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Jamie and Ben

Published by runlikehell · 2007-08-06T17:32:00+0000

A young guy approaching immobility and his beefy feeder

A Night To Remember

Published by NYpartyGuy · 2007-08-01T05:08:04+0000

This is my first attempt at an erotic story. I hope you guys enjoy! Please, any feedback would be greatly appreciated. -NYpartyGuy

Our Story

Published by bostonpoppa · 2007-08-01T03:27:07+0000

Where Juan gets Katarkian alone,from his limo drivers viewpoint

The Shy Guy: Chapter 2: Garren

Published by GoodFortune · 2007-08-01T02:57:27+0000

Matt's roommate continues to fatten, but something else is happening with is neighbor, Garren.

My Life as a Pig - One Year Later

Published by gsp · 2007-07-28T20:35:27+0000

It's time to catch up with Jason & Miles...

Their Eyes Were Watching Obesity

Published by foundfat · 2007-07-22T04:16:06+0000

This is a story I wrote five years ago at 22. WARNING: it's not a traditional gainer story because it's not intended exclusively for our community. I've tried publishing it in mainstream journals but it hasn't been working out. I figure, they wouldn't think of it as based in porn, but rather as an astute examination of a subculture. Well they weren't intersted. I love this story. I think it's so moving. Oh, if you're jacking with it, the end for you is "I don’t know weather you care or not, but you changed my life."

Final chapter....shoeshine revamp

Published by bostonpoppa · 2007-07-17T01:27:05+0000

I Encourage

Published by noirforce · 2007-07-13T20:15:53+0000

This one I'd call a poem or very short story. If you like this, check out my other longer stories. The link is in my profile.

The Feastie Boy Chronicles: Alan's Feeding Session

Published by texanencourager · 2007-07-11T19:42:50+0000

Kinda based on an online feeding session with fatmichael224. LUV FRATNOTES!

The Shy Guy: Chapter 1: Colby

Published by GoodFortune · 2007-07-09T11:14:06+0000

College freshman, Matt, doesn't know what he's gotten himself into with his college roommate, Colby.

Rassle - part I

Published by Hungryboy · 2007-06-24T10:03:18+0000

two boys - one way buff & one way fat - got at it. who will prevail? and who will pound the hell out of the other one for his own hot pleasure?

The Feastie Boy Chronicles: Alan's ex

Published by texanencourager · 2007-06-19T20:25:14+0000

The sequel. Keep sending in tips to make them better!

The Feastie Boy Chronicles: Alan

Published by texanencourager · 2007-06-12T19:37:25+0000

This is my first story, I would like comments on how to make it better. Basically it is a feast story.

Fat Daddy shoeshine 4

Published by bostonpoppa · 2007-05-24T01:50:18+0000

Juan is a natural

Shoeshine three

Published by bostonpoppa · 2007-05-14T00:53:35+0000

juan goes to work

Takeoff part 2

Published by little for huge · 2007-05-07T01:56:44+0000

A takeoff on fat daddy's shoe shine

Published by little for huge · 2007-05-03T00:52:34+0000

with regards and thank yous to the original author...bear trainer....i wanted to post my ruminations on this with a what if......

High School Dreams

Published by go83 · 2007-05-01T06:38:48+0000

From the old Gainrweb, written by

The Seductor part 3

Published by ticlee · 2007-04-19T06:45:21+0000

The succubus is moving closer to what he wants. Will Chris begin to realize whats going on?

The Seductor, Part 2

Published by ticlee · 2007-04-06T22:12:27+0000

Weight begins to sneak on our hero while his once toned bodily energy is slowly absobed by the succubus...enjoy pt 2

The Seductor

Published by ticlee · 2007-04-05T21:32:24+0000

Who says love at first sight is always heavenly.