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Fat Boy

Published by sunboy2 · 2011-02-11T02:40:31+0000

Boy gets hugely fat magically. Adapted from a BBW story.

The Big Meatball by BearTrainer

Published by BearTrainer · 2011-02-05T05:58:34+0000

This actually was a Christmas contest at my high school boyfriend's house....

Real Estate Development by BearTrainer

Published by BearTrainer · 2011-02-05T05:56:48+0000

Any resemblance between the real people I worked with in my day job through grad school and the fictional characters here is strictly coincidental.

Pre-Season Training by BearTrainer

Published by BearTrainer · 2011-02-05T05:36:33+0000

Dominant coach, chunky jock, the inevitable results follow....

My Second Husband by BearTrainer

Published by BearTrainer · 2011-02-05T05:29:39+0000

Of all the stories, I've written, I think I would say this one is my personal favorite, especially at this time in my life...

My Italian Cousin by BearTrainer

Published by BearTrainer · 2011-02-05T05:27:26+0000

Cross-cultural exchange, gainer-style

Married Men by BearTrainer

Published by BearTrainer · 2011-02-03T21:30:43+0000

What can I say? A bit of a fictionalized slice of life from my playing around in the Down Low neighborhood of our community....Any resemblance to persons living or fat is purely coincidental.

Making Weight by BearTrainer

Published by BearTrainer · 2011-02-03T21:26:43+0000

Another pretty-close-to-true-story of one of my first feeding experiences with a college friend....

Masseur by BearTrainer

Published by BearTrainer · 2011-02-03T21:24:34+0000

Pretty much a true story, ever so slightly fictionalized....

Joining the Force by BearTrainer

Published by BearTrainer · 2011-02-03T21:22:50+0000

I grew up with fat cops in Jersey....what can I say?

Doughboys by BearTrainer

Published by BearTrainer · 2011-02-03T21:21:33+0000

Pizza, with everything on it


Published by lagavulin · 2011-02-02T06:14:12+0000

Fictional story of two men whose lives intertwine resulting in weight gain for Lance


Published by canadian chunk · 2011-01-23T10:28:43+0000

not again


Published by Greedy4FreakyFeeder · 2011-01-21T18:26:23+0000

Josh is sweet and understanding; he knows it's his feedee's first time. But he likes to see his fat boys eat, and this kid's got potential. Good thing he stocked up on cheesecake. by Greedy4FreakyFeeder

The Stairs

Published by Greedy4FreakyFeeder · 2011-01-15T17:36:44+0000

A husky young jock-turned-insatiable eating machine can't say No to long, lean Rob. Is there such a thing as "too fat?" And once you get there, is there a point in trying to slow down?

A Giant's Cook - chapter 5

Published by frenchfeeder · 2011-01-12T18:06:56+0000

A gainer "epic" story with drawings - where the giant gets fatter and fatter under his loving cook's care, while the world around him goes through revolution and gets ready for war !

A Real Good Good Saturday

Published by BurghGut · 2011-01-09T06:46:52+0000

Two guys gain, smoke and transform

A Blast From The Past.

Published by yarn · 2010-12-23T04:23:46+0000

I wrote this ages ago and have no clue how it will be recieved here but long story short: giant hungry sumo.


Published by alonewolf · 2010-12-12T12:20:25+0000

A pup's run-in with an old master takes things into a very different, if not magical growing path

The Fattening Feast - Part 2

Published by loveurgut · 2010-11-16T23:08:01+0000

Steven and Zach wake up and are ready for a midnight snack!

Gainer Colada (A Recipe)

Published by xplodan · 2010-11-08T01:16:41+0000

Drink Your Gainer Shake in Plain Sight