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Underground - Part 1

Published by ben06822 · 2007-12-30T23:02:46+0000

Tom discovers his secret gainign fetish. (sorry for the bad language, translated from German by Google-Translate)


Published by bostonpoppa · 2007-12-27T01:41:56+0000

huge fooball lineman and small little person next doot

Andrew the fatboy

Published by rollymo · 2007-12-19T21:51:50+0000

Andrew a normal guy in his mid-thirties goes to visit a cousin..

A Growing Star - part 3

Published by growr_n_showr · 2007-12-07T18:13:24+0000

Donnie has to make a decision that will change his life. Does he bow down to pressure or does he continue on his journey to becoming a very fat man?

Jack: Part 6

Published by viscidman · 2007-12-06T04:53:54+0000

Jack gathered his things and headed downstairs. Clippers, piercing gun, and a 6-pack of beer.

Jack: Part 4

Published by viscidman · 2007-12-03T17:02:10+0000

Jack became a regular at the bar. He was well liked and fit right in. He tended to come in on weeknights and pick up on the businessmen.

Night in Dave's Arena

Published by bostonpoppa · 2007-12-01T01:32:33+0000

A magical update-for those who saw thw first chapters,forever gone......

Joey got huge

Published by Hungryboy · 2007-11-25T11:04:58+0000

the continuing adventures of joey, everyone's favorite powerlifter supersumo superporker stud

Night i the arena part two

Published by little bully · 2007-11-19T02:29:16+0000

to the crosstown inn.


Published by MatLuvGut · 2007-11-07T21:21:50+0000

Sean reflects on an amazing 5 years of changes.

Night at the Arena

Published by littlebully part 1 · 2007-11-07T02:31:08+0000

None to give

Jack part 1

Published by viscidman · 2007-10-26T04:13:21+0000

Cocky Chad meets his match at his local bar.

Sick and Sicker (The Bad Bellyache)

Published by BellyAches · 2007-10-20T05:10:35+0000

John seems to swallow more than he can take when he takes over for his sick friend, Doug, in a pie-eating contest.

A Growing Star - part 2

Published by growr_n_showr · 2007-09-15T09:44:18+0000

The love between Will and Donnie grows stronger as Donnie grows fatter


Published by michaelrod2010 · 2007-09-14T19:03:58+0000

A basketball stud grows fat by deliberately stuffing himself HUGE

A Growing Star...part 1

Published by growr_n_showr · 2007-09-06T16:15:23+0000

Wills trip to L.A turns an exciting corner when he shares a table with a reclusive gone to seed pop star, someone that Will has dreamed of fattening up for years.....

Big Ben Part 1

Published by bulkbrit · 2007-08-31T21:08:02+0000

Ben enjoys a vivid dream


Published by Daknee · 2007-08-26T17:58:40+0000

Mark returns

The Houseguest

Published by NYCchub · 2007-08-23T20:59:34+0000

John's best friend leaves his 19 year old son, Scott, in the care of his buddy for the summer. Little does he know what widened waistlines he'll find when he returns.


Published by Daknee · 2007-08-20T19:48:33+0000

A relationship story of two guys. One guys weight goes up and up and then down then up again during the relationship

The Shy Guy: Chapter 3

Published by GoodFortune · 2007-08-16T17:49:58+0000

Matt returns home for the winter to enjoy the company of his two brothers before returning back to school where a hungry Colby awaits.