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Best Served - Chapter 2: Confessions of a Dinner Guest

Published by Aereon · 2008-09-17T18:55:46+0000

A confession is heard, a plan is reviled, and a plan is revealed.

All Grown Up

Published by abellyfan · 2008-09-10T12:58:49+0000

Brad graduated college, where he had gained a lot of weight. He comes to some realizations about what he wants in life and his dreams come true. The man of his dreams comes into his life and cares for him as he continues to grow up and out.

Death by Chocolate?

Published by gemini9 · 2008-09-09T00:06:52+0000

I thought we needed a sexy murder mystery kind of story, full of gaining and intrigue, hope you like it!

Belshazzar's Feast--Part II

Published by seabear72 · 2008-09-05T12:08:03+0000

Pete's evening with Shaz takes a delicious turn.

Best Served - Chapter 1: Vengeance from the Roof

Published by Aereon · 2008-09-02T05:39:44+0000

The perfect couple. A shocking revelation. A dead man helps.

Real estate development

Published by unknow · 2008-09-01T15:46:47+0000

guy helps his new boss expand

Filling Cops with Doughnuts

Published by pelican · 2008-08-25T22:21:23+0000

Officer Randy never had a taste for sweets, until he met Kevin..

Belshazzar's Feast--Part I

Published by seabear72 · 2008-07-28T17:51:28+0000

Sexy Shaz turns on the charm to seduce Pete.

Josh's First Taste

Published by Jimbaliah · 2008-05-14T23:59:17+0000

Josh is a pre-med student at Boston College. (I know it's short, but I've been working on it for a month. I like it.)

"Growin a Fatboy"

Published by keystone · 2008-04-27T22:21:24+0000

Freshman college football player gets put ona weight gain diet by the coach

The Honeycomb Complex

Published by bandman89 · 2008-04-21T06:35:40+0000

Two guys enter into a research trial only to find that the results are too fast for them and they have gotten them selves in over their heads.

The Inheritance XV

Published by ponykeg · 2008-04-17T18:25:01+0000

some catching up

John's Weight gain Story

Published by nasco877 · 2008-03-25T21:56:54+0000

John, a high school jock discovers weight gain.

The Fat & Homeless

Published by tyre12837 · 2008-03-21T19:07:15+0000

Who ever thought you can get fat as a homeless man?

Taking the Stairs

Published by Jimbaliah · 2008-02-20T01:21:29+0000

An obese college student is forced to exercise.

The Inquest

Published by bigmo · 2008-02-18T22:52:56+0000

It all took place in an Illinois college town...

My High School Gains

Published by fatcow · 2008-02-07T21:48:32+0000

This is my first story about my high school life.


Published by Daknee · 2008-02-04T16:50:03+0000

This is a story I like written by Bear Trainer. A Story of a parolee Fattened more by a restarurant employee

Neighbors 2

Published by bostonpoppa · 2008-01-23T01:28:36+0000

danny meets jim

My Friend's Dad

Published by viscidman · 2008-01-04T02:35:56+0000

Ben falls for his friend's dad

The Hungry Houseguest

Published by dark_water1 · 2007-12-31T08:29:26+0000

Nick, a lonely young chub who's just been evicted from his apartment, makes an extended stay with Tim, an extremely well off chaser who makes Nick's stay a pleasurable one.