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The Temple of Gluttony, Part 3 - King for a Day

Published by keithski79 · 2012-06-02T16:47:45+0000

More gluttony on parade as a clash of appetites leads to a game-changing conclusion in this short story by Keithski79

Cubs to bears part 1

Published by wannabeobese9 · 2012-05-19T09:03:54+0000

these country cubs turn to bears when they find an endless supply of beer hidden under their house for centuries!

The Headmaster - by Elf

Published by Elf · 2012-02-24T22:51:31+0000

A brief musing about the weight a man has packed on recently...

Fat Farm

Published by peteyboy009 · 2012-02-20T14:56:48+0000

One of my favorites from Gainerweb

Bloated Cowboy

Published by beefy45 · 2012-02-17T19:28:59+0000

re-post from ballbellybears


Published by wannabeobese9 · 2012-02-05T08:44:58+0000

austin and his friends fall in love with each other during a bet that will change their history forever!

The Divorce: Part One

Published by shaps · 2011-12-28T07:37:03+0000

When Gary files for divorce, he goes to stay with an old friend and finds that his wife isn't the only thing he is divorcing...

Mack and Doug

Published by PumpuHuge · 2011-12-26T04:27:33+0000

This is another Monstarus story, in which a gainer more than makes up for previously holding back on his gaining in order to keep his lover happy.

Side Effects

Published by PumpuHuge · 2011-12-26T04:07:22+0000

This is an excerpt from one part of a series of "Side Effects", most of which would involve muscle growth or other body transformations; however, this story had a moment of wild abandon where the guy gave into his belly growth desires. I edited the ending a little to leave it open for a Part II. I'm not sure of the original author; I think the story series has been offline for several years now.

Coach Weighs In

Published by PumpuHuge · 2011-12-25T23:34:11+0000

A young man's coach more than succeeds in his plan to get his wife to divorce him over his weight, thanks to some help from his student. Taken from the Ty's Power series from chooseyourownchange and written by Monstarus.

Not So Model Behavior

Published by indecisiveguy · 2011-11-10T18:08:00+0000

Another old favorite I rescued from the GainerWeb archive. I couldn't resist tweaking it a little. Big thanks to for this classic.

My summer with Danny

Published by SouthinMymouth · 2011-10-31T01:05:13+0000

Country boy comes and stays for the summer.

A Look Becoming of a Sorceress

Published by banoffee · 2011-10-23T12:03:53+0000

A Final Fantasy VIII fan-fiction gainer story. On Seifer's first mission after his return to Garden, he accidentally obtains the powers of a sorceress. Confined to Garden and arguing with Zell, Seifer finds a way of using his new powers to keep himself... entertained...

The Drunk Adonis

Published by 1derlander · 2011-10-19T01:33:58+0000

A brief encounter and a happy memory.

The Temple of Gluttony, part 2; Out of the Frying Pan...

Published by keithski79 · 2011-09-17T18:07:19+0000

More royal appetites on parade in this follow-up to The Temple of Gluttony


Published by Greedy4FreakyFeeder · 2011-09-11T18:41:39+0000

Making fun of the neighborhood fat ass is fun. Until it's you.

Feeding my Roomate Part 1

Published by lardlad89 · 2011-09-10T21:02:00+0000

My roommate was so attractive. It was too bad he was into track and field.

Part 1, Brett at Home

Published by ktm645 · 2011-08-27T19:22:59+0000

Encourager and gainer reverse the usual roles in this story about a fantastically hungry, dominant, aggressive gainer who makes his boyfriend give him more and more food.

A feeder's guide to the gluttonous man

Published by sweetevilfeeder · 2011-08-17T17:33:45+0000

The adoring account of how a man wanted a bigger man, and exploited weaknesses to get him there!

The Temple of Gluttony

Published by keithski79 · 2011-08-07T17:15:58+0000

A dedicated servant considers how best to serve his king

Can I Buy You A Drink?

Published by win226 · 2011-08-05T03:50:37+0000

A hot guido meets a blonde stud who pushes him to let go.