The Way it Should Be

The Way it Should Be

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“Stupid business trips,” I grumbled as I unlocked my hotel room. The business had sent me on three in the last fortnight, and I had barely even unpacked before I was sent off again.

I flipped the light on, sighing as I saw the boring, normal hotel room. I lied down in bed, clicked the light off, and fell asleep.

The next morning, I sat through a few boring meetings, culminating in an employee exam. There weren’t very many cute men to look at either, so I was bored. There was one man though, a cute, dark haired guy. I stared at him most of the day. He was dressed simply, but at the same time, he looked fantastic. His casual suit accented his hair color perfectly. His jacket was unbuttoned, and his red tie was a little looser than it probably should have been. His pale skin was flawless, his chocolate brown eyes sparkling. His lips were perfect and fairly red. All together a pretty face.

He noticed me staring a few times. I’d look away quickly, blushing scarlet. He was quiet too; I didn’t hear him speak all day. Finally the day was over, and I could get out of this torture.

Now, I should tell me about myself. My name is Jared. I’ve been working this job for only a few years; I just graduated from college. College was good to me; I gained much more than the typical Freshman 15. More like a Freshman 55. It also gave me quite an appetite, which has led me from my high school jock days to a flabby office worker. I love my body and all its roundness, however. Once or twice, I swore I caught the dark haired guy staring at my gut, showing pretty well though my tight undershirt. I must have been imagining things.

I walked out of the meeting. To my good timing, I ended up right next to him. His lips pulled up into a cute, crooked smile which practically took my breath away. His teeth were pearly white and completely straight. He had dimples. I smiled in return.

He held his hand out. “Hey,” he said, “I’m Rory.”

I took it, saying, “I’m Jared. Nice to meet you.”

“Wasn’t that the worst meeting ever? I thought it would never end.”

“I know! I’ve been on constant business trips. I hate it. I just want to stay at my apartment for three weeks and do nothing.”

“I know the feeling. I never thought I’d miss my apartment in quiet little New Ulm.”

“You live in New Ulm, Minnesota?” I asked.

“Yeah. Why?” There he went again, flashing that flawless smile.

“Well, that’s where I live.”



He laughed a very charming laugh. “Were we on the same flight?”

“I flew in last night.”

“Oh, never mind. I flew in yesterday morning."

Well, it was crystal clear to me that Rory was gay like me. I decided to take the plunge and just go for it. “Would you like to grab something to eat with me?”

“Sure! I was going to ask the same thing.”

We caught a taxi and took a ride to an upscale restaurant in Chicago.
We got a table for two from the hostess, who couldn’t keep her eyes off of Rory. Obviously I wasn’t the only one who found him very attractive. She sat us in a secluded booth under some ivy. It was extremely romantic.

Rory smiled and asked, “Is this a date then, Jared?”

I beamed at him, “Only if you want it to be.”

We hit it off right away. We talked about home and about our lives. He constantly smiled, and each time he smiled I smiled involuntarily. His personality was just so infective; you couldn’t help but be charmed by him.

We got back to our hotel late, we didn’t want leave the restaurant. I said goodnight to him at my door, and he laughed and walked directly across the hall and unlocked the door with his card key. “Goodnight, Jared,” he said.

I closed the door and sighed, smiling. I really liked Rory. I took a shower, brushed my teeth, and unwrapped the bedding. I was just laying down when I heard a soft knock at the door. “Hello?” I said.

Rory’s angelic voice answered. “Hey buddy, can I come in?”

I had to stop myself from running to the door.
I swung it open and my jaw nearly dropped. Rory had showed too, and his dark hair was tousled from running a towel through it. He was dressed a lot more casually, wearing a purple v-neck t-shirt and ripped blue jeans with a studded belt. I smiled wider, inviting him in. His cologne smelled great.

I shut and locked the door.

I didn’t even get turned around and he was winding his arms around my waist. I heard him giggle cutely behind me, and he tugged me towards him.

I turned and he pounced on me, leaping into my arms gracefully. I laughed and he leaned up to kiss me. I walked towards the bed, walking into a wall because I wasn’t paying attention. I let him down and he hugged my belly. He murmured that he likes larger men, and my jaw actually did drop this time.

He leaned up again, stretching, and pressed his soft lips to mine. I was taller than him by several inches. He wrapped his slim-but-muscular arms around my beefy neck and stretched to his tiptoes. I grabbed him under his muscular ass, hoisting him up. His thin frame was easy to support. He pressed his lips to mine again, sliding down to kiss my soft, fat jaw line. I laid down on the bed with him, laying on my side. I wrapped my fat arms around his thin torso, pulling his t-shirt off. He was skinny, but perfectly muscular. His pale skin rippled with perfect muscles. He had a six pack, pecs, and perfect, porn star nipples. The only hair I could see was his armpits. I hugged him closer to me, feeling his warmth through my shirt.

He gasped and pulled my shirt off, marveling at my hairy gut and moobs. He snuggled in closer. His pale skin was flushed.

“Jared,” he panted, “You’re gorgeous!”

I laughed and told him that he was easily hotter than me. He didn’t agree, and cut me off with another kiss. The bedside lamp cast a warm, soft glow over us.

I rubbed his strong and smooth back muscles while he kissed me. I rolled to my side, Rory rolling easily with me. He caressed my belly, making me shiver. He slid down a little, so his face was even with my moobs. He took one look at them, and grabbed them. He took one pale finger and tickled one, rubbing smooth circles around the nipple. I shivered again. Then he kissed it, licking it with his tongue. I slid my arms down to his perfect hips. I felt his jeans, and he laughed.

“Well, let’s get these out the way!” he said.

He rolled onto his back right next to me, allowing me to undo his belt and unbutton them. I slid them down easily, showing his tight boxers. The first thing I noticed was the bulge in the front, which was huge. I instantly felt self-conscious. His boxers were pink with tiny red hearts on them. I was only wearing pajama pants, and he slid them down quickly. I was wearing briefs underneath, which his eyes widened at. The front of his boxers stirred. He rolled back on top of me, and slid his arms underneath my soft back, reveling in my vastness. My two-hundred and ninety pounds wobbled with laughter at his happy expression.

He looked up, resting on his chin. I looked into his chocolate brown eyes and he stared into my green ones. He flipped his hair out of his face, smiling again. He reached over to the lamp, clicking it off. In the darkness, he moved down a little. I heard his voice, panting a little, from somewhere near my belly button. "Here goes."
The next morning, I woke up with sun streaming through the open curtains. I glanced at the clock, seeing that it was about 8:30. Rory had told me last night that his meeting wasn’t until 1, and mine was at 9. Rory was still here, of course. He was also still asleep. I’m sure he was still tired from last night’s shenanigans. He was still wrapped in my arms; his face nestled against my chest. He wasn’t on top of me anymore; he was sleeping on his side. He was so peaceful and cute.

Last night was great. I hadn’t had fun like that in a few years. He was talented, to be sure. I was seriously thinking that Rory might have been a porn star before he started working here. I’d have to ask him sometime.

He sighed in his sleep. I think my heart melted a little. I extricated myself from him, having to get ready for my damned meeting. He didn’t wake up. I slipped my suit on as quietly as I could. I brushed my teeth and walked towards the door. When I put my hand on the doorknob, I paused. I turned around, looking at his cute body, hair disheveled, half wrapped up in the hotel’s thick blankets. I went back to the nightstand, quietly ripping a paper out of the memo pad.

“Rory—,” I wrote, “I had to go to my meeting, and I didn’t want to wake you up. I’ll see you after yours, don’t go too far! I love you. See you soon. Love, Jared.” I put a heart after my name and wrote my cell number under it, telling him to text me.

I caressed his soft cheek and went down to my meeting. It was a lost cause. I should’ve stayed in bed. My thoughts were back in my hotel room with Rory. I didn’t take in anything from the meeting. I didn’t want to be away from Rory, especially now. I couldn’t wait until 2, when his meeting would be over.

Rory texted me at about 10:30. He started off saying “Hey sexy,” which made me smile. He told me that we were probably on the same flight home and that we should book seats next to each other. We were. I reserved mine from my phone, telling him which seat I picked. He picked the one right next to me. Our flight was at 9 o’clock tonight, we wouldn’t be in Minneapolis until sometime around midnight, and then we had a long drive. Great. Rory made it all better though, saying he had carpooled with a relative. He was going to stay the night in a hotel in the cities, but I offered to take him home with me. He said yes immediately.

I sat through the meeting, and as soon as it was over I texted Rory, who suggested we go out for lunch at the hotel restaurant.

I waited out front until I saw him. He had already put his suit on, so I assumed he was going straight to his meeting. I smiled broadly as I saw him.

“Hey, Jared. Fancy meeting you here,” he chuckled.

We got a table sat down. I ordered a cheeseburger right away, and he looked at me funny.

“What?” I asked.

“Nothing,” he replied. He ordered a cheeseburger too.

We talked about my meeting until our food arrived, and I tucked in voraciously. He didn’t even touch his, but he sipped his coke. The food was horrible, but at least it was good to see Rory again. As soon as I finished my burger, he pushed his in front of me.

“I’m not hungry. Will you eat this for me? I shouldn’t have ordered it,” he said, blushing a little.

I ate his too. And his French fries. He watched me eat, smiling strangely at me. I assumed it was that he was just happy to see me again.

I groaned, patting my stuffed belly. “I ate way too much.”

“I’m sorry; I shouldn’t have asked you to eat mine.”

“Don’t worry about it, Love. I’ll be fine.”

“Love…,” he said wistfully, “I like that name. It’s so romantic.”

“Me too, Love,” I said, smiling widely.

I paid the bill and we stood up. I groaned again, my belly felt humongous. The instant we were out of the restaurant, he turned to me.

“I gotta go to my meeting. See you later, Dear,” he said, smiling my favorite crooked smile.

He leaned up, kissing me casually, but somehow he still managed to make it completely passionate. There was no one in the hall to see us. He patted my stuffed belly through my shirt, and walked away.

I smiled, sighing, and watched him go.

The next hour passed very slowly. I glanced at the clock a lot more than necessary as I packed as slowly as I could, trying to waste time. I had changed out of my stupid, hot suit into something more casual.

After I glanced at the clock for the fourth time in one minute, I gave up. I grabbed all of my stuff as fast as I could and rammed it into my suitcase. I was trying to keep my mind off of him, but I failed utterly.

Rory had surprised me when I got back into my room. I found a note, carefully folded in half on the bed, which he had made. I never make the bed in a hotel. All it said, written in his handwriting I assumed, was “Kisses from Rory!” He had drawn little hearts all over it. It made me smile.

I looked at the clock again, unnecessarily. I hoped I wasn’t getting obsessed. 1:58. His meeting should be over any minute.

2:03. Any minute now!

The door opened at 2:07. I was in the bathroom. Of course I was. I heard his voice from in there, rolling my eyes at my bad timing. “I’m in the bathroom!” I called.

“I’ll be in my room, come on over!” he called back.

I knocked on the door, which opened immediately. Then I had my man in my arms. Rory smiled and said, “Sorry I’m late, Dear.

“It’s ok. I’m just glad you’re here now."

“Well, I come bearing gifts. Let me make it up to you."


“Of course. I felt like getting something for you. Hang here, and close your eyes." He took a step away from me as I closed my eyes. Then he kissed me. I didn’t hear him walk back to me. Between kisses, I gasped out a sentence. Rory’s kisses never failed to make me breathless.

“This…is a…good…gift.” I breathed.

He pulled back for a second, saying that this wasn’t the gift. I was now intrigued.

“On second thought, come over here to my bed,” he said.

He led me over with my eyes closed, setting me down on it. I heard him chuckle again. “Keep your eyes shut!” he warned.

I put my legs up on the bed, laying my head back on the biggest pillow, sitting up. My belly was still stuffed from lunch. I could feel it sticking out of the bottom of my t-shirt, and I reached down to pull it down.

I didn’t make it. Rory crawled up on top of me, and when he told me to open my eyes, I was looking straight into his eyes. I marveled at how close they were to the color of milk chocolate. His face was an inch away from mine. He kissed me again.

He pulled back once more, “I think I could kiss you all day and not get bored,” he said, shaking his head. “And I think it’s time for your gifts. I hope you like chocolate and cherry, it was all they had."

“Chocolate and cherry what?” I asked, confused.

“Chocolate éclairs and cherry donuts, of course. I hope you like them…,” he said.

“Oh! Yeah, I love pastries. But I just ate, Love.” I said.

“Oh…” he sighed. “It’s fine, Dear. When you’re hungry.” The disappointed look on his face was awful. I caved.

“You know, I actually am a little hungry, Love. I could eat.”

His face lit up and he went over behind his giant lime-green
suitcase on the table. “I hope I got enough!” he said.

He pulled out a pile, artfully placed on a plate. There was at least twenty. He certainly had enough. I reached down and unbuttoned my jeans right there while his back was turned.

He crawled up onto the bed, carefully supporting the heaped plate. He settled down next to me and brought the top donut to my lips. I parted them and took a nice big bite out of it. It was delicious, of course.

I was through the first five in just a few minutes. Rory kept a constant stream of them, I finished one and another was already there to take its place.

“Do they taste alright?” he asked after the sixth one was gone.

I nodded, my mouth was full.

“I’m glad. Are you feeling ok? I don’t want you to get sick just to avoid hurting my feelings.”

“I’m fine,” I mumbled though another bite of éclair.

He brought another one to my lips. I was really starting to get overstuffed now. I was full before we started! I slowed down without thinking about it, chewing slowly; more carefully.

“Are you starting to get full, dear?” he asked. He missed nothing.

“A little,” I mumbled through my bite of donut.

“Well,” he said, smiling crookedly, “there’s only a few left now. You can make it through these, can’t you? I don’t want you to be hungry; it’s going to be a long flight home.”

He took one and put it to my lips. I smiled; jelly filling on my teeth, frosting smeared all over my upper lip, and bit into it. He smiled again, saying, “There you go, Hon. I’ll help you out.” He picked one up, eating it in a few quick bites. He never faltered in keeping one to my lips.

I was extremely uncomfortable now. My gut, in all its round, hairy glory, was clearly sticking out of my shirt. The traitor shirt had ridden up past my navel. He asked me if my tee was uncomfortable. I nodded, and he pulled it off of me. I sighed, my belly dropping and resting on my lap. I burped fantastically.

I finished the last donut. There were two éclairs left. Two huge, long éclairs. I didn’t think I could make it. He picked up on my apprehension. “You can do it, dear. I’m sure you can. There’s only two left.”

He lifted one to my face. I looked at him, and he pushed it against my lips lightly. I sighed and closed my eyes, opening my mouth. He did almost all the work. All I had to do was open my mouth and chew.

I opened my eyes a few bites in. I caught Rory licking his lips, and I noticed that Rory’s skin was flushed again. I figured out yesterday that when his skin was flushed he was hard. I smiled at the idea and forced myself through the last few bites of that one. One more to go.

“Here,” Rory said, sensing that I was close to my limit, “I’ll rip this one in half and eat part of it for you.”

“No,” I said firmly, “I want it all. Come on, Love. Give it to me!”

His jaw dropped as I reached out for it. He scrambled to grab it, putting it right to my face. I took a huge bite, chewing quickly and swallowing. I burped again, and I felt a little better. I took another few bites. Rory was clearly rock-hard now, his skin getting more and more red. The front of his pants was bulging out. I smiled again at him and grabbed his slim wrist, shoving the rest of the éclair into my greedy mouth. I chewed, swallowed, and was kissed instantly as I was done.

He kissed me with more passion then he ever had, carefully avoiding my stuffed belly. It felt like it was going to burst, but I wasn’t one to throw up. I was fine, just very uncomfortable. He pulled himself onto my lap, leaning over my gut, bracing himself on the headboard. He kissed my jaw line and licked frosting off of my upper lip. I parted my lips, feeling his tongue slip into my mouth.

He laughed. “Your mouth tastes like jelly!”

“It should! I just had like twenty of them!” I groaned back. Speaking was a little tough.

“Are you in pain?” he said, aghast.

“No, no. I’m just a little shocked I ate so many pastries in one go. How many were there? I guessed like twenty.”

He laughed. “Thirty five. I’m as shocked and impressed as you; I wasn’t expecting you to be able to eat all of them.”

He rubbed my belly for about a half an hour. He’d kiss me every single time his kneading coaxed out a burp. I started feeling better. My gut deflated a little and went from being rock hard to soft and malleable. His hands were strong from years of masturbation, he explained. I was putty in his capable hands, and it felt incredible.

“You have no idea how good that feels,” I said, as the front of my underwear swelled.

“You have no idea how fun it is to play with,” he countered, kissing my nipple again.

“Hey, Rory?”

“Yeah, Dear?”

“I…I…” I sighed, gathering my thoughts.

He put his finger to my lips, cutting off my stammering. “I love you, Jared. I love you.”

That cleared my thoughts. “I love you too. I never wish to be parted from you from this day on,” I said, quoting one of my favorite books.

He beamed at me and helped me shimmy down. We set the alarm for 6:30, and he cuddled up to my warm, stuffed gut. We drifted off to sleep together.

I woke up alone in the bed. Rory was quietly shoving his things into his suitcase. I rolled over, not wanting to get up. I was excruciatingly comfortable. The bed was warm and I felt big and lazy. I went to fix my underwear, which had rolled up into a thong of sorts while I was sleeping. My hand bumped my belly. It was definitely out farther and much bigger than it was supposed to be. I squeezed it, realizing in a panic that it wasn’t bloated. This was my new size; I had to have gained at least five pounds in the last day.

“Hey , sleepyhead.” Rory said quietly.

All I could muster was a groan. He laughed, sitting down next to me. I rolled again, and my heft depressed the bed, making him fall on top of me. He laughed even harder. He patted my belly through the blankets. It was a mountain in front of me. He started to rub it in small circles, getting me hard again. I was seriously wondering how much my IQ would drop from lack of blood flow to my brain—I can’t be hard this much without ill effects.

I was always one to wake up quickly. I sat up, my belly rolling unfamiliarly out onto my lap farther than I was used to. Forget five pounds; maybe ten is a closer estimate. Damned poor metabolism.

“What time is it?” I asked, still a little groggy.

“A little after seven,” he answered.

I got up quickly, realizing I still had to pack. I was going to be late for my flight!

He grabbed my shoulder. “Relax, hon. I already packed the rest of your stuff. I’m sorry, I used your card key from your pants pocket.”

My pants were folded neatly with my shirt on top of them on the table. “Naw, it’s fine. Thank you for packing my stuff for me.”

“Shall we go then? We’ll probably have to sit around in the airport, but it’s the week before Christmas, there will be a ton of people. We need to be there at least an hour early.”

“Yep, let’s go.” I was extremely conscious of my belly sagging lower than I was used to. I looked down, realizing I couldn’t see my toes. I could see them this morning. It’s been a couple years since I could see my dick when standing, so that was nothing new.

I groaned, “I’m enormous. I really want to see my weight; I can’t wait to get home to step on the scale. I hope it doesn’t break….”

He laughed, “They build those things strong. Besides, you can’t be much over 300.”

I shook my head, pulling my shirt on. My gut stuck out the bottom. “Yeah, this isn’t going to work,” I said. I dug in my suitcase, grabbing my biggest shirt. It still barely covered everything, but I couldn’t lift my arms without flashing everyone. My jeans barely fit, and they were cutting into the bottom of my belly. It was going to be a very long flight. Rory said I looked hot. I elbowed him in the stomach on our way down the hall towards the elevator.

“Let’s just hope we don’t exceed the weight limit with you here,” he teased.

I had to laugh at that one. The elevator opened, and everyone inside groaned. There were at least eight people in it. Rory climbed in and I followed him. Sure enough, “exceeds weight limit” flashed on the screen. I sighed, blushing scarlet. I wobbled out of the elevator, and Rory started to follow me.

“Just go, dear. I’ll catch the next one.”

He nodded, and the door closed with a ping. I stood there in the hall, my face burning. I was so embarrassed! I pressed the down button and waited. Another, thankfully empty, elevator appeared in a few seconds. I walked in and pressed the lobby button.

Rory was waiting by the door. He gauged my expression in an instant and hugged me. Thank goodness he had long arms, or he might not get all the way around me. He told me not to worry, and they didn’t say anything bad. I could see the lie in his eyes, but I didn’t comment on it. We hailed a taxi, and were whisked to the airport.

We stood in line in the bustling airport. They approved our tickets and took our bags, each of us keeping a carry on bag. The plane was right on time. We found out seats, (first class) and I chivalrously took Rory’s bag and put it above. I realized as I put his up there that my hairy gut was hanging out, and several people were sniggering at me. I blushed again. I’d obviously need new clothes. We sat down; I gave Rory the window seat.

After the standard flight attendant walkthrough on airplane safety, the plane took off without a bump. Rory smiled at me, and then yawned. “Dear, do you mind if I sleep? I want to be awake for our car ride home.”

“Yeah, that’s fine, Love.” I flagged down a flight attendant, asking for a two pillows. She returned, handing them to me with a cheerful smile. Rory put his headphones in and fell asleep instantly. I read a magazine for a minute. Rory’s head sagged onto my shoulder. I looked sideways at him, smiling. His attractive face always took my breath away. A woman across the aisle from us awwed. I tried not to move. She took out a camera, pointing it at us. Were we that cute of a couple? I pretended to be asleep after that. It wasn’t long until I drifted to sleep too.

The plane landed in Minneapolis right on time. Rory was still sleeping next to me; I gently shook him awake. He smiled and yawned hugely.

We left the plane, the monitor telling us which carousel our bags would be on. We walked down there, holding hands. Rory yawned again.

“Did you sleep well, dear?” I asked, trying to wake him up a little.

His voice was still groggy, “Yeah, your shoulder is pretty comfortable.”

I laughed and grabbed my bag as it came around the ring. Rory shook his head vigorously and grabbed his. We walked out of the airport into the frigid Minnesota winter air. It was starting to snow lightly. I looked in my phone’s notepad, finding what level I’d parked on. We took the elevator to it, and I hit the autostart button. My Impala’s taillights blinked about halfway down the row and it started.

“Impala, eh?” Rory said.



I pushed the trunk button, lifting my bag into it. I helped Rory with his, and then I opened the passenger side door for him. He beamed at me, sliding in. I wobbled around, got in, and backed out.
Rory was unbuttoning his jacket and taking his scarf off. I clicked the heat up one more notch while I waited behind another car at the exit of the parking garage.

“So…,” Rory said, “Tell me about your family.”

“Well, my mom and dad live in Duluth. My mom doesn’t work anymore, and my dad is a middle school teacher.”

“Cool,” he said.

“My sister lives in New York. She’s an actress on Broadway.”


"Yep. That’s my family. What about yours?” I asked.

“My parents and younger brother live in Fargo. I came down here for college, and I never left.”
“What’s your brother like?”

“He’s 17. I’m not sure how I feel about him. He likes to irritate me. I’m eight years older than him, so we fought a lot. Not as much anymore though. I haven’t been home in two years. I’m planning on going for Christmas.”

“Cool. I’m staying here for Christmas this year. My mom and dad are visiting my sister.”
“Would you like to come with me?” he asked me.

“I’ll think about it.”

We sat in silence for a minute, watching the snow fly towards us in the headlights.
Suddenly, Rory laughed. “The snow looks like we are going into hyperspeed. It looks like the stars.”
I laughed. “I never noticed. You’re right!”

“Hey, Rory. What jobs have you done in your life?”

He laughed, “I worked as a waiter for my first job. I worked through college as an…,” he trailed off.

“Yeah?” I prompted.

“Well, I was actually a porn star. I’m not proud of it. It needed the money,” he blushed.
“No, I don’t mind. Actually, it’s kinda sexy. Either way, you’re still who you are. I love you for you.”

“I love you too.”

We talked for a few hours. We were just coming over the hill into New Ulm when I asked him how to get to his apartment.

He started directing me, and in no time we were pulling up in front of it. I stopped the car and got out to help him with his bags.

I looked up into the snow, smiling. “Ahh, it feels so good to be home in good old Minnesota.”
“I love it here.” Rory said.

I pulled his suitcase out of the trunk, carrying it up the hill to his apartment door so it wouldn’t get wet in the snow. Rory carried his other bag and his coat. He walked a little faster than me so he could get the door unlocked.

He invited me inside. “Well, here you go.”

It was very attractive. There was formal furniture in the living room. The kitchen was right to the left, and the stairs were down the hall. There was a door on the right of the hall; I assumed it was the bathroom. He had a huge flatscreen TV with an Xbox 360 and a Wii connected to it. The whole room was painted brown. It was also immaculately clean.

“I like this,” I said.

“Thanks, dear. Do you want to stay the night?”

I was severely tempted. “Hon, I would, but my apartment is a mess; I need to clean it up before I let you see it. I’ll be over here tomorrow morning? Or actually later today, now that I think about the time. Urgh, it’s 3 a.m.”

“Sure, dear. How about 2? That will give you some time to sleep in and clean?”
“I’ll text you all day, my love,” I said.

He hugged me. “I’ll miss you. Goodnight, my beloved,” he said.

Then he kissed me. I kissed him back, nibbling gently on his lower lip.

“I’ll see you tomorrow,” I said.

“Goodbye, Jared.”

I walked out the door, and he kissed me again on the patio. The snow was falling harder now, and he had Christmas lights strung around the railings. It was cute. I walked back to my car, driving the mile to my house. We were pretty close—a fact that made me very happy. I grabbed my suitcase out of the car and hurried inside. My apartment looked like a bomb hit it. There were my clothes (which probably didn’t fit anyway) strewn about the floor, pop cans laying everywhere, and my shoes were all over. I didn’t realize how much of a pig I was.

I spoke to myself. “Ugh, I’ve gotta get this place cleaned up before Rory comes over.”

I waded through the shrapnel and went into my bedroom. It wasn’t much better. I collapsed on the bed, but I struggled to fall asleep. I had too much on my mind. Sleep found me after a few minutes, however.

I woke up at ten with my alarm ringing. I groaned and reached over, trying to shut it off. I found the button and silenced it. I was still tired, but I knew I had to get my apartment cleaned up before too long. I rolled out of bed and went and got breakfast, too tired to make anything more advanced than a bowl of cereal. I texted Rory good morning, and of course he was already awake.

I washed out my bowl and did the rest of the dishes. I put them all away and went to the laundry room and got a basket. Time to tackle that clothing problem.

It took me hours. There were clothes under the couch, all over the floor, in the bathroom, under my bed, and on the patio. I’ve been so busy with work I haven’t taken care of my apartment. Rory texted me at noon, asking if I was almost done. I told him that I nearly was, and he simply sent me a smiley face and three words. “Come here soon.”

After I got all of the clothes into the laundry room, I got out the vacuum and actually cleaned. Vacuuming got me hot and sweaty; I was getting so out of shape. I had abstained from weighing myself, knowing Rory would want to be there. Either way, I probably wouldn’t be able to see the numbers over and around my belly.

I was finally done around 1:30. My apartment shimmered with cleanliness for probably the first time since I got it. I walked through, spraying air freshener on everything. I took a quick shower to wash the sweat off and texted Rory again. “On my way,” I said.
I hopped in my car, driving back to Rory’s apartment. I knocked and heard him call “just a second” from inside. He opened the door and flung himself onto me. I walked him inside and he steered me to the couch. I laid down first, him lying on top of me. He kissed me again the way I love. Soft at first, quickly becoming more passionate. He chucked after a second, saying he had a surprise for me.

He crawled off me, taking my hand and pulling me into the kitchen. He had clearly been baking all morning, his whole apartment smelled like goodies. He had piles of cookies, three cakes, a pan of some kind of bar, and a pitcher of golden liquid that smelled like apples.
He wrapped his arms around me from behind, pressing himself into me. He whispered in my ear, “I figured if you’re going to be around more often, I better have some goodies on hand. I like to keep my man happy!” He kissed the side of my neck and let me go hunt.

I sampled everything. He made peanut butter cookies, pumpkin cookies, sugar cookies, and chocolate chip cookies. They were all flawlessly prepared and still warm and gooey in the middle. I was in ecstasy. I tried his bar, which he told me was made from caramel and oatmeal. They were good. I didn’t see the pan of brownies at first, but he wouldn’t let me eat those until he frosted them. He poured me a glass of that golden liquid, which turned out to be his grandma’s homemade cinnamon apple cider. It was delicious. He smiled as I took a long drink. He cut me a huge piece of cake and set me up at the table.

“I’m going to whip that frosting for the brownies together. Do you mind?”

I mumbled that it was ok through a mouthful of cookie and cake. I don’t know what came over me, but suddenly I was starving.

He poured chocolate chips into a pan with vanilla and some other things, melting it and pouring it over the brownies. He smiled, bringing the pan over to me with a spatula. “Do you want to lick the bowl?” he asked.

I took it and ate the rest of the frosting too. It was sweet to the perfect degree, he was a master baker. He brought me another pile of cookies, and he smiled as my eyes lit up again.

He sat on my lap and fed me. He rubbed my growing belly and squeezed my moobs gently as I chewed. I kissed him between cookies.

He pulled away from me after a minute, “Hey, do you want to play a video game?”

“Sure!” I said.

He pulled himself off of me and helped me up. He leaned down and kissed the crumbs off of my belly. I wrapped my arms around him again, pulling him close to me. He hugged my belly, sighing against my chest. My stomach rumbled somehow, even though I had been eating non-stop basically since I got here.

He smiled and patted my gut through my tight T-shirt, handing me the whole pan of cookies. We went into the living room and he fired up his Xbox. He destroyed me at the shooting game we played. I got like 5 points and he got 25. Still, even though I lost, it was fun playing it with him. He laughed and we talked.

“Rory,” I said between games, “I didn’t weigh myself this morning, I thought you’d want to see. I’m so full with cookies that I probably shouldn’t now, though.”

“You’re staying the night, aren’t you?” he asked.

“Can I?"

“You can stay as long as you want.”

“Alright!” I chuckled, “We can weigh this,” I grabbed my belly, my fingers sinking into the flab, “in the morning.”

“Have you decided if you want to come with me to my mom’s house?”

“Yeah, I want to go,” I said.


I laughed and let my belly fall. It hit my shirt and ripped the seam out of the side. “Damn!” I cursed, “This was the only shirt that fit me!”

“Let’s go shopping!” he said, standing.

“I can’t go with a huge rip in my shirt! I look like a fat hobo with a really hot boyfriend!”

He laughed and had me take my shirt off. He went into the other room and came back with a sewing kit. He repaired it while I helped myself to more cookies.

I came back into the living room, sitting down. He smiled as he saw me eating again. I stood back up and poured myself another glass of cider. I downed it while he wasn’t looking, but he looked up as the glass clicked against the coffee table.

“Oh dear. Didn’t I hide that cider?”

“It was in the back of the fridge, why?”

He laughed nervously. My stomach impossibly rumbled again, and I looked at it, shocked. I sighed and got more cookies while he bit his lip.

“What's wrong, dear?"

“I put an appetite-boosting powder in the cider. However, a glass is about one dose, so you’re probably overdosing right now.”

“Oh,” I laughed, “no wonder I’m starving!”

“It’s time I come clean, Jared.” He said. “I…like you fat. I want you to get…fatter. That’s why I keep you stuffed. I made all these goodies and got you those rolls and all this because of it. I’m sorry, dear, I should have told you right out.”

I didn’t say anything. I was shocked, but I was enjoying my size and his cooking just as much as he was. I decided it didn’t matter to me. I wrapped my arms around him, pressing him against my fat that he loved so much. He didn’t hug me back, this time. I took his arms and put them on my love handles. Then I spoke. “Rory. I don’t care that you want me fat. To be honest, I am enjoying my weight gain as much as you are. I love you, Rory. I’ll gain for you.”

He looked up into my eyes. His face cracked into a wide grin and he threw his arms around my neck, kissing me more passionately than he ever had before. He tugged me to his bedroom.

I woke up with him curled around my belly. I shook him awake, realizing the clothes stores would only be open for another two hours.

“Rory, if we are going to get me anything to wear home, we have to get going.”

He smiled. “Easy solution: don’t go home.”

“Well, I can’t stay here naked all the time.”

“Aww…why not?” he chuckled. I hadn’t ever seen him in such a great mood.

“I mean, I’d like to, but it’s not very refined.”

He laughed harder, and then said, “Alright, let’s go shopping, my love.”

It was a week full of bliss with Rory. I got new clothes, but they were starting to feel tight by today. It was time to weigh me.

I walked into the bathroom with Rory leading me on. Now that he told me about his will to get me fat, he has been in a great mood. He’s been cooking four course meals and I think I’ve had more goodies this week than the rest of my life combined and doubled. I don’t go five minutes without eating, but even I can tell my gains are slowing down. I think of this as a good thing, because I can eat as much as I want without being 600 pounds in two months.

Rory pulled the bathroom scale out of the closet and set it on the floor. He pressed his foot against it and then offered it to me. I waited for it to load and stepped up onto it. I looked down but, as I predicted, my belly was completely in the way. I sucked it in as far as I could, but even though I was completely empty I couldn’t see around it. I tried leaning forward—nothing.

“Yeah, um, Rory?”

“What is it, hon?”

I laughed. “I can’t see the scale. At all”

“That’s ok, I’ll get it,” he said, smiling. He was rock hard, I could tell through his boxers. He doesn’t wear much around the house, which is okay by me. I wasn’t wearing anything at all, trying to get an accurate measurement.

He laughed.

“What?” I asked.

“Do you want the good news or the bad news?”

“Good news.”

“Well, the good news is that you’re fatter. The bad news is your fat broke the scale.”

“You’re kidding.”

“Nope. See?”

“No,” I laughed.

“Oh, here,” he reached up and pushed my belly in, and I leaned forward. There was, instead of numbers, the word “error” on the screen.

“Crud,” I said.

“We’re gonna need a bigger scale.”

I laughed again. He told me to go play a video game while he ran to the store and got a better one.

I waited, making sure I didn’t eat anything. I was absolutely starving; my body had clearly become accustomed to the constant food intake. My belly growled loudly. I sat there, rubbing it. It was soft as a marshmallow. I jiggled it and patted my belly, squeezed my moobs, and rubbed my thighs; which had all grown substantially. It didn’t take long for this stimulation to make me hard again, so I went to the bathroom while I waited.

While I sat in the bathroom, I examined the scale. There were tiny cracks all through the glass, apparently from my bulk. I read the sticker on the back, which said “not rated over 320 pounds.”

Over the last few days, I noticed that I was getting into this “gainer” thing as much as Rory was. I wanted to be fatter. I wanted to grow huge. I sat there, my dick throbbing, as I realized how much I liked that I was fat enough to break a scale.

Rory returned in a few minutes. This scale was heavy duty. It was rated to weights of 500 pounds or less, and I didn’t think I was that big yet. Rory looked at the numbers. He gasped dramatically, making me lean forward, trying to see. He just laughed, saying he was kidding. Rory was such an actor.

“Well, what’s the damage?” I asked.

“Only 327.7 pounds. Pretty good, for a few week’s worth of work.”

“328 POUNDS!” I shouted.


“That’s just…a lot.”

“You like it.” He smiled, gesturing at my dick, which had decided to wake up again.

“You’re right. But I don’t have time to play with myself, I’m hungry.”

He laughed and patted my belly as we left the bathroom. “Tomorrow’s the big day! Are you ready to meet my parents?”

“I think so.”

He whipped me up some bacon and eggs and we went to take a nap. Well, we burned off some calories, and then took a nap.

The next day, I was ready to meet his family. We packed some clothes and hopped in his Audi and drove to Fargo. We stopped for lunch in Alexandria. We got to Fargo about 2 p.m. He pulled up to his house, which was basically what you’d expect in a typical American home. They lived on a hill on the far side of Fargo. There were several feet of snow up here, and his brother must have made a snowman. It was charming, to say the least. I could see the tree in the front window, and they had lights strung all over.

We walked up the sidewalk and he knocked on the door. We waited, snow swirling around us. We had found the snowstorm about an hour ago, in Minnesota.

The door opened. He mom, I assumed, opened it. Her eyes teared up and she threw herself onto Rory. I guess he wasn’t kidding that he hadn’t been there in a while. She said something about it being such a surprise, but she was crying so hard I barely understood her.

His mom was short, pretty, with long dark hair the exact same color as Rory’s. He had her complexion too. Her eyes were emerald green, though. She called over her shoulder. “Luke! Guess who’s here!”

A middle aged man with blondish hair appeared behind her. He looked a lot like Rory; it had to be his father. Luke was taller than even me, at least 6’5. He was strong-looking but had a big belly. He had a short goatee. He had Rory's chocolate brown eyes. He nodded to Rory and went back inside without a word.

Rory watched him go, frowning. His mom picked up on how he was feeling, saying, “Don’t worry, dear. He’ll warm up,” she looked at me, “Who’s this?”

Rory’s face cracked into a wide grin. “Mom, this is my boyfriend, Jared. Jared, this is my mom, Tess.”

“It’s a pleasure to finally meet you,” I said, extending my hand. She gave me a dainty handshake.

“Why are we standing out in the cold?” she asked, beckoning us inside.

Rory had clearly gotten his design sense from home. Brown walls, formal furniture, it was very similar to his apartment. He got his baking from his mother too; she was already back in the kitchen, pulling a sheet of cookies out. His mother’s house smelled fantastic. We took our coats off and hung them in the closet.

“Where is Charlie?” Rory asked.

“He’s up in his room, listening to music,” his mom answered.

“No I’m not,” we heard from the stairs.

I almost had to double-take. It looked like Rory was walking down the stairs. Then my brain caught up with my eyes and I realized this must be Rory’s brother. They were remarkably similar in every respect except one. Charlie had honey gold hair instead of dark brown. It was his father’s hair color. Also, he was younger than Rory. He was dressed extremely well, wearing a sweater and a pair of slacks. He smiled at Rory. “Hey Bro, I didn’t expect to see you here.”

Rory smiled too and gave his brother a hug. After they broke apart, Rory introduced me. Charlie gave me a hug too. His arms were shorter than Rory’s, they barely went around me.

Rory’s mom appeared with a pan full of warm cookies, offering them to us. I instantly felt like part of the family. Rory’s dad was watching a hockey game in the living room, I heard him groan when the opposing team scored.

Rory and I went into the kitchen with his mom. Rory explained how we met. She smiled and asked what my family was doing for Christmas. I explained how they were traveling. She gave me another cookie and asked me if I liked them. I had had five cookies and I hadn’t been here ten minutes, she was as good at getting me eating as Rory. His mom was a brute-forced woman, cleaning and bustling around the kitchen at top speed. Rory and I hopped up and helped her out, setting the table for a giant turkey dinner.

We sat down, Rory dishing everyone up. He gave me almost twice what he gave everyone else. I waited until everyone was served and we started eating. His dad finally warmed up, asking me some basic questions about work and things. He ate a lot also; I think Tess had something to do with it. Charlie was so similar to Rory it was scary. They even laughed the same. I ate a ton, everything was absolutely delicious. I surreptitiously unbuttoned my pants about half way into the meal, and of course, Rory noticed. He smiled at me and served me some more. He warned me on the way that his mom likes big eaters. She wouldn’t be disappointed.

After the meal, we all sat in the living room. I was groggy from the meal, and I fell asleep in the recliner.

I woke up a few minutes later but didn’t open my eyes.

I heard his mother speak, “He seems nice, Rory.”

“I love him,” he answered immediately.

“I think he’s funny and cool,” his brother spoke.

“I approve of him, but he’s kind of fat, you should put him on a diet.” That was his dad’s voice.

“Be nice, Luke!” his mom whispered, chastising.

Rory just laughed quietly and said, “He’s fine. I like him like that.”

I cracked my eyes open a bit, just enough to see his mom give him a knowing smile.

I leaned back in the chair and stretched my arms, hamming it up a little to show I was awake.

“Hey, sleepyhead,” Rory said.

“Hey,” I said, still groggy.

I woke up over the next few minutes and we opened presents. Tess felt bad she had sent his to him. It would be waiting for us at home; it will turn up tomorrow. Rory didn’t know what to get his family, having been gone so long. He got his brother a gift card for $50. He found a recipe book for his mom, and he got his dad some tools. Then again, just being here was a gift good enough for his mom and brother.

Afterwards, his dad made eggnog and we all went to bed. His mom laughed and said that his room wasn’t a bedroom anymore.

“That’s alright, Mom,” Rory said, “We’ll sleep in a sleeping bag on the floor.”

She noticed he said “a sleeping bag” not “sleeping bags.” She blushed a little and nodded. We went out to the car and got our suitcase. He unrolled the sleeping bag and I put my pajamas on.
Rory started rubbing my belly immediately after we laid down.

I caught his hands, “Rory!” I whispered in his ear, “I am not having sex with you in your parents’ house, with them in the next room!”

He chuckled and kissed me goodnight, curling up with his head on my chest. I liked his family. I felt loved here.

Several months have passed since Christmas at his parent’s house. The snow has melted and the grass is just starting to turn green again. I was hurriedly cleaning my apartment before Rory came over again. I see him every day.

I was right around 340 pounds by this point. I had slowed down and was continuing to slow down in my gains. We were both alright with that, I didn’t want to get too unhealthy and Rory wanted me around for many years to come.

I heard a knock at the door. “Come in!” I shouted.

There he was, the love of my life. He was a strong Minnesota boy, not afraid of the cold. Even though it barely pushed 60 degrees lately, he was wearing a tight t-shirt and a pair of shorts with sandals. He looked so good in summer clothes. He looked around my apartment, which he hadn’t been to in a week or so. “Nice,” he said, gesturing to a pair of underwear on a lampshade.

“Ah, crud,” I said, “I thought I got them all off the lamps.”

“Why does your apartment always look like a bunch of frat boys had a party here?” he asked.

“I strip on the way to my bed, and my clothes land where they may.”

He laughed and started helping my clean up my clothes all over. I had noticed recently that I was getting more out of shape, just cleaning was making me sweat and breath heavier, and it usually didn’t. I wasn’t sure how I felt about that.

Rory went into the kitchen. I heard him rattle around for a second, and then he shouted “Hey, haven’t you had breakfast yet?”

“No, I got right to cleaning,” I shouted back.

“Do you mind if I make anything?”

“Go ahead.”

I heard the sound of a pan being put on the oven and eggs being put in it. I kissed the back of his neck, wrapping my arms around him from behind. That had gotten more difficult lately; my massive belly gets in the way sometimes. He told me to go sit down, the eggs were almost done. He knew how I liked them.

Rory loves cooking for me. Every night I get to try something new, he is constantly making different things. He saves all of the recipes I like. I’m not picky; the list of recipes I like has filled up several binders already. It’s great; I never get tired of meals.

I sat down at the table. Rory grabbed me a plate and served me. He sat down across from me.

“Did you eat, Hon?” I asked.


“Ah, Love, you gotta eat something!”

“I’m fine, Jared.”

I didn’t listen to him. I grabbed a plate and cut my eggs in half, pushing them towards him. He liked his eggs the same way I did.

“Eat,” I said.

“Yes sir!” he said back, mocking me a little.

We ate in silence for a few minutes.

He broke the silence. “Jared, I have something I want to talk about.”


“I was wondering…if you don’t think it’s too soon… do you want to get a house with me?” he said, “I love you, and I’m tired of us not being together whenever we are home. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, Jared. If we got a house, we could fit all of our stuff. Your furniture isn’t going to fit in my apartment.”

My face cracked into a wide grin. “I was hoping you’d ask soon. Yeah, sure, Hon. My lease runs out in two weeks. Now’s the best time for me to move. Wow, owning a house. That will be fun!”
He smiled and got up to give me a hug. I pulled him down onto my lap. He rubbed my belly gently and kissed me.

“You know…Honey…if you…wanted…we could start….looking…today,” I said, between kisses.

He chuckled. “I’ve already been looking for the last few weeks. Do you want to go check some out? I’ll call my realtor, see if we can go.”

I already knew that he would have already been looking. “Sure, go ahead.”

He felt his pockets. “Damn, my phone is out in my car.” He pulled himself off me and jogged to the door. He slipped his sandals back on and gave me a big grin, saying he’d be right back. He winked at me as he left. God, I love him.

A month later, we were moving into our new home. It was nice, on the outskirts of New Ulm. Rory decorated most of it. His brother came down to help us move in and ended up staying for two weeks. It was busy, but by the end of May we were all moved in and alone again. However I had been living before was wrong. Every morning I woke up with him next to me. He got up for work about an hour before I did, and I would scoot over to where he was sleeping.

Right before he left, he’d sneak into the bedroom to kiss me goodbye. I’d get up and go to work.

He always got home before me. I called him when I was on my way and he met me at the door every evening with a kiss. Supper would be ready. We’d cuddle on the couch and watch a movie, have some wine or something, and go to bed.

We were happy.


It’s been four years since Rory and I moved in together. I settled out at a hefty 353 pounds, and I haven’t gained in a year or so. We still live on the same house on Baker’s Street. Rory and I have been promoted, so we have more money to spend traveling and stuff.

We just got back from a trip to Japan. A month before that, we spend the long weekend in Paris. Our suitcases were still on the floor, still packed.

Rory smiled as he curled up next to me. He was still as gorgeous as ever. Spending all this time with me has gotten him a tiny little belly too. It’s still small but it’s extremely soft. I’m working on getting him to gain a little more. I was rubbing it now; I can hardly leave it alone.

“Kiss me,” he said.

I rolled onto my side and wrapped my arms around him, holding him to me. Our lips touched gently. As always, it quickly got more passionate. He pulled my shirt off and I slid his pants down. He rolled on top of me, our kiss not breaking. His left hand was in my hair; his right was on my love handle. He pulled my pants off, and my underwear. He slid down my belly, settling low on my body. I couldn’t even see him over my belly.

I felt him, though.

A few minutes later, he slid back up. I curled my arms around him. He snuggled in close; wrapping is arms around my torso. He mumbled into my ear, “This is the way it should be.”

“Kiss me,” he said.

This is the way it should be.”

The End