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Dirk’s New Debut

Published by coasterbelly · 2010-11-02T16:34:36+0000

A porn star decides that he wants to get out of his gig by gaining weight, but little does he know that is exactly what the director wants.


Published by MarcusQuinn · 2010-11-01T13:39:31+0000

A few brief moments in the life of a gainer...

A Giant's Cook - chapter 4

Published by frenchfeeder · 2010-10-16T15:50:51+0000

A gainer "epic" story - where a young man is sent to a giant to fatten him up... but the people who sent him there have something else in mind, and conflicted interests ! - with drawings


Published by GrowinPup · 2010-10-06T00:15:19+0000

Coach and his boy go through a workout

Nick And Franklin - by CigarChomp

Published by CigarChomp · 2010-10-03T04:10:03+0000

Franklin meets and falls for Nick, a man with a secret.

The Way it Should Be

Published by lightbringer53 · 2010-09-29T04:30:49+0000

Two guys fall in love, with one having a special agenda.

A Pacific Northwest Welcome!

Published by sweetevilfeeder · 2010-09-28T06:10:53+0000

*CAUTION, GRAPHIC CONTENT* To those who'd dare to visit in Washington State!

A Giant's Cook - chapter 3

Published by frenchfeeder · 2010-09-20T17:40:23+0000

a gainer “epic” story – where a young thief named Mark is sent to the mountains with lots of food and beer to tame and fatten up a giant, in a fantasy world of greed and gaining...

The Fattening Feast - Part 1

Published by loveurgut · 2010-09-16T01:41:20+0000

Two college guys stumble upon an old lady in the woods and are enticed into a meal they'll never forget

A Padder's Dream Becomes Real

Published by feedee4you · 2010-09-09T17:25:09+0000

A padder is discovered

A Giant's Cook - chapter 2

Published by frenchfeeder · 2010-09-06T09:56:20+0000

A gainer "epic" story - where the presence of a giant threatens a fantasy world of greed and gaining, everyone comes up with a plan to get rid of him...

A Giant's Cook - chapter 1

Published by frenchfeeder · 2010-08-24T19:10:42+0000

a gainer "epic" story, set in a fantasy Mittel-European world - with drawings

Why Seattle is great!

Published by sweetevilfeeder · 2010-08-07T05:59:56+0000

Incentive to visit the Pacific Northwest for you new and young gainers ;).

Guilty Pleasure

Published by FatGuy14 · 2010-07-26T23:47:47+0000

Blake Thomas was a star quarterback of high school and just getting ready for college. Too bad a guilty pleasure stopped him from going to the NFL.

Our time in Seattle

Published by sweetevilfeeder · 2010-07-09T18:11:53+0000

This was directed to a friend on here, as I tried to lure him to Seattle for a night of Debauchery and hedonism, with a splash of gluttony.

Touch from the Pharaohs

Published by zion_chubby14 · 2010-07-08T17:47:58+0000

A man, who was "cursed" from beyond the grave, has seen its "expanding" capabilities.

Weigh Station

Published by johnnysugar · 2010-07-01T17:29:54+0000

A very short story about an encourager with a dream and a gainer with a hunger.

Best Served - Chapter 4: The Stuff of Dreams

Published by Aereon · 2008-10-23T03:57:31+0000

The other one is served, Food conquers fear in a large way, A sentence dies horribly.

Best Served - Chapter 3: A Fortuitous Visitation

Published by Aereon · 2008-10-06T06:01:05+0000

A large basement is illuminated. A small porch is darkened. A naked visitor is washed.

Stolen Will

Published by ticlee · 2008-10-04T18:21:05+0000

why to or to not walk alone on a street.


Published by ticlee · 2008-09-30T07:51:15+0000

Vengence comes in many ways. Adam is about to learn true defeat.