were growing up together Steven had known he was gay but knew he could never come out with the way his family was. So he stayed in the closet opting to wait to date until college. He had always thought Zach was attractive but never really considered him his type. He was straight after all. That and Zach had always been sort of thin for his tastes. Steven liked bigger guys with a little extra meat on them. After Zach started putting on a little weight with the relaxed workout regimen and late night pizza and beer, Steven suddenly began to notice Zach in a new light. He would lay in bed at night and think of Zach's newly snug t-shirts. Steven would fantasize about Zach getting bigger and bigger and wished Zach would continue to grow as the years of college did their damage on his waistline.

But be careful what you wish for.

One Saturday, Steven, Zach, and some of their friends were playing Frisbee in the park a few blocks from their dorm. They had played for hours and were getting hungry so they decided to grab some dinner. Steven had decided he would stick with a salad. He had been watching his diet as he was up a couple of pounds this week. But he had hoped that Zach would be able to pound down 6 greasy slices of meat-lovers pizza like he did last time.

"Hey, let's take a shortcut through those trees" shouted Zach to the guys. They all looked around nervously at each other and at the dark forbearing thicket that Zach was so excited to tromp through.

"Pussies! I guess I'll get started on the beer before you ladies." he said as he turned to run into the woods. Steven stared for a moment transfixed by Zach's muscular bubble butt when Zach turned around. Steven quickly looked up at Zach’s face just in time and Zach said
"You're coming at least, right?." Oh, the irony, Steven thought.

"Yup." Steven said as he jogged over to Zach thinking of all the thistles and ticks in those high weeds and trees. He hated how much he was willing to go through just to be around Zach.

Zach and Steve left their buddies behind and began to tromp through the high grass. It was oddly dark underneath the thick canopy of twisted oaks. Steven wondered if Zach was lost already.

After wandering around for 15 minutes Steven was starting to go from hungry to starving. Zach's stomach grumbled loudly. He slowly turned his head around to give Steven a guilty look. "I guess we're lost… Sorry, dude."

“It’s not your fault. We definitely should have been out of these trees by now. It couldn’t have been that big.” Steven said.
Zach turned around spotting something and he took off running. Confused and a little irritated, Steven followed the hunky jock. Zach stopped in front of a tree and reached up to grab a small apple that was the brightest, shiniest red that Steven had ever seen. It looked oddly good. He was confused why Zach seemed interested in fruit suddenly. “You’re really gonna eat that, dude? You must be desperate.” He teased.

“I am starved, Stevo. Besides… I should probably cut back on the junk food. I’m getting a little chunky.” Replied Zach, a little embarrassed. Steven’s heart sunk. He HAD noticed. Darn…

“What are you talking about? You’re not… uh… chunky!” Steven exclaimed, awkwardly.

“This apple looks so good…” Zach stared, almost transfixed, then he took a cautious bite. “Mmmmm!” he explained, wide-eyed, followed by a couple huge bites, finishing the apple off. He yanked another apple off the tree and shoved it over to Steven. “You gotta try this, dude!”

Steven stared at the apple apprehensively. It was kind of odd eating some random apple growing in a park. But it did look good. He bit into it and his mouth was filled with an amazing tingling sensation. It tasted like nothing he had ever had before. Before he knew it he chopped down the rest of the apple.

“That was amazing!” Steven exclaimed.

“Yeah. That apple was crazy. Too bad there aren’t any more.” Zach said.

“That was it?”

“Yeah” Zach said, followed by a long pause as they looked around for the way out. Suddenly Zach and Steven both lifted their noses in the air smelling something delicious in the warm summer breeze. It smelled like sweet apple pie and honey ham. Both of their stomachs growled like an earthquake. They looked at each other confused.

“That must be the smell of the restaurant! Let’s go!” Zach said and they both took off running.

After only running past a thicket of bushes they halted to a stop in front of a cute cottage that was painted pink and had a white trim. A window was open and the soft light was shining out into the twilight of the early evening. The smells wafting out were amazing. Steven stared at the curious sight. Why would there be a house in this nasty wooded area of the park? Who would live out here? As Steven returned from his confusion he saw that Zach was already at the high window trying to stand on his toes to get a peak in.

“What are you doing?!” whispered Steven as he ran over to join his friend.

Zach turned around and said in a voice that was a little too loud for Steven, “There is a whole feast in there!”

“Be quiet!”

“You think they’ll let us have some?”

Suddenly the door opened with a creak. Steven looked up in horror thinking he’d see a crazy hillbilly with a gun and a strange taste in décor. Instead he found a cute old lady with gray curly hair, glasses, and a dress and apron with frills. She looked like something out of a magazine.

“Who’s out there?” She said in friendly voice. “Is that you, Kent?”

“Uh… no… sorry, lady… my name is Steven and this is Zach.”

“Oh…” she said, disappointed. “I guess I better give up hope that my grandson and his friends will be able to make it for dinner.”

“Your grandson? Is that who that amazing feast is for? And he’s late?” Zach said, with a gleam of hope in his eye. Steven felt so hungry his stomach was beginning to hurt.

“Yes.” She replied. Suddenly she perked up and said “I know! Since Kent won’t be coming there’s no use in letting all this food go to waste. Why don’t you two young men come inside and have some? What do you say?”

“That’s very kind of you but we really have to-“ Steven said only to be cut off by Zach shouting eagerly, “We’d love to!”

Moments later they were brought into the dining room of the old woman’s quaint home. Her house was filled with charming little knickknacks that only an old lady would keep around. The kitchen table was filled with all sorts of food: honey cured ham, baked sweet potato, sliced roast turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, fried chicken wings, even biscuits and gravy! It was like a thanksgiving feast, only bigger. Steven could hardly help himself. He wanted so badly to just grab something and take a huge bite without even sitting. He didn’t remember feeling this hungry ever before.

The old lady gave them plates and utensils and told them to start digging in while she got some drinks. They didn’t hesitate. Both of the guys started to load up their plates with far too much food. Steven began to bite into scoop after scoop of delicious potatoes and meats. Everything was juicy and delicious. His mouth was exploding with every bite. He found he was getting hard just by how good this food was! He couldn’t get enough.

Everything flew into a haze of food. He couldn’t stop himself. He began to reach for a roll and found it already dripping in butter so without thinking he chomped the whole thing down in one bite. Before finishing his mouthful of delicious warm and buttery sweet roll he dove for a slice of ham the size of his open palm. He folded it in half and then in half again and opening his mouth wide, gulped it down chewing only for a moment. What was left of the bread in his mouth and the ham swirled together to create a surge of amazing flavor and he suddenly made a loud sexual groan.

Feeling a little embarrassed he snapped out of his haze and looked up. He saw Zach was enjoying the food as much as he was. He watched as Zach finished off a whole turkey leg in moments. Grease covered his whole mouth.

The old lady walked in and dropped a 40 oz bottle of beer on the table next to Zach and then opened another for Steven. “My grandson loves these. I would never drink them though so I hope you boys help me out by finishing these off too.”

A little intimidated, Steven timidly agreed and took a swig. He looked over to see Zach, who barely looked up from the food, take a massive draught from the bottle and finished half of it in a few gulps followed by a loud belch.

Steve chuckled and then realized that the beer was very good. He took another swig. Followed by a gulp that turned into 5 continous gulps. It was so amazing! He looked up and saw the old woman poking Zach’s side. It was strange. Why would she do that? Even stranger, why did Zach just keep eating and not say something? But before the thought could finish it’s lap around Steven’s brain he caught the sight of a huge baked sweet potato nearly swimming in butter. He stabbed it with his fork and without even cracking it open he took a bite right out of it, skin and all. It was delicious! It was perfectly sweet and somehow seemed like it had a buttery flavor inside even though the skin wasn’t broken. He wondered how she could do that as he finished the entire sweet potato in 3 more bites followed by another huge swig of that amazing beer. He was already feeling the warm feeling from the beer taking effect.

The meal continued for a long while. Whenever Steven or Zach finished a plate of food or their drink another took it’s place before they even noticed they ran out. Eventually they both leaned back in their chairs and let out a huge belch, each in turn. Steve felt stuffed. He couldn’t possibly eat another bite. What had come over him? His head swam with drunkenness.

“Duuude… that was sooooo good.” Zach slurred.

“Oh my God, I’m so stuffed.” Steven said. He felt his eyes become a little droopy.

“You look tired, dearies… why don’t you stay the night?” Said the old lady. “I have a guest bedroom you could stay in.”