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In the Air Force now. Part 1

Published by Clair Valentine · 2011-07-21T04:49:08+0000

John joins the Air Force


Published by chubbyteen1212 · 2011-07-21T03:55:10+0000


Can I Buy You a Drink?

Published by win226 · 2011-07-17T18:40:50+0000

It's a crowded gay bar on a Saturday night where Tony and Jason discover they're rather be fat than fit.

Dad's Hardware, Part 3

Published by fatcigardad · 2011-07-08T03:31:07+0000

A happy ending to an expansive story!

Dad's Hardware, Part 2

Published by fatcigardad · 2011-07-08T03:24:40+0000

The side benefits at Dad's start adding up for Spence

Dad's Hardware, Part 1

Published by fatcigardad · 2011-07-08T03:21:33+0000

Spence takes a job in a small town hardware store

A Giant's Cook - chapter 7

Published by frenchfeeder · 2011-07-03T16:32:54+0000

A gainer, epic story - WARNING : long chapter, more characters, more drawings, more fattening foods, more silly monks and more action ! Open your seatbelts and I hope you enjoy the ride :-P

A Six-Pack of Sweetbeer

Published by indecisiveguy · 2011-06-06T19:35:31+0000

I am indebted to the anonymous author of the original Gainerweb story, which has always been a favorite that I thought should have its own update.


Published by sweetevilfeeder · 2011-06-03T19:03:38+0000

Read in a quiet place with a clear head. Turn on some Zen Music, and read the words.

The Big Day

Published by Bubba5635 · 2011-05-31T23:41:52+0000

Two online friends meet for the first time and get along well,feeding and playing.

College ~ Part One

Published by shaps · 2011-05-31T06:05:21+0000

As Jon and Sam realize what they were meant to do with there live's, they also realize what needs to be done between them...

The Big Day

Published by Bubba5635 · 2011-05-30T23:27:18+0000

Bob and Drew meet for the first time and hit it off.

Make Me A Glutton - Part 1

Published by shaps · 2011-05-27T04:22:05+0000

When Jon finds himself between the two biggest decisions of his life, what will happen to his body and relationship?

The Weight Belt

Published by Elf · 2011-05-09T22:25:33+0000

Acupuncture assists a substantial weight gain...

The Cabin Part 1

Published by doobie200202 · 2011-05-05T15:53:05+0000

Two frat brothers, who compete on the wrestling team in their college, get put on a weight gain program in a secluded cabin in the mountains... in two point counterpoint?

The Balloon Jock

Published by cutiechubxx · 2011-04-15T23:28:31+0000

After being a complete jerk to Bryan, the ball bellied bear, Arvin the cocky jock gets what he deserves.

The Biggest

Published by TheOwnedBull · 2011-04-08T04:33:45+0000

For hot jock Mark, being one of the biggest jocks around isn't enough. But will he be happy when he really does become the biggest?

The Fattening Feast - Conclusion

Published by loveurgut · 2011-04-08T03:44:14+0000

Zach and Steven are in danger! Can Steven overcome his desire for food long enough to rescue his growing boyfriend?

The Fattening Feast - Part 3

Published by loveurgut · 2011-04-06T23:01:52+0000

Zach and Steven wake up and survey the damage from their indulgences the night before.

A Giant's Cook - chapter 6

Published by frenchfeeder · 2011-04-04T19:22:00+0000

WARNING : Very long chapter - with five drawings - where your average "epic gainer story" finally gets EPIC for good :P Enjoy !

The Office Boy

Published by sunboy2 · 2011-03-01T04:46:49+0000

A new hire at the magazine gets more than he bargained for as he takes part in a gaining publicity stunt that gets out of control.